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Cost for MS in USA in 2023: An Intelligent Guide on Total Expenses For MS in US

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The USA is undoubtedly the best place to pursue an MS. Every year, thousands of undergraduates move to the US for a master’s. But is an MS in USA genuinely worth it? 

Absolutely. The USA is the best place for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) courses; top CEOs like Satya Nadela and Sundar Pichai are all examples of how an MS in US can change your life.

American universities provide several advantages to their students, including high-quality education with renowned global faculty, world-class innovation and research opportunities, lucrative employment opportunities, flexibility, career enhancement, and cultural exposure.

 However, the first thing that comes to the minds of students is the cost for MS in USA. 

cost for ms in USA

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Cost for MS in USA in 2023: An Intelligent Guide on Total Expenses For MS in US

You need to factor in the cost because a master’s degree in the USA typically takes two years to complete. The tuition fee may vary from state to state and from one university to another. It also depends on the career path you intend to take. Additionally, scholarships are available for master’s degree programmes in the USA. Obtaining a scholarship might considerably lower your expenses. Students can also use student loans to pay for their tuition fees in addition to this.

Well, this blog will answer more queries on the cost for MS in USA. Let’s jump right in.

Cost for MS in USA: An Overview

The tuition fee is any student’s direct cost for MS in USA. However, there are various more aspects to consider. The simplest way to assess your expenditures to keep a tab of your cost for MS in USA is to list everything you’ll need, beginning with the application procedure.

We’ve included the main cost for MS in USA in the table below to make things easier. Note that some of these factors will vary depending on your chosen city and university. The application fee may be higher than usual for top universities. Airfare, food and transportation charges are additional and rely primarily on your lifestyle. For a detailed cost calculation, use LeapScholar’s cost calculator.

Cost parameters Amount in USD
TOEFL entrance exam costs$190
GRE entrance exam Fee$213
Application Fee$40-$200
Cost of tuition40,000 USD to 80,000 USD
Cost of living$1500-$2000 per month

Cost for MS in USA: Most Affordable Universities in the US

The USA is slightly more expensive than in other countries. Still, you can land an affordable university with enough research , early application and cut down the cost for MS in USA.

Here are universities that have lower tuition fees.

University NameAverage Tuition FeeMinimum TOEFL score (iBT)Minimum IELTS score
University of Texas, Austin$23,149796.5
North Carolina State University, NC$30,9061007.0
University of California, CA$21,060806.5
San Diego State University$20,078 837
University of Virginia$24,7781007.5
Loyola University Chicago$21,002796.5

Cost for MS in USA: Top-ranked universities and colleges in the US

The United States is home to the most universities on the list of the world’s top universities. On the one hand, the top universities are highly selective and have low acceptance rates, but on the other, they have very high academic standards and employment rates.
Even though it seems challenging, getting into these prestigious universities is doable with a robust application.
Here is a list of a few top-ranked universities and their cost for MS in USA:

University NameAverage Cost for 1 year
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US$53,790
Stanford University, US$53,529
Harvard University, US $51,925
California Institute of Technology, Caltech, US$54,600
Yale University$55,500

Best MS courses to study in USA 

Deciding the course you want to study depends on factors such as the subject of interest, career opportunities, course structure and content, duration and the total course cost for MS in USA.
Some of the best courses to study in the USA in 2023 are as follows.

Top courses
MS in Cyber Security
Master of Science in Information Systems
MS in Computer Graphics Technology
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering
MS in Information Systems Management
Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science
MA in Animation

How to cut down the cost for MS in USA?

Studying in the USA may be expensive, but with the help of scholarships, you can cut your cost for MS in USA. Many top universities provide full funding scholarships based on merit or need. You can apply for these scholarships during the application process. There are also plenty of organisations and government-based scholarships available for Indian students.

