Overweight Essay IELTS: Latest Sample Answers For Writing Task 2 IELTS

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In the IELTS writing task 2, a candidate is asked to write an essay responding to a point of view, problem or argument. While writing this topic, aspirants must note that the writing tone must be formal and should be at least 250 words in length. 

Although an essay topic might hover on various genres, the primary types are opinion essays, advantage and disadvantage essays, discussion essays, double question essays, and problem-solution essays. Apart from these types, topics might include art, health-related topics such as for overweight essays, sports, science, etc.   

How to Approach the Question?

Knowing how to approach a given task is essential to fetch a higher score in IELTS writing task 2. One of the first things is to understand the question. Before attempting the question, a candidate must know what the examiner is looking for. Next, candidates can mark the keywords to identify the question type and understand the examiner’s needs. Next, examinees have to plan the answer accordingly. This will help them to organize and structure the answers and will help them to mark critical pointers that need to be included in the response. While writing the answer, it is recommended to include the following 4 parts in the body-  

  • Introduction 
  • Paragraph 1 
  • Paragraph 2 
  • Conclusion

Types of Essay in IELTS Writing Task 2 and Their Structure

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Overweight Essay IELTS: Latest Sample Answers For Writing Task 2 IELTS

We have collated an exhaustive list of the different types of essay topics that are usually asked in the writing task 2. This section will familiarise the candidates on the demands of each essay type and will also provide a comprehensive structure that they can use to write an essay that will fetch a band score of 7 and above. The mentioned 5 types of essays can be approached as – 

1. Opinion Essays (Pattern)

  • Firstly, choose one side of the argument.
  • Then, clearly portray that side of the argument. 
  • It is essential to keep the same opinion throughout the structure. 
  • Justify the opinion in the essay to uphold the view. 

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Overweight Essay IELTS: Latest Sample Answers For Writing Task 2 IELTS

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Essay Structure Introduction 

  • Candidates can paraphrase the question.
  • State the central opinion.
  • Propose two supporting reasons.

Paragraph 1

  • Provide an overview of the first supporting reason. 
  • Explain the reason.
  • Provide relevant examples.
  • Paragraph 2
  • Provide an overview of the second supporting reason.
  • Explain the reason promptly. 
  • Support with proper examples.


  • Provide an overview that was explained and provide primary reasons.

Problem Essay (Pattern)

  • Do not list a lot of causes and their solutions. 
  • Select one or two of them, and develop them completely. 
  • It is crucial to link the problems and their causes. 

Essay Structure Introduction

  • Paraphrase the given question.
  • Provide one primary cause/solution and its solution. 

Paragraph 1 

  • State the problem and its cause.
  • Explain the provided problem/cause.
  • Provide relevant examples. 

Paragraph 2

  • State the solution. 
  • Explain the solution in full detail.
  • Give examples. 


  • Provide an overview and give relevant examples. 

2. Discussion Essay (Pattern)

  • Frame two sides of the argument.
  • Explain the part where the candidates disagree with. 

Essay Structure Introduction 

  • Paraphrase the provided question.
  • Provide your opinion. 
  • Offer two supporting reasons. 

Paragraph 1 

  • Here give an opposing viewpoint.
  • Provide a viewpoint of disagreement. 
  • Provide example. 

Paragraph 2 

  • Provide a view of the agreement. 
  • Also, provide a view, why some people disagree with this view. 
  • Give an example, if required. 


  • Summarise all the points and provide an example.

 3. Double Question Essay (Pattern)

  • It is essential to answer both questions fully.
  • Don’t write about too many ideas.

Essay StructureIntroduction 

  • Paraphrase the question and state both sides of the question. 

Paragraph 1

  • Keep the view and frame the answer accordingly. 
  • Explain clearly.
  • Provide good and relevant examples. 

Paragraph 2

  • State the answer.
  • Explain the reason behind the answer. 
  • Provide relevant examples. 


  • Provide a summary that is stated above. Make sure to incorporate both the question and the answer. 

