IELTS Score For Australia: IELTS For Australian Colleges & Study Visa

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Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world and is known for its highly vibrant culture and student-friendly policies. It offers world-class higher education and is one of the best countries for international students to work, live and study.

Since English is the primary language of communication in Australia, candidates seeking to immigrate to Australia must appear for an English language proficiency test. IELTS is one of the most preferred routes to obtain a study or work visa in Australia and is accepted by almost all universities, government agencies and entities.However, candidates need to secure a minimum IELTS score for Australia visas. The following sections provide a detailed rundown on the IELTS score requirements for an Australian study or permanent residency visa. 

Minimum IELTS Score for Australia Student Visas

Students planning to pursue a degree course in Australian universities have to clear the IELTS with a minimum score of 6.0. In the case of work-related immigration, the candidate should possess at least a 5.5 band. Here is the minimum IELTS band requirement necessary for applying for a student visa in Australia:

Minimum IELTS Band RequiredCourse
Overall score band of 6 or 6.5Undergraduate or Diploma 
Overall band of 6.5 with at least 6 in each of the test sectionsPostgraduate courses

Australia has a point-based immigration policy and there are 3 bands of IELTS scores which correspond to the points. These are: 

  • Competent English IELTS score
  • Proficient English IELTS score
  • Superior English IELTS score  
Score Secured in IELTSPoints
Competent (IELTS score of 6.0 or more)0
Proficient (IELTS score of 7.0 or higher)10
Superior (IELTS score of 8.0 or higher)20

The per-section IELTS score for Australia work or study visas are as follows:

Level of English Language Proficiency IELTS Test SectionMinimum Scored
ProficientListening 7
Reading 8

 Cut off IELTS Score for Australia Universities 

Australia is home to some of the top-ranking educational institutions in the world. Each of the universities come with a minimum IELTS score for admission to postgraduate and undergraduate courses. The following tabular representation shows the IELTS score that one needs to manage for an Australian student visa. 

InstitutionWorld RankMinimum score for Undergraduate DegreeMinimum Score for Postgraduate Degree
University of Melbourne397.07.0
Australian National University246.57.0
University of Sydney426.56.5
University of Queensland486.56.5
University of New South Wales456.56.5
Monash University596.56.5
University of Adelaide1146.56.5
University of Technology Sydney1606.06.5

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IELTS Score For Australia: IELTS For Australian Colleges & Study Visa

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IELTS Score For Australia: IELTS For Australian Colleges & Study Visa

Detailed Overview of Australian Student Visa

The type of student visa that a candidate would require will vary on their age, type of degree course that they pursue and the duration for which they intend to stay in the country. Regardless of the field of study, candidates are usually required to apply for a subclass 500 student visa to pursue higher studies in Australia. Introduced on 1st July 2016, a subclass 500 student visa allows an international student to stay in Australia until the completion of one’s study program. This usually lasts for 5 years. In case a candidate is applying for an Australian study visa via the online lodgement facility of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, one needs to furnish the details of online electronic confirmation of Enrolment. However, students sponsored by the Department of Defence or Foreign Affairs and exchange students are not required to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment certificate. 

Requirements of Australian Student Visa

As per policies, one has to show evidence of the following as part of the Australian study visa requirements:

Genuine Temporary Entrant: Launched in 2011, the GTE visa requirement states the student visa applicant should be able to show a genuine intention for staying in the country to pursue higher studies or to accompany one as a dependant. The Australian government takes the following factors into consideration while assessing the GTE criteria fulfilment: Immigration history of the candidate, the situation in the home country of the applicant, value of the candidate’s degree course and the circumstances of the candidate in Australia. Students may have to appear for an interview at the nearest Australian consulate for the assessment of the GTE requirement.

Financial Requirements: Students looking to apply for an Australian study visa has to furnish evidence of adequate funds to support living, travel and tuition costs. Candidates are required to prove they have around AU$20,290 for living costs. However, candidates with a dependant like a spouse or children have to show that they can cover the living cost of the dependents as well. On the other hand, candidates who can show that their parents or spouses can support them and have an annual income of AU$ 60,000 can also be considered.

Health Requirements: Sometimes, individuals applying for an Australian student visa might have to appear for a medical or radiological check-up. This is usually applicable for those intending to train as a doctor, nurse or dentist. In case asked to undergo a health check, one has to fix an appointment with a doctor who is approved by the Australian immigration department.

Language Proficiency Test Score Requirements: Scores secured in language proficiency tests are essential for securing admissions as well as student visas. IELTS is one of the most widely accepted language tests in Australia. However, the minimum IELTS score for Australia student visa will depend on the type of degree course or educational institution. 

Character Requirements: Candidates seeking to apply for an Australian student visa should be of decent character. The government would conduct a criminal record check to ensure the candidate does not have a substantial criminal record. Moreover, one has to acquire a police certificate and fill up a Character Statutory Declaration Form.

