8 Top Universities In Canada: Ranking Of Canadian Colleges, Process & Fees

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Canada is one of the most preferred study-abroad countries for many international students. The U.S. News and World Report world ranking 2022 rated Canada 3rd in terms of quality of life. As of December 31, 2021, 217,410 Indian students were enrolled in top universities in Canadian, and about 100,000 of them were granted permanent residence.

Canada has ten provinces, including Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Together, these provinces have over 100 universities in Canada (including colleges), offering more than 15,000 programmes. They provide students with many choices to identify their ideal programmes.

8 Top Universities in Canada based on Times Higher Education 2023 Ranking

Here is a list of the best universities in Canada for master’s, bachelor and professional certifications. If you are looking for study-abroad options, you must explore this list:

Canada Rank 2023University NameProvinceCities
1University of TorontoOntarioToronto
2University of British ColumbiaBritish ColumbiaVancouver
3McGill UniversityQuebecMontreal
4McMaster UniversityOntarioHamilton
5University of MontrealQuebecMontreal
6University of AlbertaAlbertaEdmonton
7University of OttawaOntarioOttawa
8University of CalgaryAlbertaCalgary

1. The University of Toronto, Toronto 

The University of Toronto is a public university with a Q.S. world ranking (2022) of 26 in Ontario province. The University is popular for its diverse course offerings at the masters and undergraduate levels.

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8 Top Universities In Canada: Ranking Of Canadian Colleges, Process & Fees
  • Application Deadline: The online application for September 2023 and January 2024 admission will go live on November 17, 2022.
  • Tuition fees: Furthermore, the tuition fees differ for every course. However, the approximate tuition fee for international students for a bachelor’s degree is $61,350, and the postgraduate degree is $40,940, depending on the course chosen and the level of study.
  • Scholarships: Most international students’ scholarships are automatically awarded based on merits during admission. The scholarships include the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Scholarships.

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2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is included on the list of top universities in Canada for master’s-level study, ranking 46 in the Q.S. world rankings of 2022. Additionally, it frequently ranks among Canada’s top 5 colleges. This best University in Canada is well known for its research capabilities and can bolster students’ careers in economics, computer science, politics, and other fields. It is situated in the Canadian province of British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

  • Application Deadline: Winter Session (September 2023 to April 2024) and Summer Session (May to August 2023) applications are open from early October 2022 and end in December 2022.
  • Tuition fees: The approximate tuition fees for international students start at $42,802. The tuition fees defer in every course.
  • Scholarships: The International Scholars Program at UBC offers four distinguished need-and-merit-based scholarship awards. These are the Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award, the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award, the International Impact Award, and the Vantage One Excellence Award.

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3. McGill University 

This is often regarded as one of the best universities in Canada for international students. It is situated in Montreal, Quebec, a primarily French-speaking province. However, the programs here are taught in English. McGillis offers many fields of study: arts and humanities, natural sciences, life sciences, engineering, social sciences, and management.

  • Application Deadline: The application deadline for International students of 2023-2024 is January 15, 2023. These deadlines change based on your educational history, your school’s location, and the applied programme in certain situations.
  • Tuition fees: The tuition fees for international students at McGill are 20,000 CAD to 27,000 CAD on average. The tuition fees can vary based on the program chosen and the level of courses you are applying for (under graduation or post-graduation).
  • Scholarships: The Scholarships & Student Aid Office of McGill University offers financial assistance and need-based financial aid to merit students from any location who wish to enrol in and finish academic programmes. The institution provides entrance scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, athletic awards, in-course financial aid, and entrance bursaries.

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4. McMaster University

McMaster University is ranked 152 globally and 6 in Canada in the Q.S. World University Rankings for 2023. One of the few Canadian colleges listed in the top 200 universities worldwide by international rating agencies.

  • Application Deadline: The application deadline for September intakes ends on April 2023. Check the University’s official website for more information.
  • Tuition fees: The mission of McMaster University is to build a better world through scholarship, learning, and service to local, national, and international communities. International students must pay undergraduate tuition fees of $31,470 and graduate tuition fees of $6,037.
  • Scholarships: Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarships worth over $1,000,000 is available for international candidates. Other Scholarships include the Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence – $3,000; B.Tech. Entrance Scholarship – $2,000; Coca-Cola Scholarship – $4,500 and McMaster Engineering Big Ideas Entrance Scholarship – $12,000.

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5. University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a public research institution of higher education in the Quebec province of Canada. Around 49,193 undergraduates and 18,195 graduate students attend the University. The University ranks 116 in Q.S. World Ranking 2023.

  • Application Deadline: The application deadline for Fall and Summer is February 1, and winter intake is September 1 every year.
  • Tuition fees: The average tuition fee for International students is $20,400 for undergraduates and $19,597 for postgraduates.
  • Scholarships: The University of Montreal Scholarships 2022–2023 for international students are offered for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD studies. It provides an award of up to $27,300.

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6. University of Alberta

With a significant QS world ranking of 110 in 2023, the University of Alberta has established itself as one of the leaders among educational institutions in Canada and globally. It is a public university with about 18 faculties teaching business, law, arts, agriculture, engineering, medicine, dentistry, etc.

