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The majority of universities in the US offer a 1.5 to 2-year Master in Data Science programme. One of those programmes will use numbers to determine your highly advanced future. Sixty-nine universities in the USA offer an MS in Data Science, giving international students plenty of options for their programme of study. A comparable programme to the MS in Data Science is the MS in Analytics, which several universities like Northwestern University offer. To apply for a Master in Data Science in the USA, students must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, economics, or a closely related discipline. The projected cost of tuition for an Indian aspirant to study in the United States ranges from 15 to 55 lakh INR. In the USA, data scientists make an average yearly salary of $155,000. In the development of analytics, the data science market is one of the most developed. The demand for data scientists is rising as more businesses recognise big data's power. A data scientist is one of the most sought careers in the USA, with a work satisfaction rate of 4.4. Employees in San Francisco receive salaries that are 26.4 per cent higher than the national average, making it the highest paying city in the USA for master's degrees in data science. According to IBM's Analytics Department, around 61,799 new jobs for data scientists and other advanced analytics positions would be generated in the USA. By 2026, the United States of Labor Statistics predicts a 20% rise in employment in the field of data science. Want to study MS in the best colleges abroad? Here is the list of top universities to pursue an MS in Data Science in the USA?





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