Necessary Documents for Australian Student Visa

Candidates are usually required to provide the following documents while applying for a study visa for Australia:

  1. A valid passport
  2. The visa application fee
  3. Electronic confirmation of enrolment
  4. Language proficiency test score (such as IELTS score)
  5. Documents supporting academic or work experience
  6. Details of Overseas Student Health Cover
  7. Genuine Temporary Entrant statement
  8. Passport-sized photos
  9. Documents proving financial capability (including tuition fees, cost of living, travel fare, return airfare, expenses to support dependents)

Candidates below the age of 18 might have to furnish additional documents like parental consent. However, some might only have to fill up the visa application forms. 

Australian Student Visa: Fees Structure

International students have to pay the necessary visa charges for an Australian student visa as per the category it belongs to. The following table gives a detailed idea about the fees structure of an Australian study visa:  

Student visa classBasic Application chargeAdditional charges for applicants above 18 yearsAdditional charges for applicants below 18 yearsTemporary application charges
Student visa subclass 500AU$ 630AU$ 460AU$ 150AU$700
Student visa subclass 500 (subsequent entry)AU$620AU$460AU$150AU$700
Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector Student visa (subclass 500)NoneNoneNoneNone
Student visa (subclass 500) for postgraduate research AU$ 620NoneNoneNone

Steps to Ensure the Validity of an Australian Student Visa

A candidate should keep the following things in mind to make sure the student visa remains valid:

  • Students need to provide the Australian address to their respective institutions so that they can communicate with the students. Universities should be aware of the new address in case the students move to a new location.
  • One has to stay enrolled on the study program while maintaining satisfactory attendance. 
  • They should, under no circumstances, violate the working conditions as applied to the visa type.
  • In case a student wants to switch to a different course or field of study, they have to freshly apply for a new study visa. 

About Australian PR Visa

One of the fastest ways to migrate to Australia is to obtain an Australian permanent residency visa. These visas have a maximum validity of 5 years and the applicants can move to the country along with their spouses or familyEligibility RequirementsSince the Australian immigration system is point-based, one needs to secure at least 65 points to be eligible for an Australian PR visa. This point is provided on the basis of numerous parameters and sub-parameters. Notably, the IELTS score for plays a vital role in all the processes. The following representation charts the different factors considered while assessing PR visa eligibility: 

CriteriaLevels and Corresponding Points
Language proficiency test scoreCompetent English IELTS score: 0 Proficient English IELTS score: 10 Superior English IELTS score: 20
Age of the applicant18-24 years: 25 points 25-32 years: 30 points 33-39 years: 25 points 40-44 years: 15 points
Skilled employment outside of Australia for the last 10 years0-3 years: 0 points 3-5 years: 5 points 5-8 years: 10 points 8-10 years: 15 points
Educational qualifications Recognised universities: 10 points Diploma: 10 points Masters/ Bachelors: 15 points Doctorate: 20 points
Skilled employment inside Australia during the last 10 years
  1. years: 0 points
1-3 years: 5 points 3-5 years: 10 points 5-8 years: 15 points 8-10 years: 20 points
Australian study requirement92 weeks degree course: 5 points
Partner skillsUnmarried: 10 points Spouse is either an Australian citizen or PR visa holder: 10 points Spouse has competency in the English language with no skill assessment: 5 points Partner has competency in English and with positive skill assessment: 10 points
State190 subclass: 5 points 491 subclass: 10 points
Masters/ Doctorate degree10 points for specialised educational qualification

Best Tips to Secure Competent IELTS Score for Australia Study Visa

A higher IELTS score band ensures higher points, thereby increasing the chances of visa approval. The minimum IELTS score for Australia student visa is 6.0 while the minimum point for securing an Australian PR visa is 65 points. Aspiring students intending to obtain a higher IELTS score can employ the following essential tips:

  • One has to start the preparation at least 3 months before the examination date and develop a preparation strategy focusing on developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. 
  • Candidates have to work on improving their vocabulary by learning new words each day. They should read English journals, magazines, newspapers, novels and try to communicate in English as much as possible. Also, learn to apply new words in sentences to develop writing skills. 
  • Test-takers have to be familiar with the test format and the question pattern. The question pattern will help the candidates to take the test more confidently. 
  • One can speak with native English speakers on different subjects to improve their fluency. 
  • Candidates can opt for an online practice test to identify their areas of strength or weaknesses. They can work on improving the drawbacks so as to increase the chances of getting a higher score band.
  • IELTS tests, being highly competitive in nature, are conducted in a stringent time frame. Candidates have to work on their time management skills to ensure they can complete each of the test sections within the allocated time.
  • If required, one can choose to hire a professional IELTS tutor.

IELTS score band plays a major role in determining the eligibility for an Australian study or PR visa. Candidates willing to migrate to Australia for academic or employment purposes should be aware of the requirements of IELTS score for Australia visas to prepare accordingly. While a foreign degree course can be a gateway to an exciting career, it can be quite difficult to finance it. But with educational loans from Leap Finance, students can easily finance their study abroad dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get an Australian PR visa with 75 points?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to obtain an Australian PR visa with 75 points. 

2. How long do I live to apply for citizenship after getting a PR visa?

Ans: Candidates who have received an Australian PR visa after 1 July 2007 can apply for citizenship 12 months after obtaining the PR visa.

3. Is it easier to get an Australian PR visa with a Skilled Migration program?

Ans: Yes, candidates in the Skilled Migration program have more chances to secure a PR visa.

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