Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers: IELTS Listening Practice Test

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The IELTS Listening section is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English in various contexts. This part of the test is crucial as it evaluates how well you can follow conversations, lectures, and other audio materials you might encounter in everyday situations or academic settings. The Listening section is divided into four parts, each with increasing difficulty, covering a range of scenarios from casual dialogues to complex discussions.

Now, let's dive into a specific passage related to the Easylet Accommodation Agency and explore the questions you might encounter.


Key Highlights of the Listening Section:

  • You will listen to four recordings of native English speakers.
  • The recordings cover a variety of accents and speaking styles.
  • The section includes 40 questions, divided into four parts with increasing difficulty.
  • Question types include multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form/note/table/flowchart/summary completion, and sentence completion.
  • You have 30 minutes to listen to the recordings and write your answers, plus an additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.
  • The Listening section tests your ability to understand main ideas, specific information, opinions, attitudes, and the development of an argument.

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1. Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers

Find the audio for Easylet Accommodation Agency here. Listen to the audio carefully before attempting the questions that follow!

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2. Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Easylet Accommodation Agency

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Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers




General Information

    This test has four sections, each containing four recordings and 40 questions, but this practice test contains one section with 10 questions of the overall IELTS Listening section.

  • You are not allowed to open this section unless asked to do so.
  • Listen to the instructions of each section carefully.
  • Answer all the questions
  • Be alert while listening to the audio
  • Take notes of the keywords while listening to the audio
  • You will be given only 10 minutes to write your answers on the separate answer sheet at the end of the test, for which you have to use a pencil.




Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Easylet Accommodation Agency

Questions and Answers 1-4
  • Complete the notes below.
  • Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



Cheapest properties: £ 1. _______ per week
Minimum period of contract: 2. ________
Office open Saturdays until 3. _________
List of properties available on 4. ________


Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers (1-4)


Type of questions: Note Completion 

A note completion question in the IELTS Listening section requires you to fill in missing information in a set of notes based on details you hear in the recording.

How to best answer: 

  • Carefully read the instructions to understand the word limit and format requirements (e.g., "No more than two words and/or a number").
  • Quickly skim through the notes before the audio starts, identifying keywords and predicting the type of information needed for the blanks.
  • Be aware that the audio may use synonyms or paraphrase the words in the notes, so listen for meanings rather than exact matches.
  • Pay attention to signpost words and the overall context to follow the progression of information and anticipate the answers.
  • Fill in the blanks while listening to ensure you capture the answers in real time, using shorthand if necessary.
  • After listening, review your answers to ensure they are grammatically correct, spelt correctly, and fit within the word limit specified.



1. 90
2. 6 months
3. 4 pm
4. Internet
Questions and Answers 5-7
  • Choose THREE letters A-G.



Which THREE things are included for free with every property for rent from Easylet?


A- heating bills
B- kitchen equipment
C- plates and glasses
D- sheets and towels
E- telephone
F- television
G- water bill



Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers (5-7)


Type of questions: Multiple Choice Questions 

IELTS Listening "Multiple Choice" questions require you to select the correct answer(s) from a list of options based on specific details heard in the audio.


How to best answer: 

  • Skim through the question and all the answer choices before the audio starts to know what information to listen for.
  • Highlight or underline keywords in both the question and options to help focus your listening on relevant details.
  • Be aware that the audio may use different words or phrases (paraphrasing) from those in the options, so focus on the meaning rather than exact wording.
  • As you listen, mentally eliminate options that are clearly incorrect to narrow down your choices.
  • If the question asks for more than one answer (e.g., "Choose TWO letters"), make sure to select the exact number of answers required.
  • After listening, quickly review your selected answers to ensure they make sense in the context of the question and the information provided in the audio.


5. B
6. F
7. G
Questions and Answers 8-10
  • Write the correct letter A-H, next to questions 8-10.
  • Where are the following blocks of flats situated?





8. ____ Eastern Towers

9. ____ Granby Mansions

10. ____ Busby Garden


Easylet Accommodation Agency Listening Answers (8-10)


Type of questions: Labelling Diagram/Map


A Labelling Diagram/Map question in IELTS Listening requires identifying and placing labels on specific locations or features on a diagram or map based on information heard in the recording.


How to best answer: 

  • Before the audio begins, take a few moments to examine the diagram or map. Note any labels already provided and understand the overall layout and structure.
  • Look for distinct features, such as landmarks, directions (e.g., north, south, left, right), and any other relevant points that could help you orient yourself while listening.
  • Pay close attention to words indicating direction (e.g., "next to," "opposite," "behind") and descriptions of locations. These will guide you to the correct labels.
  • Visualize the path or sequence the speaker describes. Track their movements step by step to place labels accurately.
  • Listen for specific keywords and phrases that match the items on the diagram or map. This can help confirm you are labelling the correct locations.
  • Stay focused, and don’t rush. If you miss a piece of information, try to catch up with the next point rather than dwelling on what you missed. Move methodically from one point to the next.


8. B
9. H
10. E

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Q. How can I improve my listening in IELTS?

Ans. To improve your listening skills for the IELTS, regularly practice with IELTS listening tests, listen to various English audio materials like podcasts, news, and conversations, and focus on understanding different accents. Note-taking during listening and summarizing what you've heard can also be helpful. Additionally, improving vocabulary and paying attention to contextual clues in conversations can enhance comprehension.

Q. How can I practice the IELTS listening test?

Ans. You can practice the IELTS listening test by using official IELTS practice materials available online or in study guides. Take full practice tests under timed conditions to simulate the exam environment. Listen to a variety of English media, such as podcasts, audiobooks, and news broadcasts, to become accustomed to different accents and speaking styles. Additionally, join study groups or take classes specifically focused on IELTS listening skills.

Q. How many times can I hear the recording in the IELTS listening test?

Ans. In the IELTS listening test, you can hear the recording only once. It is crucial to stay focused and attentive throughout the audio playback. Practice active listening and take notes quickly to capture essential information. Familiarize yourself with the test format and types of questions to better anticipate and understand the information you'll need to extract during the actual test.