Best IELTS Books For Top Score In 2024: Most Popular Material For IELTS

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With proper guidance, preparing for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is easy. One of the best resources to use for preparation is IELTS books. 

IELTS books contain a thorough explanation of all the sections, a few handy tips, and include sample questions and answers. Practising these questions should help you get acquainted with the IELTS exam pattern. 

The question is, which IELTS books are the best? We’ll answer that in this blog. 

Picking the right book requires a bit of research. So, we did the hard work for you! In this blog, we will explore some of the highly rated IELTS books, and section-specific IELTS books.

Here’s a list of the best IELTS books to help you pass your IELTS exam with flying colours. 

Top IELTS Books Recommended for 2024

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

A starter’s guide for IELTS preparation, the Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS is our first choice. The publisher of this book is Cambridge University Press, and they’re also the official creator of IELTS. So, you can expect the book to contain to-the-point and up-to-date information.

IELTS books

Key Features 

  • It entails a comprehensive guide about the IELTS format and exam pattern
  • It contains the entire IELTS reading material
  • It consists of common mistakes made by IELTS aspirants during their exam preparation to help you better understand
  • Includes tips and suggestions from former IELTS test-takers with good scores
  • Includes a DVD to help you learn the speaking and listening parts of the exam in an engaging way

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

Best IELTS Books For Top Score In 2024: Most Popular Material For IELTS

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

Best IELTS Books For Top Score In 2024: Most Popular Material For IELTS

Focus on IELTS Foundation Coursebook

IELTS Foundation Coursebook is perfect for you if you’re starting to prepare for the IELTS exam. The book contains a detailed guide to all four IELTS sections and tips and strategies to score maximum marks.

Overall, the IELTS foundation Coursebook makes a fantastic reference to enhance your language skills.

Key Features

  • Materials like a language bank to help improve your vocabulary and grammar
  • Includes DIY learning tasks and techniques
  • A CD/DVD is provided for the listening section so that you can practice it well.
  • It has a self-assessment section to help you test your knowledge 

Barron’s IELTS Superpack

If you are looking for a single book that covers everything about IELTS, Barron’s IELTS Superpack is your book. 

With its easy availability on eCommerce platforms, you can get your hands on it super-fast and start learning the tips and tricks to obtain a high score in the IELTS exam.

Key Features 

  • It is a highly comprehensive IELTS study material.
  • Has dedicated books for IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing
  • It comes with 2 CDs and online tracks, so you can listen to a book when you’re not in the mood to read

Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio

This IELTS book, known for its legitimacy, offers practice tests that give a rough measure of the actual exam. Its IELTS practice materials deliver insight into all the modules and scoring methods. 

The book is easy to follow and great for self-study. 

Key Features 

  • The book includes four tests, information on the various components, and the scoring scheme.
  • The CD includes audio for the listening test, a speaking test video, 
  • Contains sample questions for individual IELTS sections 
  • It also has answer keys with extra explanations and sample writing answers

IELTS Practise Tests Plus 2 with Key

One of the most important things when preparing for IELTS is to practice the questions as much as possible. This IELTS book is one of the books that can help you get a clear picture of the IELTS exam. 

You can test yourself accurately with complete mock tests for all four sections and answer keys. 

Key Features 

  • Thorough explanations of all topics
  • Excellent for self-study 
  • Practice tests with answers for all sections make it easy to self evaluate

IELTS Trainer Six Practice Test with Answers

The IELTS Trainer Six Practice Test book includes exam structure, question patterns, and scoring methodology for both the IELTS Academic and General Training. 

The book contains grammar, vocabulary, and writing exercises that highlight common errors made by students and how to prevent them. 

Key Features 

  • The first two practice exams offer step-by-step instructions and advice on how to respond to each question
  • The four additional practice exams help you improve your language skills, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Contains clear explanations for questions
  • Offers recorded scripts and sample responses
  • Includes three CDs for the listening section

Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS

This IELTS book is perfect for an intermediate level. The book gives a clear insight into the words commonly used in IELTS and how to improve your IELTS vocabulary. 

