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  • Approved by Languages, Canada, BLI Canada is a top-notch international language school. Backed by 40 years of experience in the language industry, this school conducts successful academic and general immersion programs for English and French at every level. Nowadays, this international language school is functional in Montreal and Quebec City. Talking BLI Canada- Quebec City campus provides a proper immersion environment to learn French for the students and arranges various activities that allow students to explore the city and accept the innovative French-Canadian culture. 
  • Some of the essential BLI student programs include General English, TEFaQ preparation, Pathway programs, General French, Language camps, Online French for kids etc. This campus is spread over two floors, situated in the heart of Quebec City, where students can access public transport and different amenities. 
  • This college's average BLI tuition cost is approximately CAD 10,000 - CAD 10,500. This international language school also conducts placement tests for both languages, wherein they must enter their name, email address and campus name to give the test.
  •  Besides, it offers various accommodations to make them feel at home. Even students can choose to learn from the comfort of their homes by choosing the online programs offered by BLI.
  •  Besides offering academic facilities, this institution also conducts exciting activities that differ from season to season, such as conversation clubs, skating, rollerblading, visiting museums, rafting, biking etc. Moreover, this language institution also extends the homestay facility, which provides students with a complete language immersion program.
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Choosing the proper place to live is critical to the success of your language study in Canada. Whatever sort of lodging you choose, it will be a very rewarding experience that will contribute to your academic success at BLI.

When you're away from home, BLI understands how important it is to feel at ease. Depending on your specific demands and objectives, BLI offers a wide range of choices.

for more information click on this link-https://bli.ca/bli-quebec/accommodation-options/

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Is the BLI Canada - Quebec City good for international students?

BLI Canada - Quebec City has a total of 29000 students, including 2500 international students. Since international students constitute % of international students of the total strength, the university is popular amongst foreign students.

Where is the BLI Canada - Quebec City located?

BLI Canada - Quebec City is located in Quebec City, Canada

What is the campus size of BLI Canada - Quebec City?

BLI Canada - Quebec City has a campus size of . This is bigger than the average university campuses in the city.

Does the BLI Canada - Quebec City go by any other name?

BLI Canada - Quebec City is also popularly known as .

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