Notes on Social Programme Listening Answers: IELTS Listening Practice Test

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Welcome to the Notes on Social Programme Listening Answers for the IELTS Listening Practice Test. In this section, we will provide answers and explanations for the questions related to the social programme listening section of the IELTS listening test. 

Listening carefully to the audio and taking notes of the keywords is crucial to answering the questions correctly. Our answers and explanations will help you understand the test format and prepare better for your IELTS listening exam.


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1. Notes on Social Programme Listening: Audio

Practising this skill will improve your listening skills and help you understand information in different contexts. Let's start with this family excursion and tune up our listening abilities.

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2. Notes on Social Programme Listening: Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Notes on Social Programme.

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Notes on Social Programme Listening: Audio

General Instructions for IELTS Listening


You'll listen to recordings of people talking or giving speeches during testing. These recordings can be anything from casual conversations to more formal lectures. Listen closely, then answer some questions about what you've heard.


This test has four sections, each containing four recordings and 40 questions, but this practice test contains one section with 10 questions of the overall IELTS Listening section.

  • You are not allowed to open this section unless asked to do so.
  • Listen to the instructions of each section carefully.
  • Answer all the questions
  • Be alert while listening to the audio
  • Take notes of the keywords while listening to the audio
  • You will be given only 10 minutes to write your answers on the separate answer sheet at the end of the test, for which you have to use a pencil.

Notes on Social Programme Listening: Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Notes on Social Programme.

Questions and Answers 1-4
  • Complete the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

    Notes on Social Programme 



    Notes on Social Programme Listening Answers: Explanations


    Question 1
    Answer: Shopping



    The man calls the woman and asks where the school organises the historical trips. The woman replies that there are five monthly trips, three on weekends and two on Wednesday afternoons. These trips are basically to a historical place or a place that offers a variety of shopping.  


    Question 2
    Answer: Guided tours



    The woman informs the man that they also go for the ones who have guided tours because it is a good focus for a visit.


    Question 3
    Answer: More than 12



    The woman tells the man that they arrange special trips if there are more than 12 people.


    Question 4
    Answer: Notice board



    The man asks where to reserve the name for the trips, to which the woman replies on the notice board that they would prefer a 3-day prior sign-up for the trip so that they get a number of how many people are going.

    Questions and Answers 5-10

    Complete the table given below


    Notes on Social Programme Listening Answers: Explanations


    Question 5
    Answer: 13th February



    The man asks about what visits are planned for this term, to which the woman replies that the schedule is not out yet, but the optional extra visits are planned for 13th February, and for that day, they have only 16 places available. 


    Question 6
    Answer: Tower of London



    The woman says there is a trip to London on 16th February, where they will visit 45 places, and the optional extra place to visit is the Tower of London.


    Question 7
    Answer: Bristol



    The woman says that after the trip to London, they will go to Bristol on 3rd March, with 18 places to visit. 

    Question 8
    Answer: American Museum



    The woman says the last visit is to Bath on 23rd March with a 16-seater minibus, and the extra optional is the American Museum.

    Question 9
    Answer: Student Newspaper



    The woman tells the man to look at the student newspaper if he needs more information about the trips.


    Question 10
    Answer: Yentob



    For further information, the woman tells the man to speak with her assistant, Jane Yentob.

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    Q. Are there any tips for the practice test?

    Ans. When preparing for a practice test, starting early and making a study schedule is important. Try to identify your weak areas and focus on improving them. Practice using sample questions and take mock tests to get a feel for the exam format. Read and follow the instructions carefully and manage your time effectively during the test. Finally, remember to review your answers and learn from your mistakes. Good luck with your practice test!

    Q. How should I approach different question types?

    Ans. To approach different question types effectively, first understand the type of question being asked. Pay attention to keywords or phrases in the question, and ask for clarification if needed. For multiple-choice questions, read all answer choices before selecting the best option. For open-ended questions, provide a thoughtful and thorough response.

    Q. What strategies can I use during the test?

    Ans. Some strategies to use during a test include reading instructions and questions carefully, allocating time wisely, answering easy questions first, staying calm and focused, taking breaks if needed, double-checking work, and having necessary materials.

    Q. Can I wear headphones during the IELTS listening test?

    Ans. Yes, you are allowed to wear headphones during the IELTS listening test. The headphones will be provided by the test centre and designed to help you concentrate on the audio recordings played during the test. They are also meant to block out any background noise that could interfere with your ability to hear the recordings clearly. It's important to note that you will not be able to adjust the headphones' volume during the test.

    Q. What types of accents should I be prepared for in the IELTS listening test?

    Ans. You should be prepared to listen to various accents from English-speaking countries worldwide in the IELTS listening test. These accents may include British, American, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, and others. It's important to practice listening to different accents beforehand to develop your ear and improve your chances of understanding the audio during the test.

    Q. Is there time to check answers at the end of the test?

    Ans. It depends on the specific test and the rules set by the test administrator. However, it's always a good idea to manage your time wisely during the test so that you have enough time to review your answers at the end. If you need more clarification about the rules regarding checking answers, you can ask the test administrator beforehand.

    Q. What should I do if I miss an answer during the test?

    Ans. If you miss an answer during the test, try not to panic. Take a deep breath, stay calm and move on to the next question. Focusing on something other than the missed answer is important because it can distract you from answering the remaining questions. Instead, focus on the questions you know and try to answer them to the best of your ability. If you have time at the end, you can always review any questions you skipped or were unsure about.

    Q. How can I improve my performance in the IELTS Listening?

    Ans. To improve your IELTS Listening performance, familiarise yourself with the test format, practice listening to various English accents, improve your English language skills, and practice regularly by listening to English podcasts, watching English movies or TV shows, and taking practice tests.

    Q. What kind of skills are assessed in the IELTS Listening section?

    Ans. The IELTS Listening section assesses a range of skills, such as understanding main ideas, identifying specific information, recognising opinions and attitudes, and following the development of an argument. Additionally, the test takers are evaluated on their ability to understand the speaker's purpose, attitude, and opinion and their ability to follow the organisation of the listening text. 

    Q. How many questions are there in the IELTS Listening test?

    Ans. If you plan to take the IELTS Listening test, you should expect to answer 40 questions. These questions are divided into four sections, each with a unique audio recording that includes conversations, monologues, academic lectures or training lectures. The questions come in different formats to test your comprehensive listening abilities, including multiple-choice, matching, and note completion.