It also contains plenty of activities and exercises, including gap fills, word forms, antonyms, and synonyms. Vocabulary is a vital part of IELTS; this book is a game changer if you struggle with it.

Key Features 

  • It has exercises for basic and subject-specific vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and spelling
  • Simple to use format with detailed answer keys and clear explanations

Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module by Simon Braveman’s  

Simon Braveman is a former IELTS test-taker. She writes this book to help IELTS aspirants score over 7 band scores. 

The book is easy to follow and contains tons of sample questions and answers and how to answer them best. The strategies and tips presented by Simon are simple and easily applied.

Key Features 

  • Contains easy-to-understand tips
  • Insights into how to use your time efficiently and effectively
  • It offers easy solutions to some of the highly expected problems in the IELTS exam

Official IELTS Practice Materials

Written by official IELTS test partners, “Official IELTS Practice Materials” explains how each test area is evaluated while offering valuable preparation advice.

This is one of the most reliable IELTS books in the market, as trusted sources publish it.

Key Features 

  • Access to mock tests covering general and academic training
  • Includes answer sheets, examiner commentary, tape scripts, and more
  • It makes a great book for IELTS trainers as well

Road to IELTS

Road to IELTS is an Online course offered by the British Council. It includes 100 interactive activities, two sample tests for the four sections, and instructor videos. The latest version has a new speaking section and more IELTS computer-based practice tests.

Key Features 

  • Has five mock exam papers
  • The study guide simulates a classroom environment
  • Online courses are easily accessible 
  • The system also has a free version available
IELTS books

There are several excellent books with all the necessary information and audio recordings to accelerate your IELTS preparation. Here’s a list of highly-recommended books for section-wise preparation. 

IELTS Books for Listening

  • Achiever IELTS 9 Bands IELTS Listening Practice Tests Kit by Arunlata
  • IELTS Listening Strategies by Rachel Mitchell
  • Written by Fiona Aish and Jo Tomlinson, Listening for IELTS (With Answers and Audio)
  • IELTS Listening Practice Tests – IELTS Self-study Exam Preparation Book: For IELTS for Academic Purposes and General Training Modules by IELTS Success Associates

Here are some tips to ace the listening section: IELTS Listening Test: Best Tips To Begin With – Leap Scholar

IELTS Books for Writing

  • Parthesh Thakkar’s The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Writing
  • Get IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing by Cambridge
  • Visuals: Writing About Graphs, Tables and Diagrams by Gabi Duigu
  • Sam McCarter’s Academic Writing Practice for IELTS 
  • Barron’s Writing For The IELTS

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IELTS Books for Reading

  • Target 9 Latest Reading test (2022 – 2023) IELTS Reading Academic ( 15 Advanced Level Tests) by Darshan Singh
  • Makkar IELTS English for Exams IELTS Academic Reading Vol.1 and Vol.2 by Dr Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar

Here are some strategies to score 7+ in IELTS reading, : IELTS Reading Score 7+: Preparation Strategy – Leap Scholar

IELTS books for Speaking

  • Target 9 Lastest 2022 Edition IELTS Speaking by Darshan Singh
  • Parthesh Thakka’s The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking 
  • The Masterpiece of Speaking IELTS by Vinod Gambtoo

For sample IELTS Speaking Cue Cards for 2023, read: IELTS Speaking Tips 2023: Best IELTS Cue Cards for 7+ Band score (

Other IELTS Books

Below are a few more top-rated IELTS books for IELTS prep.

  • IELTS Topic Vocabulary: Essential Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing Exams by Peter Killingley and Mary E. Kuder
  • IELTS Graphs from Past Exams by Dr Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar and Ravepreet Singh
  • A Masterpiece of Essays IELTS by Vinod Gambtoo
  • IELTS Practice Test by Oxford publication
  • Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams
  •  Latest edition Cambridge IELTS Academic 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 (Set of 4 Books)

Choosing the right IELTS Books for Preparation

Before purchasing an IELTS book, you must set your goals. Some books may offer a general perspective on academic training. The others may be quite intensive. Intense books might overwhelm you if you are a beginner, so it’s best to start with something simple. If you are at an intermediate level, you should look for books that can take you to an advanced level.