4. Advantage and  Disadvantage Essay  (Pattern)

  • What are the advantage and disadvantages of a particular topic?
  • Discuss both perspectives and provide an opinion. 

Essay Structure Introduction 

  • Paraphrase and provide an outline of the topic.

Paragraph 1

  • State the most significant advantage.
  • Explain it properly.
  • Provide relevant examples.
  • Give a result if necessary. 

Paragraph 2

  • State a primary disadvantage.
  • Explain the disadvantage. 
  • Provide a proper example. 
  • State the result, if necessary. 


  • Summarise the primary points and give an overall opinion. 

General Vocabulary for Writing Task 2  

In addition to approaching a particular type of task, using proper vocabulary is essential. There is a separate vocabulary for different areas of the task. These types are explained as – 

Vocabulary for Introduction

  • It appears that
  • This essay will show that 
  • It may seem that
  • To examine this issue, the essay will examine both..

Vocabulary for Paragraphs  

  • In addition
  • First of all
  • For instance
  • For example

Vocabulary for Conclusion 

  • To summarise
  • Finally 
  • On balance 
  • In the end

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 2 

For Opinion 

  • I strongly believe that
  • Speaking personally
  • Apparently

Within Paragraph 

  • Furthermore
  • Other people think that
  • On the other hand
  • Apart from that


  • In conclusion
  • In summary
  • In a nutshell
  • To conclude

Sample Questions for Overweight Essay

Question 1: The percentage of overweight children in present society has increased by almost 25% in the last 15 years. Discuss the causes and effects of this trend. 

Question 2: In some countries, the mean weight of its citizens is increasing, and the level of fitness and health is decreasing. Provide reasons for your answers and provide examples from your knowledge or experience.

Question 3: Presently obesity is one of the major problems among children’s. Once, this was meant for adults only, but now minors are also suffering from this disease. What do you think are the causes behind these problems and the remedial measures to solve them? 

Question 4: Childhood obesity is one of the primary health problems in many countries. What are the causes behind these problems, and what are the possible solutions.  

How to Approach an Overweight Essay

Typically, the Overweight essay topics will fall under the category of problem essay. As mentioned above, divide the answer into four paragraphs: the introduction, two paragraphs in the middle, and finally, the conclusion. Providing an overall view in the introduction, it is important to provide one cause in the first paragraph. To fetch a higher score, giving relevant examples and explaining the cause will benefit. In the second paragraph of the essay, provide the solution, and explain it accordingly. It is also vital to provide relevant examples if necessary. At last, candidates have to provide an overall view of the writing and end with an example.    

Tips to Write IELTS Writing Task 2  

  • Understand the question and know what the examiner needs. 
  • Chalk out the frame of the article beforehand. 
  • Know the familiar topics and their answers beforehand. 
  • Write only what questions has asked for. 
  • Time management is crucial.
  • Don’t write in a stretch; break it into paragraphs. 
  • Write complete answers.
  • Use linking words. 
  • Make sure to write correct grammar, spelling and use correct punctuation. 
  • Don’t use informal language and tone. 

One of the most common topics in IELTS writing task 2 is the overweight essays. The topics related to overweight might also include obesity, recent trends in health among children’s and adults and other similar things. Apart from this topic, a question can fall into any mentioned question categories. Therefore, candidates have to be very cautious about the topic while framing an outline of the essential pointers before approaching the task. This will reduce the chances of error of missing out on specific points.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How many paragraphs should I write for the IELTS overweight essays?

Ans: A candidate should write at least 4 paragraphs for IELTS overweight essays. They must also remember that not fulfilling the word or time limit will invite penalisation. Therefore, time management and writing an appropriate answer which covers all the points is of utmost importance.  

2. Should I make separate paragraphs for introduction and conclusion?

Ans: Yes, an examinee has to make separate paragraphs for introduction and conclusion. 

3. What is the minimum word count for IELTS writing task 2?

Ans: A candidate has to write at least 250 words for IELTS writing task 2. Further, they will be penalised for not sticking to the word limit. Therefore, students should take note of the word limit and follow it strictly. 

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