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What is a Leap Scholarship?

Leap Scholarship is an initiative from Leap to help Indian students receive financial support to study abroad. This scholarship is given every year to students going to the UK, Canada or Australia to pursue postgraduate studies in any subject at a university of their choice.

What is the total Scholarship amount?
The total amount of scholarship for the year 2021 intake is 200,000 USD. This is one of the biggest amount of scholarship in the country for study abroad.
How would I get the scholarship amount?
The scholarship amount is directly disbursed to your chosen college for the program you will be studying. After scholarship is awarded to you, you would be needed to fill the bank details with college with us.
How much scholarship will I get?
The scholarship amount depends on a number of factors and the scholarship you can get would upto 100% of your tuition fees. Scholarships aim to extend significant help to the maximum number of students. We strongly encourage you to apply if you meet the eligibility requirements.
What costs would be covered by the scholarship?
The scholarship covers the tuition costs of your chosen program. We do not provide the scholarship if you’re already receiving a grant or any other financial aid from your college.