Ask yourself these questions before you decide which book to purchase.

  • Are you comfortable reading an IELTS book or feel much better listening to the tips, notes and tutorials for preparation?
  • Are you taking the IELTS exam for the first time, or do you have some knowledge of the four sections of the IELTS exam? 
  • Which IELTS section are you particularly struggling with?

Overall, IELTS books are a great resource to learn from and can be especially great for self study.

But, if you are looking to understand the topics in depth, you should definitely consider getting additional training. You get 20 hours worth of live classes, 100+ mock tests, speaking and writing evaluations and all the study materials you’ll ever need with our IELTS courses! And, what’s more? The classes are completely flexible and you get to be a part of student discussions on telegram. Sign up today to learn from the best IELTS educators in the country!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are there any free IELTS books available

    A. There are free IELTS resources available online, although not all are reliable. It’s best to use books from credible sources. You can use other materials like youtube videos, sample question papers and mock tests to complete your preparation.

  • Q. Can I use the same book for both Academic and General IELTS?

    A. Though academic and general tests are quite similar to each other, some sections vary in syllabus and pattern. We advise you to check the book description and buy books accordingly.

  • Q. Can I pass IELTS without coaching?

    A. You can pass IELTS without coaching, but it needs consistent practice. IELTS books certainly help with self-study. But with coaching, you may get access to more materials and 1:1 guidance. You can take a free demo with Leap Scholar to determine if coaching works for you! Try it out here.

  • Q. Are the IELTS books updated every year?

    A. IELTS books from credible sources are updated regularly. It may not be every year, but every so often, when there is an update, the books are reviewed and updated. When you’re picking up IELTS books, make sure they’re not too outdated, as it might not help you in the preparation.

  • Q. Can I use IELTS books for TOEFL preparation?

    A. We do not recommend completely relying on IELTS books to prepare for TOEFL as both tests may vary in syllabus and pattern. Since the concept of both tests is structurally quite similar, you can refer to it for additional knowledge.

  • Q. What is the difference between the British Council IELTS books and Cambridge IELTS books?

    A. British Council and Cambridge both own IELTS, so both books have material that goes hand-in-hand. We recommend using both books as they complement each other and will help you prepare intensively. These books are also highly reliable as they come from the creators of IELTS.

  • Q. Which IELTS books are best for grammar?

    A. The best books to improve IELTS grammar as follows: Cambridge Grammar for IELTS, Oxford Practice Grammar Advanced, G.Yule (Oxford), English Grammar in Use Book with Answers, R.Murphy (Cambridge). You can also use some additional materials to complete your preparation.

  • Q. Are IELTS books enough for test preparation, or should I use additional resources?

    A. IELTS books are valuable study resources, but using additional materials like online practice tests, watching videos, and language apps can provide a more comprehensive preparation experience. If you feel you need more guidance, feel free to opt for online coaching classes.

  • Q. Can I find free IELTS books and study materials online?

    A. Yes, there are free IELTS resources available online, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides. You can find free materials on IELTS websites and third-party platforms. However, official IELTS books are usually more comprehensive and reliable.

  • Q. How long should I prepare for the IELTS exam?

    A. The duration of IELTS preparation depends on your existing English proficiency and the score you aim to achieve. It is recommended that you invest at least two to three months of consistent practice and preparation before you appear for the exam.

  • Q. How can I improve my IELTS Listening skills during preparation?

    A. To improve your IELTS Listening skills, practice regularly with audio materials, such as podcasts, news, or recordings. Focus on understanding different accents and take notes by identifying key information. IELTS books usually contain audio CDs that you can use to practice your Listening skills.

  • Q. How can I stay calm and confident during the IELTS Speaking test?

    A. The key to ace your IELTS Speaking test, practice speaking regularly, and build confidence. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace. Engage in mock interviews with friends or teachers to simulate the test environment. Speak English everyday, have conversations and try to use new vocabulary.

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