IELTS Essay On International Business: IELTS Writing Task 2 International Business Essay Samples

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The IELTS exam is an English proficiency competitive exam that is a requirement for every student trying to get into a college outside India. A proper grasp of the language is required to score well in this exam.

Table of Contents 

The paper consists of four sections, namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking. The writing section consists of two tasks that require you to write an essay. This article is focused on the second task of the writing section of the IELTS exam. For guidance on cracking the other sections of the exam, you can refer to the plethora of blogs on our website.

Writing Section

The writing section of the IELTS exam is divided into two tasks, as mentioned above. The second task has double the weightage of the first task in marking for the writing section. The responses to both the tasks differ in their tonality and structure. The time allotted to the writing paper is 60 mins, and it is advised to divide the time in this manner:

  • Task 1 – 20 minutes
  • Task 2 – 40 minutes

The first task requires you to respond in 150 words, while the second task requires you to answer in 250 words. The time allotted to the second task is in proportion with its length and weightage in the paper.

Task 2

This blog is focused on helping you crack the second task of the writing section, which contains essay writing. The second task requires the student to have analytical thinking and impeccable logical reasoning. The answer needs to be very specific to the question and provide everything the question asks for. The question task will ask you to write on a specific topic and provide your views on it in a commendable fashion. While attempting this task, there are a few points that the student should keep in mind:

  1. The tonality of your answer needs to be academic or semi-formal as the question asked in this task is generally a topic that needs to be delved into and discussed at length.
  2. The word limit for this question is at least 250 words. Failure to provide an answer that is 250 words can have a negative impact. There is no penalty for answers exceeding 250 words, but writing a very long answer will lead to lesser time for rechecking.
  3. The structure of the answer needs to be treated with utmost care. All the sentences of the answer need to be connected with good cohesion, supported with relevant examples, and provide a smooth flow of information and insights.
  4. Bullet points or notes are not allowed. The answer has to be written as a whole piece and divided into paragraphs.
  5. Whatever you write should be related to the topic mentioned in the question. You should not write about the general aspect of the question and instead focus on the specific part of the question and write accordingly with appropriate coherence.
  6. If the answer is not related to the question, the IELTS examiners can give a negative marking.

Your writing skills are analysed based on your structuring, vocabulary and grammar. The answer should have everything inside it. Your views, solutions, arguments, reasons, opinions and evidence, if any, are essential to the question. The content and structure of the answer need to be of the highest quality to score well in the writing section of the IELTS exam. Your problem-solving, analytical thinking, vocabulary and ability to frame your answer in a well organised and sequential manner is the key to cracking this section.

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

IELTS Essay On International Business: IELTS Writing Task 2 International Business Essay Samples

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

IELTS Essay On International Business: IELTS Writing Task 2 International Business Essay Samples

International Business IELTS Essay

International business is one of the topics asked about in the IELTS exam over the years. So let us elaborate on that topic and structure the answer based on your own opinion and according to the format that one should follow in the IELTS writing task. International business is the exchange, production and sale of goods and services across borders. It has the potential of catering to a new audience, expanding the market reach and lowering labour costs in other countries of production. But as there are two sides to a coin, there are certain disadvantages. Operating in different countries means compliance to a ton of different laws, duties, linguistic barriers and cultural differences, among others. International business plays a vital role as an exciting growth prospect for an individual as well as a company. With the rapid pace of globalisation and growth in internet technology, international business is an opportunity of a lifetime. It provides employment opportunities in developing economies, exposes the country to new technology and improves the standard of living for everyone involved. Economic development in the modern world is driven by business with large corporations on a global scale. But as the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. International business is undoubtedly a need of every economy to grow, but the thing to keep in mind is that along with economic growth, growth of the local business, local brands and local products is necessary too. Small businesses constitute a significant growth potential of the economy. The growth of a country stems from what it creates and provides to the world rather than what it brings in from the outside. So it is necessary to find harmony between the two for real growth and development of everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IELTS writing task 2?

Ans: IELTS writing task 2 is an essay writing task that requires you to write a 250-word essay on the topic provided in the question.

2. What type of essays are you required to write in writing task 2?

Ans: Writing task 2 can have various essay types asked by the examinee. The essay types could be discussions, advantage/disadvantage essays, opinion essays, solution essays and direct answer essays. It is advised to read the question carefully and structure your answer according to the same, along with specific examples.

3. What are the various penalties that can be applied to the examinee in writing task 2?

Ans: The examinee can be penalised for the following discrepancies in their essay:
a. Writing an essay that does not have a minimum of 250 words.
b. Straying off-topic while writing the essay and providing irrelevant information.
c. Usage of pointers or bullet points is not allowed. The answer should be written and broken down into paragraphs.

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