IELTS Exam Fee in India 2022: IELTS Test Fee, Other Fees & Scholarship

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Students belonging to non-native English speaking regions aspiring to study and work in countries where English is the primary medium of communication have to appear for language proficiency tests like IELTS

If you have been wondering about the IELTS test fees and various other costs associated with it, make sure to go through this article. It will also help you to plan for scholarships to fund your foreign education. 

Here is a detailed rundown on the IELTS exam fee in India 2021. The following sections also include the IELTS cancellation fee, rescheduling fee and various other costs associated with IELTS tests.

IELTS Exam Fee in India for 2021

The IELTS registration fee is usually set according to the local currency of a particular country. Therefore, the IELTS exam fee tends to vary from one country to another. The fees for IELTS exam will depend on the type of test that candidates undertake. Check out the following table to get an overall idea about IDP IELTS fees in India.  

Type of IELTS Test Cost
Computer-delivered IELTS  Rs. 14,700
Pen and paper IELTS Rs. 14,700
IELTS Life Skills A1 and B1 Rs. 13,840
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration Rs. 15, 100

Modes of Payment for IELTS Exam Fee

There are various methods using which one can register for the IELTS test. Candidates can employ either online or offline methods for IELTS test registration. The mode for payment of IELTS test fee will depend on the method one uses for the registration process. IDP India allows the following payment methods:

  • Net banking and Credit or Debit card payment: One has to mandatorily pay the IELTS exam fee using Net banking, credit or debit cards while registering online. Students cannot use any other payment modes if they choose to register via the online method. 
  • Bank Deposit: Candidates opting to register offline can pay the registration fee through bank deposits. This bank deposit slip can be downloaded from the official IELTS IDP India website. Alternatively, one can obtain this slip from the nearest IDP India branch office.

Once obtained, candidates have to deposit the IELTS exam fee in cash at the nearest ICICI Bank branch. It is compulsory to attach the customer copy of this slip while submitting the IELTS application form at the IDP branch office. 

  • Demand Draft: Demand draft is another alternative payment mode candidates can employ for fees payment. However, the demand draft has to be drawn in favour of ‘IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED’, and it should be payable in New Delhi. Candidates have to make the demand draft payment only from approved banks. The list of IDP-approved banks can be found on the official website of IDP Education India. 

Cancellation Fees

Sometimes candidates might have to cancel their IELTS exam dates due to certain unavoidable reasons. In such situations, they need to be aware of the refund policy for exam date cancellation. You can be eligible for a refund in case of exam date cancellation if you fulfil certain criteria. 

Students who cancel their IELTS exam dates more than 5 weeks before the scheduled date can be eligible for a refund. However, there will be a 25% administrative fee deduction. In case candidates cancel the exam less than 5 weeks before the scheduled test, they will not receive any refund. If a student fails to sit for the IELTS test on the prescribed test date, they will not be eligible for any refund. 

Candidates who cancel their test dates due to medical reasons can produce an authentic medical certificate 5 days before the scheduled date to receive a refund minus the local administrative fees.

Rechecking Fees for IELTS 

If test takers feel that they are not satisfied with the score they have received, they can opt for rechecking. They need to pay a remarking fee of Rs. 8,475. To avail of the remarking facility in IELTS, one has to submit an EOR (Enquiry on Results) form. Students can opt for remarking either only one section of the test or all the sections together. 

IELTS Exam: Rescheduling Fees

In case you wish to reschedule or postpone your IELTS test date, you have to request a rescheduling at least 5 weeks before the scheduled date. Candidates opting to postpone their dates have to pay a rescheduling charge of Rs. 3,300. However, a cancellation fee will be deducted. Students willing to transfer their IELTS test date has to choose a fresh date that is within 3 months of the original test date. 

Notably, one can reschedule or postpone an IELTS test date only once. In case candidates fail to appear for their tests even on the second date, they will not be eligible for refunds or further rescheduling. 

IELTS Exam Fee: Additional TRF

Students are required to send their electronic TRF (Test Report Form) to the desired international institutions for admission. IELTS IDP usually sends 5 TRF for free to each of the candidates. However, those willing to send their TRFs to more than 5 foreign universities can request additional Test Report Forms. For this, they need to pay a certain charge.

Test takers can receive the additional TRFs in any of the following ways:

  • Airmail: Candidates need to pay Rs. 250 for each address to receive additional TRFs. It might take up to 2 weeks for the test report to reach the destinations. However, additional TRFs sent through airmail do not come with a tracking ID.
  • Courier: To receive additional TRFs via courier, one has to pay a charge of Rs. 1,500 for each address. TRFs send via courier usually take 4 days to reach the destinations. Candidates can track the TRFs with the tracking IDs. 
  • Electronic: Test takers can send an electronic TRF for Rs. 250 for every foreign university or college. But electronic TRFs can be sent to institutions that accept electronic IELTS scores. 

In order to send TRFs to more educational institutions, one has to fill up the application for issuing additional Test Report Forms. Once completed, candidates need to fill up the Payments Authorisation Form and send it along with the application form to the nearest IELTS test centre. 

