IELTS Writing Task 2 6 Band Sample Essay Answers Guide 2022

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IELTS is a widely accepted and recognised English proficiency test taken by students intending to study abroad. It assesses the students’ ability to communicate in English and is based on four parameters: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The writing section is one of the most crucial sections and consists of two tasks. Writing task 2 is the most challenging of the two due to the time constraint and vocabulary usage that often confuses the candidates.

In writing task 2, candidates must state their opinion and support it with data. For ease of preparation of the students, we have prepared a complete guide on Writing Task 2 6 Band Sample, along with tips, approaches and many more. 

writing task 2 6 band sample

Steps to Approach Writing Task 2

To attain a good score in IELTS writing task 2 band 6, candidates must understand what the examiner is looking for and the techniques that must be implemented in the essay. It is underlined below for easier understanding: 

Understand what the question is asking 

First and foremost, it is essential to understand what the question might be asking. It involves identifying the type of question. There are primarily five types of questions in Writing Task 2: Opinion, Double Question, Discussion, Problem-Solution and Advantages and Disadvantages. 

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IELTS Writing Task 2 6 Band Sample Essay Answers Guide 2022

Planning the essay 

It is always best to plan the essay before beginning to write it. Then, one can write the keywords or bullet points elaborated in the word count. 

Write it in your own words 

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IELTS Writing Task 2 6 Band Sample Essay Answers Guide 2022

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Candidates must paraphrase the question and write it in their own words. They might lose marks and lower the overall band score if they cannot do it. Of course, candidates should not resort to memorising essays. If the same question does not come, they will not be able to write it. Example

  • The question is, “The reasons for increasing pollution levels are due to the development of the industry and air travel”. Candidates can be paraphrased as, “The causes behind rising pollution are the growth of the industry’s expansion and the number of people travelling by air”. 

Write a proper introduction 

The introduction should consist of the main points in the essay. This should convey to the examiner what the article is about. Moreover, one should make use of linking words in this to make the piece look more appealing. The phrases can be: 

  • It appears that 
  • Experts have debated the subject of 
  • People have divided opinions on the topic of 
  • The article will show that 

Write the main body paragraph 1 & 2 

Candidates must describe their ideas more in-depth. One can first outline their main ideas and then support them with examples. Sometimes, it may also happen that candidates may have to discuss opposing views. Furthermore, it is best to use connectors such as: 

  • I believe that 
  • In my opinion 
  • My view on this matter is that
  • I can’t entirely agree with the given topic

Have a proper conclusion 

The conclusion should summarise the main pointers of the essay. It can include phrases such as ‘To sum up’, ‘To conclude’, ‘In conclusion, ‘To summarise’ etc. 

Sample Questions with Answers for Writing Task 2 Essays 

To help candidates prepare for Writing Task 2, the following writing task 2 sample answers are beneficial: 

Question 1 

“Some people think that eBooks and technology will be replacing newspapers and magazines. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”  Candidates can approach this IELTS writing band 6 topic in this way: 


Here, candidates must highlight how technology is valuable for human society. They can start by saying, technology has been flourishing and providing us with a new course of action while at the same time helping us to keep ourselves updated with the latest affairs. For example, many people believe that e-books will replace newspapers. However, I can’t entirely agree with this view because a newspaper is the most conventional way to get news and is affordable”. 

Main body paragraph 1 

Here, one has to elaborate on the critical points in the introduction. 

  • How newspapers are the easiest to get 
  • The reading habits of people 
  • Why newspapers are handy 

Main body paragraph 2 

In this paragraph, candidates must state: 

  • The usefulness of technology 
  • The pros and cons of e-books being replaced with newspapers 


It is crucial to summarise the points made in IELTS writing examples band 9and put forth one’s opinion in a comprehensive manner.

Question 2 

“Many people believe that social media has had a negative impact on individuals and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?” It is essential to state: 

  • How social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram influence individuals and society. 
  • What effect Facebook have on individuals in one paragraph.  
  • In the main body paragraph 2, one must explain the effect on society in-depth. Moreover, it is crucial to substantiate the data with examples. 
  • In conclusion, candidates must reiterate and summarise their key points. 

Tips to Write Task 2 for Band Score 6 

When you write an essay for IELTS Writing Task 2 band 9, keeping a few pointers in mind can help secure a good score. Here are a few tips that might help the candidates ace the IELTS writing task 2: 

Understand the marking structure 

It is essential to be conversant with the marking structure. Candidates are marked on a score of 1 to 9. Furthermore, it will help them work on those sections they might find lacking. The marking criteria are as follows: 

  1. Lexical Resource 
  2. Grammatical Range and Accuracy 
  3. Task Achievement 
  4. Coherence and Cohesion 

It is evident that to attain a high band score in Writing Task 2, candidates need to focus on all the criteria mentioned above and ensure that they are confident with the language. 

Prepare a structure 

To write a good essay in band 8 writing task 2, candidates should distribute the essay in the sections mentioned above. 

Practice is necessary 

Candidates must practice before their writing task 2, 6 band sample. This will help improve the band score. They can do so by practising the worksheets, and analysing sample questions and answers. Moreover, it is essential to refer to the dictionary whenever one learns new words. 

Time management 

Time management is one of the most critical aspects to score well in IELTS writing task 2, 9 band samples. Unfortunately, some candidates take too long to finish Writing Task 2 that they don’t have time to complete the other sections. Hence, candidates must certainly practice completing the task in 40 minutes and not exceed it. Moreover, one needs to solve model answers while timing themselves for proper management. 

Organising thoughts 

Once candidates get their question and answer booklet, it is essential to organise one’s thoughts. You can ask yourself questions like: 

  1. What will be my opening statement?
  2. Why is this development taking place? 
  3. What specific example can I give for this pointer? 
  4. What points am I going to summarise? 

During the first 3-5 minutes, candidates should plan their essays. 

writing task 2 6 band sample


Writing Task 2 is one of the most challenging sections of the IELTS exam. However, this comprehensive guide on writing tasks 2, and 6,7,8,9 band samples will allow candidates to prepare for it more quickly and efficiently. Students aspiring to pursue a foreign degree can now finance their dream with ease and convenience. Leap Finance provides financial assistance in educational loans with simple and flexible terms to help students fulfil their dream abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What type of writing is expected in Writing Task 2?

Ans: Candidates are expected to write a formal essay and respond to a statement. They should write IELTS writing band 6, a minimum of 250 words and not less than that. 

2. How can I get ideas for Writing Task 2? 

Ans: The most common problem candidates face while attempting Writing Task 2 is the lack of ideas. However, they can try these techniques: 
a. Practice essays and write your ideas 
b. Analyse the sample questions and answers 
c. Get more views with the help of the internet 
d. Ask yourself questions
e. Simplify it 

3. What topics come in IELTS Writing Task 2?

Ans: However, some common themes may appear in IELTS. They are namely: Advertisement, Fitness and health, Environment, Science, IT, Work, Covid-19, Education, Movies, Newspapers, Technology etc. 

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