IELTS Education Related Vocabulary: Words, Phrases & Questions

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It is common in the IELTS exam for the students to be asked about their schools, universities, and subjects in various exams. So they need to be aware of the essential vocabulary related to education. They can do so by learning the common words and collocations in the category. This will allow them to write and talk about their education or university background successfully.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with everyday words and collocations related to education. It’ll take you through the essential education vocabulary you need to work on for the exam. Plus, it’ll also benefit you when encountering the topic in real-life situations as well. 

Read on to gain knowledge about the words and phrases related to education that will help you ace your IELTS exam. 

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Education is a topic that gets discussed massively in our surroundings. It is all about learning skills and knowledge. Some different educational methods include teaching, discussion, and storytelling. 

Here are the words and phrases that will help you expand your vocab about Education to help you score higher. 

Academic YearIt is the time of the year when students attend university or school that generally starts in September and ends somewhere in the summertime.She joined her new university at the beginning of the new academic year.
Admission TestIt is a test designed to help identify individuals capable of admitting to a school or university. The admission test for a university degree is also known as the entrance exam. He got the third-highest score on the admission test. 
AssignmentIt is a specific amount of work assigned by authoritative figures to the studentsStudents were assigned three assignments weekly in their last semester. 
Bachelor’s DegreeIt is a degree awarded by a university or college to students after three-four years of undergraduate study.  She went on for her masters after completing her bachelor’s degree. 
Coeducational SchoolAlso known as a mixed school, it is a school or institute where girls and boys study together.They studied in a coeducational school in Mumbai. 
CreditIt is the recognition of having undertaken a course at a university or school.That particular class is worth four credits at Stanford university. 
CurriculumIt stands for the subjects comprising a course of study in a university or school. Their curriculum contains technical and practical classes. 
Curriculum VitaeIt is a document summarising an individual’s experience, academic background, and skills. All applicants were requested to submit their curriculum vitae by the organisation. 
DiplomaIt is a certificate awarded by a university or college to show that an individual has successfully completed a course of study. She has recently finished her PG diploma in Advertising. 
DisciplineA field of study.He was previously a student in the Geography discipline at Delhi University. 
DissertationIt is a long piece of writing on a particular subject to earn an advanced degree. The topic of her dissertation was ‘Major Rights For the LGBTQ Community.’ 
DoctorateIt is the highest degree awarded by an approved educational organisation to an individual. They applied for a doctorate degree at Christ University together. 
Elementary Education
The early stages of studying. It is also known as primary Education. They completed their elementary education in Kolkata in 1993 through distance learning.
It is the preparation of a judgement about the number, value, or amount related to something. Many faculty members resent the evaluation methods followed by their university. 
Formal Education
It is the structured education system running from primary school to university. It usually leads to certification and recognition. Formal education is exceedingly vital for every individual. 
Higher EducationIt is the third level of education that happens at the university or college level. She passed on the opportunity to finish her higher education and started a small business instead. 
High School than college
It is an academic institution providing Education more advanced than middle school but less advanced than college. He went on to do his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree after completing high school in the UK.
LectureAn education talk to an audience that is generally given to university or school students. Students get lectures from guest lecturers every weekend. 
LiteracyIt is the capability to write and read.All the children are tested in basic literacy before admission. 
Master’s DegreeAn academic qualification granted at the postgraduate level to students.He completed his master’s degree from a local university in 2019. 
PortfolioIt is a compilation of materials that showcases one’s previous work, education, and more. The organisation requested the applicants to send their portfolios. 
PresentationA talk or speech in which an idea or concept is explained to an audience. The topic of his mid-semester presentation was Capitalism. 
ResearchIt is the careful study conducted to find new knowledge about something. This research on Influencer Marketing will change consumer behaviour. 
ScholarshipIt is the payment made to support a student’s education financially by an institute or organisation.  She received a scholarship worth $1500 from her private school. 
Secondary EducationIt is the stage of Education following primary Education. Most children in rural areas go to public secondary education schools. 

In addition to the ones mentioned above, here are a few more education words with examples and their related collocations. 

Career Prospects The chance or probability for future success in a profession. A degree from Harvard can open the door to better career prospects.
Interactive LearningThe kind of learning that encourages independent study through the use of electronic learning. Interactive learning is focused on providing learners with practical knowledge. 
Learning Materials A collection of resources that an instructor or teacher uses in teaching situations. Professors carefully make learning materials before each semester.
Physical Education It is a subject taught in schools that encourages psychomotor learning while promoting physical fitness. Every good college in our city has a physical education department.
Single-sex Schools Educational institutes where the environment consists of only one sex or gender. A single-sex school is an old approach that’s gaining new momentum.
Tertiary Education It refers to all formal post-secondary education including public, private, and technical training universities.Money spent on tertiary education equates to a handsome financial investment. 
Theoretical EducationIt is a learning model to understand basic knowledge that can be done through classes and textbooks. Many classes in Vietnamese institutes contain theoretical education. 
Thesis A long essay involving personal research written by a student for a university degree. She did her doctoral thesis on the marriage customs in ancient Rome. 
Truant A student who stays away from school without explanation or leave.Ash was a truant student. 
TuitionA sum of money charged by a university or school for a course.She isn’t willing to pay next year’s tuition. 
University GraduatesIndividuals who have received a degree or diploma for completing a course of study. There are immense job prospects for university graduates globally. 

To learn about vocabulary related to themes Covid or travel, amongst others, you can go through our blog. 

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