Global Warming and Deforestation Essay IELTS: Latest Writing Task 2 Samples

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It is commonly observed that IELTS speaking and writing sections often consist of questions related to general topics of discussion such as environmental issues like climate change, greenhouse effect, global warming, and deforestation. In the blog, we specifically talk about Global Warming And Deforestation Essay IELTS.

IELTS topics are largely talked about in a number of social circles and, thus, form the basis of IELTS exam questions. These questions can be of various types: Problems and possible solutions to global warming and deforestation, harmful effects and causes of global warming, causes and effects of deforestation and the like. There can also be topics that ask you to discuss two sides of an argument and then give your opinion. This type is mainly seen in the IELTS exam writing task 2.

global warming and deforestation essay ielts
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Format for Global Warming and Deforestation Essay Task 2

The format that you can follow for almost all questions on the topic of global warming and deforestation can be as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Body One
  • Body Two
  • Conclusion

The introduction should be of about 2-3 lines and should talk about the subject at hand. This paragraph should also clearly tell the examiner about your opinion on the topic (if asked in the question). This paragraph should talk about the first side of the argument or the problems of greenhouse gas emissions, or global warming causes, depending on the type of question you have been asked. You should also provide any examples that may be relevant over here. This part of the essay should talk only about the second side of the argument or the possible solutions for a problem or the effects of a problem. Just like the previous paragraph, you should try to give a good example here as well that is in coherence with the whole argument. This part should summarise both sides briefly while also emphasising your opinion of the topic. All the while, you should ensure that you are using excellent vocabulary and perfect grammar in every paragraph because it is sure to leave a great impression on the examiner.

Sample Answers on Global Warming and Deforestation Essay IELTS Writing Task

Common Question for Model Answer 1 and 2 – Some people believe that global warming is today’s most pressing environmental problem. At the same time, some consider deforestation to have the most devastating impact on the world. Discuss both views and give your opinion on the same. You should write at least 250 words for this task.

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Global Warming and Deforestation Essay IELTS: Latest Writing Task 2 Samples

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Global Warming and Deforestation Essay IELTS: Latest Writing Task 2 Samples

Model Answer 1:

Here, the writer thinks of deforestation as the more severe problem

Of late, the question of which poses a greater danger to our survival from global warming and deforestation forms the backbone of many conflicts in a number of circles. While some people believe that the effects of global warmings, such as extreme weather conditions, are more far-reaching and, therefore, more concerning, some others are of the opinion that the rapid depletion of our forest cover caused by deforestation leads to more serious consequences like soil erosion, air pollution, and loss of habitat. In my opinion, the impact of deforestation is more immediate and is, therefore, to be taken relatively more seriously. Global warming gives birth to extreme weather conditions like scorching hot summers, impossibly heavy rainfalls, and brutally cold winters. On average, the Earth’s temperature is rising by 1.5 and falling by 2.2 degrees Celsius in summers and winters, respectively. In this regard, while deforestation only impacts the local areas where the forest cover is reduced, global warming also impacts regions like Antarctica, where the problem of deforestation is not as grave. So, many people consider global warming to be the paramount concern when it comes to the survival of human life. In contrast to the former viewpoint, some people strongly believe that deforestation is the more immediate cause of concern because of the shorter gestation period. We can see its repercussions like soil erosion, loss of wildlife, increase in cO2, and droughts, among other problems. Recently news showed that after the state government of a metropolitan area ordered to cut down trees to procure more land to build complexes on, wild animals were seen roaming the streets. As if this wasn’t enough, the amount of carbon dioxide rose, and the area was flooded by the monsoon soon after. To recapitulate, I believe that deforestation is more concerning than global warming because of its immediate impact on the local environment, and the people and government need to work in tandem to curb this practice in their district.

Model Answer 2:

Here, the writer considers both problems to be equally concerning

With the dawn of industrialisation and urbanisation, our environment has changed drastically, and mostly for the worst. After witnessing the utter chaos on a global scale brought to life by alarming consequences of climate change like ozone layer depletion, forest fires, and global warming, people have narrowed down the causes to two very serious environmental problems: global warming and deforestation. The question of which one has a more severe impact on our world has been the topic of discussion in recent decades. Global warming has given rise to a myriad of issues like rising temperature and worsening air and water quality, which have long-lasting ramifications for this planet’s inhabitants. For instance, surging sea levels in cities situated on river banks have been a piece of alarming news that has prompted various governments to act on it. Additionally, the state of coral reefs in parts of Australia and other countries has also gained global attention.

Overall, the consequences of global warming are threatening the wide gamut of species existing on our planet. Deforestation has also caused a multitude of environmental issues like frequent flooding due to the soil going loose owing to a depleting forest cover, loss of indigenous species, droughts, and more. A good example of this is the rising levels of pollution in overly industrialised countries which is a direct implication of fewer forests. Conclusively, it is impossible to pick one out of the two – deforestation and global warming – and to claim it as the more serious problem because both have worked in tandem to increase environmental concerns. Therefore, we have to direct our efforts in the direction that curbs the effect of both issues equally and significantly if we don’t want to find ourselves on the brink of extinction in the near future.

global warming and deforestation essay ielts


This blog post has all the material you need to prepare for global warming and deforestation essays for IELTS writing task 2. If you’re looking for more resources and mentoring, head on to Leap scholar!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes to include in the global warming IELTS essay?

Ans: The IELTS essay on global warming can talk about causes like burning fossil fuels, increasing the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable products, etc.

2. How is global warming-related to deforestation?

Ans: Deforestation becomes a cause of global warming because it leads to an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.

3. How do you describe a forest in writing?

Ans: Describing a forest in writing for IELTS can focus on its main elements like wildlife, flora and how it helps us maintain balance in the ecosystem.

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