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Kensington, Australia

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70 in Times Higher Education




  • Founded in 1949, the University Of New South Wales is an open research public university in Kensington, New South Wales, Australia. Earlier known as the New South Wales University of Technology, the university has two colleges in Newcastle and Wollongong. 
  • With more than 64,000 students, the University Of New South Wales has six faculties, UNSW Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture; UNSW Faculty of Business; UNSW Faculty of Engineering; UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice; UNSW Faculty of Medicine & Health; UNSW Faculty of Science. Eligibility criteria for admission in 284 postgraduates, 142 undergraduates, and doctoral degree courses are based on IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and GMAT.
  • The 94 acres of the main campus contain several research buildings. Several facilities like theatre and music venues, fitness centers, medical assistance, pharmacy, restaurants, pools, shops, etc., are provided to students. 
  • University Of New South Wales claims a placement rate of 94.3%, with the average package of graduates between AUD 120,000 and AUD 160,000. The residential accommodation options at the university are 11 colleges and four halls. Each residential block facilitates students through the internet, laundry, catering, study area, and parking services. 
  • With an admission fee of AUD 125, students can apply in 3 terms (November, March, and July) with the per-credit tuition fee of AUD 935 and AUD 735 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, respectively. The enrolled students can get financial aid up to AUD 10,000 under UNSW Business School Scholarship, UNSW Art and Design International Scholarship, and University International Postgraduate Award. 
About the University

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Also Known as

New South Wales University of Technology (1949–1958)

Total Students


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Size of Campus

1730 acres

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Times Higher Education


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Popular Courses Offered


Master of Laws


12 months

Tutiton Fees



Bachelor of City Planning (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws


79 months

Tutiton Fees



Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Bachelor of Law


60 months

Tutiton Fees



The eligibility criteria a student must meet in order to be considered for admission:


  • Before applying for a degree, make sure the university recognises your secondary or tertiary education credentials. This can include things like:
    • Secondary education qualifications
    • Higher education study
    • Diploma and other post-secondary studies
    • Foundation studies
  • A minimum of 65%-85% is required to qualify
  • English language proficiency test


English language proficiency requirements:



Art & Design, Engineering, Science, Art & Social Sciences

Business, Medicine, Built Environment, Law
















Admission Process

The application can be made online as well as through UNSW's agent along with the following supporting documents,


For undergraduate applicants


  • Completed Application
  • English proficiency test results
  • Proof of Employment documents
  • Copy of passport and visa certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Confirmation of Enrollment
  • Proof of financial support
  • Scores of the exam to study in Australia
  • Health insurance



For postgraduate applicants


  • Completed Application
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • English language proficiency test results
  • GRE/GMAT score (if required)
  • Proof of Employment documents
  • Copy of passport and visa certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Confirmation of Enrollment
  • Proof of financial support
  • Scores of the exam to study in Australia
  • Health insurance


On-Campus Accommodation


It's all about community, convenience, independence, and comfort when you live on campus. It's also a matter of decision. They have something for everyone, and you'll be surrounded by a network of knowledgeable and helpful advisors. More than that, they foster a sense of community that promotes the development of new friendships and experiences that are necessary for a successful university experience.

University can be intimidating, particularly for first-year students. When you choose to live on campus, you have access to a vibrant community of peers and residents, as well as a vast network of talented and supportive advisors who are there to assist you whenever you need it.


Autonomous option


  • Colombo House


Colombo House is a hybrid option that allows you to cook and clean your own meals while still being a part of a vibrant college community.


Educational option


  • Fig Tree Hall


Fig Tree Hall is a strong and distinct family-like environment centred on the values of respect and inclusion among its large and diverse student body. continue to be a member of a vibrant collegiate community.


Community option


  • International House


For 170 coeducational inhabitants, the College offers a home away from home.


A living tradition of scholarship & support


  • The Kensington Colleges


Being a part of The Kensington Colleges, which are made up of three collegiate communities: Basser, Goldstein, and Philip Baxter, is like being a part of UNSW's rich heritage.


Convenient option


  • UNSW Hall


UNSW Hall is an oldie but a goodie that offers excellent value. It's a building with a long and illustrious past, as well as a community with a bright future.


For more information, visit: https://accommodation.unsw.edu.au/colleges 


USNW Apartments


UNSW apartments, whether on or off-campus, provide undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as couples and families with children, an independent, self-sufficient way of life. The city centre, Sydney's gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters, Centennial Park, Sydney Airport, major commercial areas, and bus routes are all within easy reach of UNSW's independent living housing. 


Flatmate option


  • Barker Street


The Barker Street Apartments are located on the UNSW campus, and while most of the homes are shared five-bedroom apartments, there are some possibilities for couples and families.


Options for students with families


  • High Street


High Street Apartments, across the road from UNSW, are for couples and families with children, allowing you to blend family life with studies.


