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Top 7 Cheap Universities in the UK: Quality Education at Affordable Prices

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The United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies due to the quality of education and the variety of courses. Universities in the UK offer a multicultural environment. One can also obtain a student visa easily if one meets the eligibility criteria. Moreover, the unemployment rate has dropped below 5%, another notable highlight. However, completing a degree program in this country involves a substantial financial requirement. To work around this issue, one can opt for universities that offer quality education at a comparatively affordable cost. Students planning to move to the UK can turn towards this blog to gain insight into the universities in this country that helps them to fulfil their dream of studying abroad without straining their finances.  

Top Affordable Universities in the UK 

These universities situated in different areas of this country offer modern research facilities, world-class infrastructure, and campus life that matches any other. Underlined below are some of the cheap universities in the UK for international students.

Staffordshire University 

This University was established in 1914 and is regulated by the Government. Staffordshire University is known for its Science Department and offers several undergraduate, graduate, professional and distance learning programs. More than 90% of this university recruiters have employed students in full-time roles. Its notable alumni are Jermaine Allen, Alex Frost, Emma Jones, David Leach and Ian Macmillan. It also offers various financial grants. 

Program Information: 

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Top 7 Cheap Universities in the UK: Quality Education at Affordable Prices
Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.15.68 Lakhs 13 months MBA 

Leeds Beckett University 

Leeds Beckett University has a history dating back to more than 150 years. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and distance-learning courses. The university has 13 academic schools that are managing these courses and helping students to shape their employability skills.

Program Information: 

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.15.21 Lakhs12-18 months MBA 

Teesside University 

The Teesside University was established in 1930 and was known as the Constantine Technical University earlier. The University of London recognises the courses on offer here and specialises in engineering. Department of Engineering, Metallurgy and Chemistry are the most well-known.More than 15,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate courses and around 2000 students in postgraduate courses. Its notable alumni include Vera Baird, Stephen Uppal, Chris Stevenson, Jamie Dornan, David Bowe and others. 

Program Information: 

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.8.62- 14.5 Lakhs12 to 24 monthsMBA 

Leeds Trinity University 

Leeds Trinity University, established in 1966, is a prestigious university that is well-known for its library. This library has more than one lakh books in their printed edition and an excess of 5 lakhs in digital format.Furthermore, its notable alumni include Mary Davis, Jason McCartney, Nick Hodgson, Lis Howell and others. It offers courses in Business Computing, Journalism Studies, Legal Issues, Social Sciences, and many more. 

Program Information: 

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.12.39 Lakhs12 monthsMBA 

University of Cumbria 

Started in 2007, The University of Cumbria has taken strides in the field of academics. It primarily offers courses in 5 departments. This includes science, business, healthcare, arts, industry and leadership, and natural resources and outdoor studies.

Program Information: 

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.12.14 Lakhs12 monthsMBA 

Buckinghamshire New University 

The Buckinghamshire New University began its journey in 1891 as a school of science and arts. Currently, it has 3 other campuses in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, and Uxbridge. Modern campuses of this university house latest infrastructure and latest facilities. Moreover, it has an array of professional, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses, of which the Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training is two notable ones. 

Program Information: 

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.16.18 Lakhs12 months MBA 

Coventry University 

Coventry University was established in 1843, and according to the ‘Guardian University Guide of 2020, it was ranked 15th in the UK. Moreover, this university has more than 15 buildings that cater to different purposes.It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from Physics to Literature. Furthermore, more than 95% of graduates from Coventry University have received employment. Its notable alumni include David Yelland, John Kettley, Jacqui Jackson and others. 

Program Information:

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.19.22 Lakhs12 monthsMBA 

University of Bolton 

The University of Bolton was founded in 1825. In 2005, it was endowed with the university title and now has more than 11,000 students enrolled. It also offers Foundational programs, Bachelor, Pre-Masters and Doctoral courses. In addition, the University of Bolton has a reputation for providing vocational and industry-specific courses. As a result, one can easily qualify for cheap universities in London

Program Information:

Fees Duration Degree 
Rs.9.41 Lakhs12 monthsMBA 

Eligibility Requirements for Cheap Universities 

Affordable Universities in the UK have a highly competitive application process, and aspiring candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria. These are mentioned below for easier understanding: 

  • Must show a stronghold over English proficiency. A candidate can choose to opt for IELTS or PTE, depending on the preparations. If an applicant is appearing for IELTS, he\she must be able to score 5.5-6.0 band overall for undergraduate. On the other hand, a candidate must achieve a 7.0 band overall if applying for postgraduate courses. Hence, one must gain an insight into it before applying for low-cost universities in the UK for international students
  • Candidates must show that they have completed 13 years of schooling before applying for their undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Additionally, while applying for a postgraduate program, candidates must show that they have completed three years degrees. 
  • An applicant must have an unconditional offer letter, visa application form, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, work experience (if any), passport and previous mark sheets handy to access the cheapest University in the UK for International students in 2021.

Now that one knows about the cheapest university in the UK, one must apply for it. It is easy to qualify for these universities in the UK by having the essential documents handy and meeting the parameters set by a University. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I apply for a visa to study in the UK? 

To avail a student visa, individuals can visit their nearest British Embassy and complete the due process. Otherwise, they can contact any travel agent to do this on their behalf. For any additional assistance, they can get in touch with LeapScholar.

2. What are the eligibility criteria?

The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the English language and score well during their board exams. 

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