List of Top High Salary Courses after 12th Arts

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“Arts bring together the skills you need to be adaptable, creative, and a critical thinker, and that’s what you need in your future career,” says  Professor Ruth Wallace, Dean at CDU’s College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society. 

Research from the World Economic Forum says that soft skills such as creativity and diversity will be essential for future jobs. A Deloitte Access Economics report also indicates that by 2030, approximately 63% of all jobs in Australia will require similar skills. Hence, art degree courses are valuable because they impart skills to students who will be in high demand for future jobs.

What’s more? As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024, the US is a first choice for students pursuing arts and humanities studies, with home to 4 of the top 6 universities globally.

With careful planning, you can make the most of your qualifications at some of the top international universities in the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. These top universities, such as the University of Oxford and Stanford University, offer high-salary courses after 12th from Arts. 

This guide will give you all the information you need to explore the field of art education and choose the right course to start your successful career abroad. 

Key Highlights

The table below summarises all the information about high-salary courses after 12th from arts.

High-Salary Courses After 12th From ArtsFilm and Media Studies
History of Art
Career Options After 12th From Arts with a High SalaryArchitect
Art Manager
Fashion Designer
Top Universities to Study Arts and HumanitiesStanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
University of Cambridge
Best Course After 12th From Arts with a High Salary in LawBA in Jurisprudence
LLB International Law and Globalisation
International Corporate Law
Courses After 12th From Arts with High Salary in Fashion DesigningFashion Design and Merchandising
Fashion Journalism
Fashion Marketing
Popular 1-Year Diploma Courses After 12th From ArtsDiploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in VFX
Diploma in Fine Arts
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Best Courses After 12th From Arts with High Salary

Are you wondering if you can make a 6 figure salary in the arts field? Well, let us tell you that the art field isn’t just about passion and creativity. It can be a sector full of opportunities where lucrative careers flourish. 

List of Top High Salary Courses after 12th Arts

Let’s discuss the high-salary courses after 12th from arts offered by the above-mentioned universities.

  1. Film and Media Studies

The Film and Visual Studies (FVS) graduate program at Harvard University leads to a PhD. It focuses on studying the theory and history of media in connection with visual arts. Students applying for this course benefit from a strong language background. Those without it must address this gap before they can sit for the general examinations.

Now, let’s take a look at the perspective of an alumni from Harvard University:

“My goal with my film projects is to further understand my Indigenous identity and exploration of my personal history and family history. Being able to rewrite, restage, and re-understand experiences while shaping them into a narrative is truly special, and I hope I’ll be able to share my film with you all at the end of the semester!” – Amy’23 Alumni, Harvard University.

Additionally, Stanford University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Studies, which provides students with an understanding of film aesthetics, emerging digital media forms, experimental films, national cinematic traditions, and narrative and documentary film production.

Explore a couple of employment opportunities in film and media studies and the average salaries in the US and UK.

Employment OpportunitiesUS (Yearly)UK(Yearly)
FilmmakerINR 55L to INR 70LINR 25L to INR 40L
Film EditorINR 50L to INR 60LINR 30L to INR 40L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

  1. Architecture

Did you know that according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024, MIT ranks 2nd in the world for studying architecture? Additionally, Harvard University ranked sixth overall, securing the top position for employer reputation in this subject.

The Department of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. It comprises five groups: 

  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Building Technology
  • Computation
  • History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art (HTC)
  • Art, Culture, and Technology Program (ACT)

Explore a couple of employment opportunities in Architecture and the average salaries in the US and UK.

Employment OpportunitiesUS (Yearly)UK(Yearly)
ArchitectINR 75L to INR 90LINR 40L to INR 60L
Real Estate DeveloperINR 50L to INR 1CrINR 35L to INR 50L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

  1. History of Art

According to The Complete University Guide 2024, the University of Cambridge is ranked number one in the UK for the history of art, architecture, and design. It is a world-renowned centre for the study of art. 

This course explores art and architecture from around the world, from ancient times to modern eras. You’ll develop a strong understanding of art and architecture and skills in visual analysis and critical thinking.

Explore a couple of employment opportunities in the history of art and the average salaries in the US and UK.

