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The Leap Scholarship

Funding the education of Indian students pursuing graduate study abroad.

Application deadline for Sept 22
Intake: 30th June, 2022

$250k Worth

Upto 100% Tuition Fee Covered


$60K +worth
Scholarship declared for Jan Intake
Announcements for May Intake
Announcements for September Intake
More Scholarships to be given

Program Overview

Leap Scholarship is an initiative by Leap Scholar to encourage and support students who want to pursue higher education abroad. The scholarship provides an opportunity to Indian students to grow both personally and professionally and accelerate their careers in a global environment.

Leap Scholarship is given every year to students going abroad to pursue postgraduate studies.Through the scholarship we want to enable the next generation of Indian students to grow their skill set, receive world class education and give back to society by pursuing rewarding careers and growing the presence of Indian talent abroad.

Program Overview

We believe that every student has the potential to make a difference and deserves the best opportunities for growth. Leap Scholarship is open to all students who are planning to pursue a postgraduate degree from a university or college in the Canada, Australia, UK, USA or Ireland in any subject of their choice.

If you’re passionate, driven and want to study abroad,start your Leap Scholarship application now.

Accelerate your career in a global environment

Leap Scholarship

Meet our scholarship winners

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Fall 2021' Winners

India’s largest scholarship for study abroad

Scholarships worth $250,000 available for Indian students

* Only students applying to colleges from Leap Scholar are eligible for the scholarship

Application deadline for Sept 22 Intake : 30th June, 2022
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How Leap scholarship is helping students


Leap Scholar Community

Students who are awarded the Leap Scholarship get to be part of an exciting and ever-growing network of Indian students abroad. The Leap Scholar community is young, passionate and driven. It is a home away from home for all Indian students going overseas. It allows you to easily connect with each other, develop friendships, search for accommodation and flatmates, find student-mentors and professionals who can help in finding jobs.

We highly value the power of student networks and allow student-mentors to grow and shape the community. The scholarship provides you life-long connections with fellow Leap Scholars.

Leap Scholar Community

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