Scholarships have several criteria, such as scholarship essays and the quality of an application, based on which a student may be awarded a scholarship. When submitting their applications, students have the option of applying for financial aid. Merit-based and need-based scholarships are both available. After the student is chosen, certain US universities immediately award financial help that can considerable cut down the cost for MS in USA.

In contrast, at certain universities, you must check the scholarship requirements. There are numerous scholarships available for MS study in the USA.

Some of the most popular scholarships to cut the cost for MS in USA are: 

  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  •  Fulbright- Nehru’s Master’s Fellowships 
  •  AAUW International Fellowships
  •  Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
  •  American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

Education loans are popular with students to cut down costs for MS in USA since there are exceptional post-graduation job opportunities, and it’s easier to pay back your loans. Universities like Harvard, Standford, and Yale provide independent scholarships for students, so it’s best to check with the university during the admission process. 

Besides, scholarships are not the only option to reduce your MS cost in the USA. You can always opt for student loans. 

We agree that bank loans come with hefty interest rates, but Leap finance differs. Fund your desire to study abroad with Leap Finance . We provide collateral-free loans for US education at interest rates as low as 8.5%. Get funding for your tuition fees, transportation, and personal expenditures up to 100% within 10 minutes. Click here to begin the loan application process now

Admission Requirements for MS in USA

Admission requirements are specific to universities. Still, certain conditions are mandatory for all STEM courses. The course you choose decides what entrance exams you must take. Typically you would require the following.

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE): GRE is a standardised exam that assesses your analytical, mathematical, and logical thinking skills. 
  •  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): English is the primary language in the US. This test decides whether you are suitable for a master’s in the US. Most top-ranking universities ask for a minimum score of 80. 
  •  Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an undergraduate admission test. GMAT score plays a significant role in the selection procedure, especially for management-related courses.
  •  The International English Language Testing System Examination (IELTS) is a primarily preferred English proficiency exam; over 9000 US universities accept IELTS scores. Minimum scores for top US universities lie in the score range of 6.5 to 9. 

Apart from the above exams, you would also need

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a GPA of 3.0 and above
  •  Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  •  Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  •  Resume/portfolio containing some of your recent achievements, internships, recent projects
  •  Certificates of work experience, if any

Note: GRE and work experience are optional for every course and university. Many universities accept applications without the GRE, GMAT or work experience, so make sure to apply! 

cost for ms in USA

Studying MS in the USA is an excellent opportunity for students to build expertise and practical skills in the field of their choice. The USA presents a significant number of job opportunities for students post-graduation. The starting salary for MS graduates in the USA is $70,000-98,000 annually.

Need help figuring out how to start your MS in the US journey and the cost for MS in USA? Get a personalised list of universities curated by our study abroad experts and step-by-step guidance for the application process from our counsellors. Book a free call today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average application cost for MS in USA?

The average application cost per university ranges between $43-50. However, some universities might cost you more.

What are the most affordable universities to study MS in US?

1. University of Texas, Austin 2. North Carolina State University, NC 3. University of California, CA 4. University of Virginia

A good GPA in a relevant degree, GRE scores, English proficiency test scores, along with important documents.

A good GPA in a relevant degree, GRE scores, English proficiency test scores, along with important documents.

Which is the best intake to study MS in the US?

The fall intake is the most popular intake among Indian students. The fall semester starts in August and has plenty of course options since it’s the primary intake in the USA.

What is the age limit for MS in USA?

In the USA, there is no set age restriction for admission to master’s programmes. However, it is advised that students pursuing a master’s degree after a specific amount of time has passed since receiving their undergraduate degree have relevant work experience or curriculum credentials to support their applications.

What is the eligibility for MS in USA?

You need at least 16 years of education (4 years of a bachelor’s degree), test results for English language competency, and the GRE to be admitted to MS programmes in the USA as an international student. The remaining two requirements must always be met to be admitted to US universities, even if some universities may not require GRE results.

What are the costs of living included in MS in the USA?

Living costs associated with MS in the USA tuition include lodging, books and supplies, transportation, meals, recreational costs, and other incidentals.

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