Fashion Vocabulary IELTS 2023 – Clothes And Fashion IELTS Vocabulary List

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Looking for the latest IELTS speaking practice topics? Every year IDP includes new topics and since fashion is a way of expressing one’s self, it is one of the best topics to practice your speaking skills. This blog will acquaint you with the latest Fashion Vocabulary IELTS and terminology to ace your speaking section.

fashion vocabulary ielts

List of Vocabulary Words To Describe Fashion

When asked to talk about fashion and your opinions on it, you can use the following terms:

  • wardrobe (n) β€” the collection of clothes in your closet that you normally wear.
  • strong colours (n) β€” the opposite of pastel colours
  • trendy (adjective) β€” fashionable
  • smart-casual (adj) β€” casual but clean and stylish 
  • outfit (n) β€” a coordinated set of clothes
  • pricey (adjective) β€” costly (informal)
  • old-school (adjective) – something that is traditional or old-fashioned (but not very old)
  • baggy (adj) β€” loose 
  • antique (adj) β€” old (about things), unique and traditional style]
  • eccentric clothes (n) β€” unusual, out-of-the-ordinary attire
  • trending jeans (n) β€” ripped 
  • Hipster (n) β€” a trendy person 
  • sloppy (adv) β€” loose-fitting and casual
  • brand loyalty (n) β€” a consumer’s emotionally charged decision to buy a certain brand or known company over and over again 
  • Catwalk β€” the platform on which modals walk to show off the latest ready-to-wear trends

List of Idioms & Phrases To Describe Fashion

Using idioms or phrases can amp up your scores in speaking and writing tests. Following are some idioms and phrases that can be counted in Fashion Vocabulary IELTS:

  • Bells and whistles β€” enticing extra features
  • Dress down  β€” wearing less formal clothing 
  • super extravagant β€” spending too much money or surpassing the limits of reason or necessity 
  • To be a fashion slave β€” someone who feels compelled to wear the current trends on the 
  • Hand-me-downs β€” clothing passed down from older brothers to the younger siblings 
  • Dressed to kill β€” dressing in a way that attracts admirers 
  • To dress classic style β€” to dress in a simple, timeless way that is stylish.
  • To mix and match β€” to try different or new styles or pieces of clothes that are not a part of a pre-made outfit.

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Fashion Vocabulary IELTS 2023 - Clothes And Fashion IELTS Vocabulary List

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Fashion Vocabulary IELTS 2023 - Clothes And Fashion IELTS Vocabulary List

Sample Questions on Fashion Vocabulary IELTS Speaking

The speaking test will assess your English communication skills. During the test, you will get 11 to 14 minutes to speak with an IELTS examiner about a variety of topics. Your exam will take place in a quiet environment with an examiner who will encourage you to speak. They will also be able to decipher your accent, ensuring that you get the best grade possible. There are three portions to the speaking test.

Part 1:

Q. What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear? 

A. I love casual clothing that is basic and comfy. A pair of trousers and a button-down shirt would be ideal. I am not the most trendy person. I do, however, dress up for certain events.

Q. What do people in your country wear to work? 

A. Those who work in the corporate world dress in smart casual or business/formal attire on a regular basis. Uniforms are worn by some employees, such as teachers. Other employees are permitted to come to work in casual attire.

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Q. Which types of clothing do you despise?

A. Well, I despise wearing sloppy and outlandish attire. Ripped pair of jeans is one example. I also avoid wearing strong-coloured clothing.

Part 2:

Q. Describe someone you know who dresses well.

A. You should include these points in your answers.

  • who they are
  • how you know them
  • what kind of clothes do they wear
  • why you like the way they dress

Sample Answer

Let me tell you about a friend who is always well-dressed. Her name is Ayesha. We are the same age, and she is a professor at the department at one of my country’s most prestigious universities. Despite the fact that she is not really in the fashion sector, she dresses stylishly. She is tall, not very slender, and extremely lovely.

She has been a long-time friend of mine since high school. I see her on regular occasions because she also stays in my area. We spend time with friends as well, especially on weekends.

She does not have a particular style or preference when it comes to fashion. I believe she dresses according to the atmosphere as well as the occasion and event; I frequently see her in light-coloured gowns with high-heeled shoes.

She has a thing for stylish accessories. Her shoes are always in sync with her outfit. I believe she has a large wardrobe of nice clothes, shoes, and handbags because I seldom see her wearing the same outfit twice. I have seen her in casual clothes as well, but they do not appear to be plain or boring on her.

She can present herself nicely in any outfit, in my opinion. She appears to be at ease in anything she wears. She maintains a neat and tidy appearance at all times. Her style appeals to me because she does not dress in an ostentatious or offensive manner. She maintains a professional and respectable demeanour at all times.

Part 3:

Q. How important are clothes and fashion to you?

A. I do not care much about clothes or fashion. I prefer to dress in comfy clothes while still looking presentable and tidy. When it comes to clothing, I prefer to be in a practical look.

Q. What do you believe our clothes convey about us?

A. I believe that the clothes we wear can sometimes reveal a part of our personality or position. Clothing, for example, may influence the type of employment a person has. It could be a means of expression for some. Some people are stylish and fashionable, which reflects their creative personality.

Q. How different are your current clothes from the ones you wore ten years ago?

A. So, I can say that the outfits I wear now are very similar to those I wore around ten years ago. For casual days or formal attire for work events, I still wear regular pants and a shirt. However, I believe that as the fashion trend has evolved, so has the type of basic apparel I wear, particularly when it comes to the style of jeans and shirts. I used to prefer straight-cut jeans, but now I prefer modern styles like slim-fit clothing.

fashion vocabulary ielts


Using all of the above fashion vocabulary IELTS and arranging your sentences around it with good visualisation and mind mapping skills, any speaker might spend a couple of minutes without losing out of vocabulary or failing to present or speak the topic for the IELTS test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IELTS Vocabulary Question, What exactly is a trench coat?

AΒ  trench coat is a military-style raincoat with a slack belt and double-breasted front.

What is the distinction between a jacket and a coat to talk about in the IELTS test?

The length is in the difference. Coats are heavy and come down to the hips or longer, whereas jackets are light and end at the hips; however, there are many variations that straddle the border between coat and jacket.

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