  • Application Deadline: The application process for 2022-2023 is open from October and will end on 1st March 2023.
  • Tuition fees: Undergraduate Programs at the University of Alberta start from CAD 29,500, for Masters from CAD 5,110, and for PhD Programs, cost CAD 8,700.
  • Scholarships: Every year, the University of Alberta provides $34 million in undergraduate scholarships, honours, and financial aid to students of all backgrounds. Depending on the admission average, they provide outstanding students with an International admission scholarship of up to $5,000 CAD. The deadline for the scholarship is 11th January 2023.

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7. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is placed 237 in the Q.S. World University Rankings for 2023. It is the oldest public research university in Canada. B.Tech., B.Sc., BBA, M.Tech., MBA, and other prominent degrees are among the many that Ottawa University offers.

  • Application Deadline: Applications for international students are open for the 2023 session from October and will end on April 13. You can track your application process on the University’s official website.
  • Tuition fees: The tuition fee for an MBA for international students at the University of Ottawa is CAD 11,076.58. The course fees vary according to the programme you choose.
  • Scholarships: The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship awards between $1,000 and $4,000 and is given automatically during admission to all qualified full-time students who have an average GPA of at least 80%.

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8. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a top-tier institution that encourages and promotes research, innovation, and creativity in many fields. It is a public university that offers more than 250 courses in a range of academic disciplines, including the institution’s humanities, science, engineering, biology, management, arts, and education. It has been ranked 242 positions globally by the Q.S. World University Rankings 2023. 

  • Application Deadline: The last date for application for undergraduate fall is November 1, for spring intake is February 1, and for summer is March 1.
  • Tuition fees: The tuition fee for international students to study business courses at the University is $12,839.
  • Scholarships: They offer the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship worth $20,000 to international students who have met the University’s English language proficiency criteria and are beginning their first year of any undergraduate degree in the forthcoming autumn semester.

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How to apply to top universities in Canada?

1. Select the course

Choose the degree programme that is best for you. Canada is well known worldwide for a wide range of programmes, including its business, scientific, and humanities programmes. 

2. Prepare the required documents

Academic certificates, English proficiency test results, transcripts, recommendation letters, statements of purpose, and experience certificates, if applicable, are the standard documents that all universities demand.

English Proficiency Requirements: 

  • Minimum TOEFL Scores – 79 iBT; 550 PBT
  • Minimum IELTS Scores – 6.0
  • Minimum PTE Scores – 63

3. Submit your application 

Canadian universities accept online applications. The University’s websites have the application forms. After completing the application, submit it by adding the required supporting documentation and paying the application cost.

4. Wait for the offer to study

By the end of spring, admissions results are shared. After shortlisting, the University will send a formal letter of admission, confirmation for visa purposes, and other helpful information.

5. Apply for the student visa

Begin the visa application process as soon as you get accepted by the University, as it may take up to sixty days, with several other documents required. If you are unaware of the visa application process, book a free consultation with Leap’s expert counsellors

Why is Canada the best choice to study? 

  • The excellent faculty, an enriching environment within the University, friendly laws for international students, and many opportunities make the universities in Canada some of the best options for students looking to pursue their higher education abroad. 
  • Two out of every five academics at the university level in Canada hold at least one overseas degree. The country is known worldwide for having exceptional educational standards. Eight Canadian universities fall within the top 200 QS World Rankings in 2023. 
  • Canada is a friendly nation with a distinctive culture that values diversity. It is one of the safest nations for international students, from large metros to small towns. Three Canadian cities, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, are ranked in the top 20 of the most recent Q.S. Best Student Cities 2023 list.
  • Canada has the most affordable universities. The average tuition fee is around CAD 20,000 for undergraduates. The living expenses, including accommodation, food and transportation, can be covered under CAD 12,000. The universities also offer fully funded and partial scholarships for students with exceptional academic backgrounds. The extensive selection of educational options is suitable for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.
  • The post-work visa application process is relatively simple. Once you graduate, you have up to 180 days to apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) from Canada or other countries.

This list of top universities in Canada can help you better determine the course you want to take up for your higher studies. This decision should be based on various parameters like tuition fees, rankings, and the institute’s popular courses. International students have a unique chance through Canadian academic programmes to participate in paid or unpaid internships in various industries, including engineering, marketing, environmental technology, international business, travel & tourism, and more. Canada is now the first choice as a study destination primarily because of the country’s high salaries for those who complete an M.S. degree there. According to the Better Life Index published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada’s estimated average household net adjusted disposable income per capita is expected to be USD 34,4219 (yearly), which is higher than the OECD average of USD 30,490. To further explore Canada’s study options, you can rely on Leap Scholar, a one-stop destination for all your study-abroad queries and IELTS preparation requirements. Start your study abroad journey with Leap Scholar today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get accepted into a university in Canada?

    Many universities have their particular internal rounds of reviewing an application once submitted. However, you should expect to receive the admission decision after at least one month of applying.

  • Does Canada have Ivy League?

    All eight Ivy League schools are located in the United States. In Canada, there are no Ivy League institutions.

  • Which is the cheapest university in Canada for Indian Students?

    The most affordable University in Canada is Athabasca University, with tuition fees of 1,625 – 17,250 CAD per year.

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