Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Answers: IELTS Listening Practice Test

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The IELTS Listening section evaluates your ability to comprehend spoken English in various contexts. This section lasts for approximately 30 minutes and consists of 4 recordings, each followed by a series of questions. These recordings feature different accents and cover a range of everyday and academic situations.


In the Budget Accommodation In Queenstown audio, you’ll listen to a conversation between a client and a moving company representative. The client inquires about moving services and asks for specific details regarding service options, pricing, scheduling, and additional support. The representative provides information on different moving packages, costs, timelines, and recommendations based on the client's needs.


You will hear a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form/note/table/flow-chart/summary completion, and sentence completion. The key highlights of the listening section are its focus on assessing your ability to understand both the gist and specific details of the spoken content and your ability to follow the development of ideas.

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1. Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Answers

Find the audio for Budget Accommodation In Queenstown here. Listen to the audio carefully before attempting the questions that follow!

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2. Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Budget Accommodation In Queenstown

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Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Answers




General Information

    This test has four sections, each containing four recordings and 40 questions, but this practice test contains one section with 10 questions of the overall IELTS Listening section.

  • You are not allowed to open this section unless asked to do so.
  • Listen to the instructions of each section carefully.
  • Answer all the questions
  • Be alert while listening to the audio
  • Take notes of the keywords while listening to the audio
  • You will be given only 10 minutes to write your answers on the separate answer sheet at the end of the test, for which you have to use a pencil.




Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Questions & Answers

Discover exciting and informative IELTS Listening Answers about Budget Accommodation In Queenstown

Questions and Answers 1-6
  • Complete the table below.
  • Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.




Price (Dormitory)


Travellers’ LodgeFully Booked

In town centre

Cafe with regular 2 _____ nights


Bingley’s1 $___________
Chalet Lodge$18.00

Located in a 3 ______ alpine setting

10 mins from town centre

4 _________. are welcome


In town centre

5 _________ included

Chance to win a ________



Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Answers (1-6)


Type of Question: Table Completion


In the IELTS Listening test, table completion tasks require you to fill in missing information in a table format based on what you hear in the recording. You will listen to a recording related to everyday situations, such as scheduling, comparing options, or summarising information.

How to best answer this:


  • Pay attention to the word limit for each blank (e.g., "NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER").
  • Take a moment to understand the structure of the table. Look at the headings and try to predict what kind of information will be needed for each blank.
  • Identify keywords or phrases in the table that will help you listen for the relevant information.
  • The recording will guide you through the table logically. Listen carefully for clues that indicate which part of the table is being discussed.
  • Ensure your answers are legible and within the word limit. Incorrect spelling can result in lost marks.


1. 19.75
2. Theme
3. Quiet
4. Children
5. Breakfast
6. Sky-dive
Questions and Answers 7-10
  • Write the correct letter A, B or C next to questions 7-10



Who wants to do each of the activities below?


A. only Jacinta

B. only Lewis

C. both Jacinta and Lewis


7. bungee jump ___________

8. white-water rafting _____________

9. jet-boat ride ____________

10. trekking on a wilderness trail __________


Budget Accommodation In Queenstown Listening Answers (7-10)


Type of Question: Matching


This question type is a form of "matching" in the IELTS Listening test. It requires you to match individuals (Jacinta, Lewis, or both) with the activities listed based on the information provided in the audio recording. It tests your ability to listen for specific details regarding who wants to do each activity.

How to best answer this question:


  • Understand who (individuals or groups) and what (activities or categories) you need to match.
  • Focus on the recording and note key details or keywords related to each item.
  • Cross out choices that don't fit based on the information you hear.
  • Use clear indicators or cues from the recording to make correct matches.
  • Double-check your responses before moving on to ensure they align with what you heard.


7. A
8. C
9. B
10. C

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Q. Can I wear headphones during the IELTS Listening test?

Ans. Yes, headphones are a standard provision in the IELTS Listening test setup. They are provided to all candidates to ensure clarity and direct delivery of the audio recordings. These headphones allow you to adjust the volume according to your preference, which is particularly beneficial as accents and audio quality can vary. 


Q. What if I don't understand an accent or word in the recording?

Ans. In the IELTS Listening test, encountering various accents—such as British, American, or Australian—is common. If you encounter difficulty understanding a particular accent or word during the test, it's essential not to panic. Instead, focus on grasping the broader context and meaning of the conversation or monologue. Often, understanding the overall gist of the discussion can help you infer the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases.

Q. What is the format of the IELTS Listening test?

Ans. The test consists of four sections, each with a different listening passage. There are a total of 40 questions, with 10 questions in each section. The recordings are played only once.