Abode of convenience


  • University Terraces


The University Terraces are attractive, cheap, modern, and conveniently located on campus in the heart of UNSW, providing the best in independent living.


Hall option


  • Jacaranda Hall


Jacaranda Hall is a residence hall for students that aims to create a safe and comfortable living environment.


For more information, visit: https://accommodation.unsw.edu.au/apartments 


For general enquiries, visit: https://accommodation.unsw.edu.au/ 


Internal Internships and Work Placements


Complete an internship to improve your professional skills and obtain real-world experience. An internship is a fantastic approach to getting professional experience and confidence in the workplace. In some cases, you can acquire real industry exposure, which can improve your employability greatly.


The following programmes have been approved for inclusion on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement as eligible for recognition (AHEGS).


Construction Management and Property Work Experience Program


In the construction management and property management industries, producing work-ready graduates is critical. Graduates who are ready to work will improve the program's reputation and position in the construction and property industries. Internships, cadetship programmes, and other work experience activities related to the sector are encouraged for Construction Management and Property Program students. Students will acquire real work experience, allowing them to put their classroom learning into practice and learn independently from business techniques and culture.


  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements
    • Interested students can apply at any time by sending an email to the programme coordinator
    • Please note that this opportunity is exclusively open to Construction Management and Property Program undergraduate students


Graduate Advantage Program


The Graduate Advantage Program (GAP) collaborates with some of Australia's most prestigious firms to provide students with an intensive and one-of-a-kind professional development programme designed to offer you the "graduate advantage" and set you apart from the competition. GAP will assist participants in the development of personal and professional skills, as well as provide a better understanding of the corporate world and increase their employability.


  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements
    • Be in their final year of studies
    • Be Australian citizens or Permanent Residents in Australia
    • WAM with a CR average or above
    • Should be pursuing a degree through the UNSW Business School, the Faculty of Engineering, Science, Law, or the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    • Be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the full week
    • Completion of online questionnaires, interviews, curriculum vitae, and a copy of your academic transcript are all required


Industry Training Internship, UNSW Co-op Program


Prior to graduation, students can participate in Industry Training Experience (ITE) placements to earn degree-relevant employment experience. Each ITE placement is a unique learning opportunity that enhances academic courses. Scholars are expected to follow professional performance, attire, and business hours during ITE, as well as complete relevant duties and obligations.


  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements


A limited number of 3-6 month internship postings are available from time to time at the Co-op office, with the goal of developing professional and management skills to aid in the successful and effective transition to graduate employment. Applicants must have a credit WAM to be considered. Please keep in mind that these internships are only accessible in a few Co-op Program fields of study. A direct application to the UNSW Co-op Program office is required. 


Internships, Arc @ UNSW


Through the Arc Internship Program, you can acquire hands-on industry experience in your chosen field of study as an Arc member. The Arc Internship Program can help you obtain practical skills that will look great on your resume and help you gain a competitive advantage once you graduate from university.


  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements: For the following year's intake, applications open in October and close in November.
    • Interviews: Start in November
    • Start Dates: Interns will go through an induction session in January before starting their internship in February





Co-NNECTIONS is a one-of-a-kind professional development programme at UNSW that aims to improve the educational and career outcomes of students from all walks of life.

Participants participate in a variety of professional development events designed to gradually increase confidence and skills while establishing a community of like-minded peers over the course of two semesters. A leadership camp, alumni mentoring, industry training, and for some, a paid professional internship are all possibilities.


  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements


Equity students who have completed at least two terms of study are eligible for the programme. During the third term, students will be recruited for the next intake.



UNSW Student Industry Placements 



Employers can take advantage of the Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP) work placement programme by bringing a UNSW student's excitement, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit to their workplace. At the same time, create opportunities for recent graduates to learn new skills in the job.


The Diploma of Professional Practice


Employers are seeking graduates that are job-ready in today's increasingly competitive job market. UNSW students can earn a Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP) to help them build the skills they need to stand out in the crowd. You are assisting UNSW students in gaining a better grasp of the workplace and getting a head start in their careers by hosting a student industrial placement.

Leap Scholar Verdict


Features an overall ranking of 67 per Times Higher Education World University Rankings

It has holds 44th position per QS World University Rankings 2021.

The university offers various scholarships for international students.

Enrols nearly 64000 students from across 130 countries.

UNSW is the only Australian member of the Global Alliance of Technology.

This university was placed in the AFR Top 100 Future Leader Awards 2021.

Leap Scholar Expert Review

If students want to pursue higher education from a research-oriented university, they must consider applying for admission to the University of New South Wales. However, before applying, they must consider its course fees, which is on the higher side. So, if they are looking for more budget options, it would be better if they start searching for other alternatives.

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Where is University of New South Wales located?

University of New South Wales is located in Kensington, Australia

How much does it cost to study in University of New South Wales?

The average first year cost to study in University of New South Wales is INR 3103041

What is the acceptance rate for University of New South Wales?

University of New South Wales has an acceptance rate of 12.5%

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