Notably, each Test Report Form is valid only up to 2 years from the date of examination. 

About IELTS Exam Fee Reduction

IELTS test conducting bodies usually do not provide any specific provision for the reduction of IELTS exam fees. However, there are several scholarships that waive off the entire IELTS registration fee for meritorious students. Candidates need to fulfil several eligibility criteria to receive a waiver in theIELTS exam fee.

Scholarships for IELTS Exam Fee Waiver 

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t any provisions for IELTS test fee reduction. However, test takers can avail of various scholarships that would enable them to waive off their IELTS exam fee entirely. 

The test fee scholarships for IELTS are usually provided by both the British Council and IDP Education India. This test fee scholarship will provide a cover for the IELTS registration fee of Rs. 14,700. Students receiving test fee waiver scholarships would be eligible for a full refund of the registration fee, which they will receive within 45 days of the test.

Here are the eligibility criteria that candidates are required to fulfil in order to receive an IELTS test fee waiver scholarship:

  • Students should have a minimum high school score of 75%.
  • Candidates have to be below the age of 32 years for applying for the said scholarship.
  • Candidates should not have appeared for the IELTS test before. 
  • Students who belong to families with monthly income lower than $250
  • Students should have completed their undergraduate studies with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. 

Other IELTS Scholarships

The British Council provides a series of scholarships for IELTS test-takers, enabling them to pursue their study abroad dream. These IELTS scholarships are offered on the basis of score, family income, qualifications and other factors. The minimum IELTS score required for being eligible for an IELTS scholarship is a score of 6.0 or more. 

Here are some of the most popular IELTS scholarships that Indian students can choose to apply for:

  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships enable Indian students to gain experience in the UK. Eligible candidates will receive a £1,400 fund to manage their research and studies during their stay in the UK.

  • Great Scholarship India

Great Scholarship India enables students to study in any of the top universities in the United Kingdom. Under this scholarship, eligible students can receive up to £10,000 to fund a one-year undergraduate course in the UK. This scholarship is managed jointly by the UK Great Britain’s Campaign and the British Council. 

Various reputed universities in the UK, including the University of Bath, University of Edinburgh, University of Kent, and Imperial College, participate in this IELTS scholarship. Candidates need to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for this IELTS scholarship:

  • Students should be able to speak English fluently.
  • Candidates should possess the acceptance letter from the UK universities that they have applied for. 
  • Students should hold a valid Indian passport while applying for this IELTS scholarship.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Program

This is one of the most popular IELTS scholarships that offer a wide range of financial coverage for studying abroad. This IELTS scholarship not only covers the IELTS exam fee but also provides for tuition fees, maintenance expenses, economy plane fare for international travel and much more. 

The selection process for this scholarship is usually carried out by the Ministry of Human Resources. Candidates receive around £1,116 each month to manage their monthly expenses. 

  • British Council IELTS Awards

The British Council provides IELTS scholarships to help meritorious Indian students from low-income backgrounds pursue higher education abroad. Students are eligible to receive £10,000 to finance their education abroad.

To be eligible for this scholarship, one needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Students applying for this scholarship should hold an Indian passport. 
  • Candidates have to score a minimum of 6 in IELTS.
  • The foreign university or institution should accept IELTS for its admission. 

Students willing to apply for this IELTS scholarship can easily fill up the application form from the official website of the British Council. After that, they have to provide their IELTS score and attach a recent photograph and then submit it.

IELTS: Special Handling Requests

In an effort to ensure that IELTS is conducted in a fair and objective manner, the conducting body provides various special requirements for individuals with hearing, learning, visual or other disabilities and difficulties. Special arrangements provided for the test takers on requests include:

  • Availability of Braille papers
  • Extra time for candidates with medical conditions
  • Lip-reading facility for the Listening test
  • Speaking task cards for visually impaired candidates in Braille

Candidates have to inform the local test centre at least 6 weeks before the test date to avail any special assistance.

Since, it is of critical importance to fulfil the IELTS band score requirement of the different universities, it is a good idea to prepare for the exam by taking the help of professionals in advance rather than having to retake the test in case a student fails to get their desired band score. 

Additionally, students looking to finance their study abroad dream can also opt for assistance from Leap Scholar. Leap Scholar provides hassle-free educational loans at lower interest with instant approval and minimal paperwork to allow students to fulfil their study abroad dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the IELTS exam fee so expensive?

Even though the fee structure of the IELTS exam varies depending on the specific exam you would like to take. The general fee is high as the test uses latest scientific research, advanced tools and technologies in order to assess your language skills as accurately as possible.

2. What is the minimum IELTS score to receive a scholarship?

You need to score at least a band score of 6 in order to be eligible for an IELTS scholarship. However, there are other eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled. 

3. Can I pay with a demand draft while registering for IELTS online?

No, you cannot pay the IELTS exam fee with a demand draft if you are registering online. It is mandatory to pay via Net banking or credit/debit card if you intend to apply online. However, you can pay via demand draft if you apply offline. 

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