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The IELTS Listening section is a critical component of the IELTS examination, designed to assess your ability to comprehend spoken English in various contexts. This section consists of four recorded monologues and conversations, which you will listen to only once. The recordings feature different accents, including British, Australian, New Zealand, American, and Canadian, to reflect the diversity of English usage worldwide.

This section is crucial as it tests not only your listening skills but also your ability to understand various aspects of spoken English, such as main ideas, specific details, opinions, and attitudes. Additionally, it evaluates your capacity to follow the development of ideas and arguments in a coherent manner.

Key Highlights of the Listening Section:

  • The Listening section lasts for approximately 30 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.
  • Structure: The section is divided into four parts, each increasing in difficulty, with a total of 40 questions.
  • Diverse Accents: The recordings feature accents from various English-speaking countries, including British, Australian, New Zealand, American, and Canadian.
  • Question Types: Questions include multiple-choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form/note/table/flow-chart/summary completion, and sentence completion.
  • Skills Assessed: It evaluates your ability to understand specific information, follow the development of ideas, identify speakers' attitudes and opinions, and grasp main ideas and details.
  • Single Listening Opportunity: You will hear each recording only once, requiring careful and attentive listening throughout the test.

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1. Community Centre Evening Classes Listening Answers

Find the audio for Community Centre Evening Classes here. Listen to the audio carefully before attempting the questions that follow!

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2. Community Centre Evening Classes Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Community Centre Evening Classes

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Community Centre Evening Classes Listening Answers




General Information

    This test has four sections, each containing four recordings and 40 questions, but this practice test contains one section with 10 questions of the overall IELTS Listening section.

  • You are not allowed to open this section unless asked to do so.
  • Listen to the instructions of each section carefully.
  • Answer all the questions
  • Be alert while listening to the audio
  • Take notes of the keywords while listening to the audio
  • You will be given only 10 minutes to write your answers on the separate answer sheet at the end of the test, for which you have to use a pencil.




Community Centre Evening Classes Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Community Centre Evening Classes

Questions and Answers 1-10
  • Complete the notes below.
  • Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



Evening Classes at Community Centre



Painting with watercolors


– place: in the hall

– time: at 1………. pm on Tuesdays

– carried items: + water jar

– set of 2……….

– Cost: 45 pounds for 4 classes


Maori language


– place: the small room at the of 3………. the building

– time: starts in 4……….

– carried items: small recorder

– Cost: 40 pounds for 5 classes


Digital photography


– place: room 9

– time: 6 pm Wednesday evenings

– carried items: the for 5………. the camera

– Cost: 6………. pounds for eight classes


Further information:


– the watercolours class suits people who are 7……….

– to find out about the Maori language class, contact Jason 8……….

– for the photography class, check the 9………. for the camera

– there is a trip to a local 10………. in the final week of the photography class


Community Centre Evening Classes Listening Answers (1-10)


Type of questions: Note Completion 

A note completion question in the IELTS Listening section requires you to fill in missing information in a set of notes based on details you hear in the recording.

How to best answer: 

  • Before listening, ensure you understand the instructions, noting the word limit for each answer (e.g., “Write no more than three words and/or a number”).
  • Quickly skim the notes to get an idea of the topic and context. Pay attention to keywords and headings to predict what information might be required.
  • Underline or highlight keywords in the notes that are likely to be mentioned in the recording. These keywords can help you anticipate and recognise the answers when you hear them.
  • The recording might not use the exact words as the notes. Be prepared for synonyms and paraphrases that convey the same meaning.
  • Fill in the notes as you hear the relevant information. Don’t wait until the end of the recording to write your answers, as you might forget crucial details.
  • Ensure that your answers fit grammatically into the notes. Double-check your spelling, as incorrect spelling can result in lost marks. If there’s a word limit, make sure your answers adhere to it.


1. 7.30/seven thirty
2. pencils
3. top
4. August
5. instructions
6. 55/fifty-five
7. beginners
8. Kahul
9. battery
10. show

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Q. What does the listening test consist of?

Ans. The IELTS Listening test consists of four sections, each with a different type of recording: a conversation between two people, a monologue, a conversation involving up to four people, and a monologue on an academic subject. Each section contains ten questions, making a total of 40 questions. The test lasts approximately 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

Q. How can I improve my listening in IELTS?

Ans. To improve your listening skills for the IELTS, regularly listen to English audio materials such as podcasts, news broadcasts, and audiobooks. Practice understanding different accents and note-taking while listening. Engage in active listening exercises, summarise spoken content, and expand your vocabulary. Consistently practice with IELTS sample listening tests to become familiar with the test format and question types.

Q. How can I practice the IELTS listening test?

Ans. Practice the IELTS Listening test by using official IELTS practice materials and online resources. Listen to a variety of English recordings, including conversations, lectures, and interviews. Take timed practice tests to simulate exam conditions, and review your answers to identify areas for improvement. Join study groups or language classes to enhance your listening skills and gain feedback from peers and instructors.