Business Management in UK 2022: Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges & Admission Process

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  • Get information about all the requirements for studying Business Management in the UK
  • Cost of studying Business Management in the UK and eligibility
  • List of top colleges for pursuing Business Management in the UK

Why Study Business Management Courses in UK?

A Business Management degree or diploma from the United Kingdom can prove to be life-changing for a business student. The Business Management discipline, in particular, is on the rise and has become popular among national and international students. Moreover, there are many recruiters in the United Kingdom who wish to employ graduates from these top UK universities. So, studying business management courses in UK is sure to be a rewarding experience.

The method of imparting knowledge followed in the UK universities encompasses a holistic approach with various modules. These modules ensure that over the course of their higher education, students are able to equip themselves with the necessary marketing, organising, human resource management and administrative skills. After completing their bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral qualification in management in UK universities, graduates take on roles in many sectors like public, private, and NGOs.

So, if you are interested in business management and are looking for avenues to start your higher education abroad, the UK is the place to be in.

List of Top Business Schools Offering Management Courses in UK

Now that you know the various advantages of studying business management from a UK university, read on about the top universities that you should apply to for pursuing this field of study.

The university rankings mentioned here are the QS World University Rankings for the year 2021 in the subject Business and Management Studies—

London Business School

London Business School holds the global rank 3 and UK rank 1 in providing students with the best education in the business management field. Some of the most popular courses include Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management, Executive MBA, and more. The university enjoys a very high employability percentage among graduates within just a few months of completing the final year. It goes as high as 96% for courses like Masters in Management, wherein the graduates work in the best global organisations.

The application process for applying to the school is long and multi-staged. The first step is to fill out the application form and provide all the supporting documents along with a recommended GMAT score of at least 600. After the application has been submitted, the admission committee may or may not advance it into the next round of interview. The interview process can be rigorous, and only the best students end up clearing them. However, once the interview stage is cleared, students enter the waitlist and can get an offer based on their internal ranks assigned by the admission committee.

The tuition cost of attending the master’s programs at the university is usually around £39,000.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford enjoys a world-renowned reputation for being a leading university offering a wide range of study and work placement opportunities to its students. In the QS list, the university holds the 10th rank globally. The Saïd Business School at the university offers notable courses like the Master of Business Administration, PG Diploma in Global Business, MSc in Major Programme Management, DPhil in Management, and PG Diploma in Strategy and Innovation.

There are certain minimum entry requirements that have been listed on the particular course’s page. All the requirements should be met before you submit your application. The supporting documents should be uploaded on the student application portal before the deadline.

The average tuition fee varies depending on the course and the module (online or offline/part-time or full-time). However, the tuition fee can be expected to range around £40,000. The university also offers many funding opportunities to help students finance their higher education.

University of Cambridge

With a QS world rank of 8, the University of Cambridge continues to be one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations for international students looking to study management courses in UK. The popular courses offered by the Cambridge Judge Business School are the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA Programmes, Masters in Entrepreneurship, MPhil in Management, Masters of Studies in Social Innovation, etc.

There are several different eligibility requirements for each course, but there are certain requirements that remain standard. For instance, all international applicants coming from non-English-speaking countries must provide proof of their English language proficiency through tests like IELTS with a minimum score of 7.5 overall, with no component less than 7.0. Some programs also require the students to have some relevant work experience along with exceptional grades in their undergraduate course.

The only way to fill out the application to a certain program is through the university’s central applications portal. The university compensation fee or the tuition fee for all international applicants is around £33,300 annually. Students can also avail various funding options, but they will have to apply earlier for them.

University of Warwick

This university, located in Coventry, Warwick, holds the 24th rank globally for being the best in the game for students interested in growing and becoming global business leaders. BSc in Management, MSc in Management, BSc in International Business with French, and Master in Business Administration are some of the most sought-after courses in the business and management areas of studies.

The university invites and welcomes students from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds into its classrooms. So, even though there are minimum application requirements in place for every course, international equivalents are considered by the university for every degree. In addition to the unique course requirements, the IELTS score requirements also vary as per the course. Some courses can ask for a Band A (6.5 with none below 6.0), while others can ask for Band D (overall 8.0 with two at 7.0 or 7.5 and the rest above 8.0).  

Depending on the course and the level of education (bachelor’s , master’s, certificate, diploma, etc.), the average tuition cost can vary from £22,000 to £32,000.


The business and management universities in the UK are known the world over for adapting to new-age innovative management techniques and general management techniques that make them the perfect choice and breeding ground for flourishing business professionals.

After reading this blog post, you should be aware of the top UK universities and the courses they offer in business management. To continue your study abroad exploration, speak to our experts at LeapScholar today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between online and offline business management courses in UK?

Yes, there are differences between the two. First, in terms of cost structure, online programs are much cheaper than offline business management courses in UK. Secondly, online courses do not give the students much hands-on, practical experience about real-world business problems, which offline candidates get and learn from. However, in terms of convenience and accessibility, online courses could be better.

What is the average starting salary after doing an MBA programme from a UK university?

Ans. It is said that once you have done your MBA degree from the UK, you will be a top choice for many recruiters. This reflects in the average salary figure that has emerged from data collected from university graduates themselves. This comes out to be around £80,000 per year.

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