West Bay Hotel Listening Answers: IELTS Listening Practice Test

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The IELTS Listening section is a critical part of your examination, designed to assess your ability to comprehend spoken English in various contexts. You will listen to four recordings, each presenting different types of conversations and monologues, ranging from everyday social interactions to academic lectures.


Your task is to demonstrate your comprehension by answering a total of 40 questions across these recordings. These questions will test your ability to grasp the main ideas, specific details, opinions, attitudes, and the speaker’s purpose.


The West Bay Hotel audio introduces a prospective guest to the amenities and services available at the hotel. It includes details about room types, dining options, recreational facilities, and nearby attractions. It tests your listening skills by presenting a conversation where details about hotel facilities, services, and local amenities are discussed.

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1. West Bay Hotel Listening Answers

Find the audio for West Bay Hotel here. Listen to the audio carefully before attempting the questions that follow!

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2. West Bay Hotel Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about West Bay Hotel

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West Bay Hotel Listening Answers




General Information

    This test has four sections, each containing four recordings and 40 questions, but this practice test contains one section with 10 questions of the overall IELTS Listening section.

  • You are not allowed to open this section unless asked to do so.
  • Listen to the instructions of each section carefully.
  • Answer all the questions
  • Be alert while listening to the audio
  • Take notes of the keywords while listening to the audio
  • You will be given only 10 minutes to write your answers on the separate answer sheet at the end of the test, for which you have to use a pencil.




West Bay Hotel Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about West Bay Hotel

Questions and Answers 1-10
  • Complete the fill-ups in no more than a word or a number.



Newspaper advert for temporary staff

Vacancies for 1. _____________

Two shifts

Can choose your 2.__________ (must be the same each week)

Pay: £5.50 per hour, including a 3. ________

A 4. _________ Is provided in the hotel

Total weekly pay: £231

Dress: a white shirt and 5. ________ trousers (not supplied)

A 6.____________ (supplied)

Starting date: 7. ____________

Call Jane 8.___________ (Service Manager) before 9. _______________

Tomorrow (Tel: 832009)

She‘ll require a 10. _____________


West Bay Hotel Listening Answers (1-10)


Type of Question: Sentence Completion


In this question type, you will hear a recording where gaps need to be filled with missing information. You will be given a sentence or a set of notes with gaps (blank spaces) that need to be filled in with missing words or numbers. Answers may consist of single words, phrases, or numerical information.

How to best answer this:


  • Quickly scan through the sentence and gaps before listening to predict what type of information you need to listen for.
  • Listen for keywords or synonyms that match the gaps in the sentence.
  • Try to anticipate possible answers based on the context and information provided in the recording.
  • Write your answers directly as you listen, ensuring they fit grammatically and contextually.
  • Verify your answers for spelling and grammar, as errors can affect your score.
  • Finalise your answers.


1. waiter(s)
2. Day off
3. break
4. (free) meal
5. dark
6. jacket
7. 28 june
8. urwin
9. 12.00pm
10. reference

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Q. How can I sharpen my listening skills?

Ans. Sharpen your listening skills for IELTS by actively engaging with English content. Practice listening for both general understanding and specific details. Use transcripts to check your comprehension and identify areas for improvement. Regularly challenge yourself with a variety of accents and topics to build confidence and familiarity with different speech patterns.

Q. What are the listening skills?

Ans. Effective listening involves understanding the main idea, identifying supporting details, recognising attitudes and opinions, and following the development of ideas. In an academic context like IELTS, these skills are essential for comprehending lectures, discussions, and presentations accurately.

Q. How can I practice listening to different English accents?

Ans. Practice listening to different English accents by exposing yourself to diverse media sources such as international news channels, podcasts with speakers from various regions, and online resources that feature recordings in different accents. Focus on understanding pronunciation, intonation, and common expressions unique to each accent.