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A Master of Science, M.Sc., or MS is a postgraduate degree offered by most universities worldwide. MS, as a graduate degree, provides knowledge and training in specific areas of science, technology, mathematics, behavioural sciences, medicine, nursing, social work, and a wide variety of related multidisciplinary subject areas. Students can pursue M.S. programmes in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, data science, computer science, cybersecurity, and other fields. Some MS programmes include a master's thesis component and a capstone project in applied research. In Canada, a postgraduate study programme in nutrition takes 18 months to 2 years to complete. The main topics covered are the concepts of nutritional qualities in food and their effects on the human body. The same courses are offered with the highest academic standards at Canada's best universities, which train students for careers as nutritionists in the food and health industries. Students at these colleges can learn about the dietary requirements of people and put creative strategies into practice to assist them in leading healthy lifestyles thanks to the academic programme at these institutions. Candidates must have a BSc with honours in food and nutrition or an equivalent four-year bachelor's degree and a minimum GPA of 78 per cent to be considered. They should have past expertise in research techniques, statistics, and applicable volunteer or paid work. IELTS test takers must get a minimum score of 8 out of 9. People who want to study nutrition and dietetics at the master's level in Canada might use the information in the preceding section to select a school. Additionally, having a Master's degree can help someone advance professionally. Want to study MS in the best colleges abroad? Here is the list of top universities to pursue an MS in Nutrition in Canada?






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