Employment OpportunitiesUS (Yearly)UK(Yearly)
Art ManagerINR 65L to INR 80LINR 40L to INR 50L
Museum EducatorINR 40L to INR 55LINR 25L to INR 35L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

  1. Creative Writing 

Last but not least, creative writing is another major high-salary course after 12th from arts. Stanford University offers the best undergraduate creative writing programs. It provides about 100 courses each year, ranging from beginner courses in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to special projects like Novel Writing Intensive and Fiction into Film. 

The university also hosts many events and one-day workshops where students can meet published writers and unleash their creativity beyond the classroom.

A Stanford University creative writing student shared, “I’ve never had a creative writing class I didn’t like,” Thai said. “The great thing about the classes is that each lecturer has a different style of running the class, so each class is a little different, which is what makes it so interesting.”

Furthermore, MIT’s writing program is also equally rewarding. The university offers both introductory and advanced coursework in Creative Writing.

Explore a couple of employment opportunities in creative writing and the average salaries in the US and UK.

Employment OpportunitiesUS (Yearly)UK(Yearly)
Creative WritersINR 60L to INR 65LINR 35L to INR 45L
CopywriterINR 50L to INR 80LINR 30L to INR 45L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

The University of Oxford also offers an intensive one-year studio-based programme in the practice of contemporary art. 

Explore a couple of employment opportunities in fine art and the average salaries in the US and UK.

Employment OpportunitiesUS (Yearly)UK(Yearly)
Graphic DesignerINR 60L to INR 80LINR 30L to INR 45L
Fashion DesignerINR 90L to INR 1.1CrINR 40L to INR 55L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

Top 5 Universities Offering High-Salary Courses After 12th From Arts 

According to the World University Rankings 2024 by subject, which focuses on Arts and Humanities, here are the top 5 universities leading in various disciplines: art, languages, performing arts and design, history, literature and linguistics, philosophy and theology, archaeology and architecture.

UniversityCountryPercentage of International Students
Stanford UniversityUS23%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)US33%
University of CambridgeUK38%
University of OxfordUK42%
Harvard University US25%

Now, let’s dive into the specifics, starting with high-salary courses after 12th from Arts in Law. 

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List of Top High Salary Courses after 12th Arts

High-Salary Courses After 12th From Arts in Law

Did you know: The United States is renowned for legal education with numerous top-ranked law schools, according to the QS World University Rankings 2024. These include Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and New York University. 

That being said, the UK, Canada, and Australia are equally excellent choices for aspiring lawyers. 

If law fascinates you and you’re passionate about its intricacies, you might be interested in exploring some of the top high-salary courses after 12th from arts in law. 

  1. BA in Jurisprudence

BA in Jurisprudence is a three-year undergraduate law degree, similar to an LLB course in some universities. The program includes a full range of courses required for a ‘qualifying law degree’ accepted by legal professionals in England and Wales. 

  1. LLB International Law and Globalisation 

Next on the list of the high-salary courses after 12th from arts in law is international law and globalisation. This course goes beyond the traditional national law-centric approach to LLB degrees. It provides an excellent groundwork for students aiming for legal careers in a globalised world.

  1. International Corporate Law

A course in international corporate law will help you acquire specialised knowledge and skills concerning the legal regulations governing international corporate law and corporate governance globally.

Top Universities for Law Courses

Did you know: According to the Complete University Guide 2024, the University of Cambridge stands at number 2 in the UK for studying Law.  It offers a 3-year full-time course, marking your first step towards becoming a professional solicitor or barrister.

Let’s look at the best universities where you can pursue law as an international student:

UniversityWorldwide Rank (QS 2024)Undergraduate Programs
University of Cambridge2BA in Law
University of Melbourne14Undergraduate – Law Breadth
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)45LLBDouble degree programs (Applicable for LLB students who are in their second year of study)

Career Opportunities

Law offers diverse career paths for attorneys and lawyers, including jobs in corporate, business, family, and medical law. The average annual salary for a lawyer is INR 40L. That being said, specific fields within law also offer higher salaries than others. 

Additionally, the location where you live can impact your salary. For instance, metropolitan areas may have greater demand for specialised attorneys, leading to higher salaries than rural areas.

Let’s discover career opportunities in law after completing 12th grade in arts, along with average salaries.

Job ProspectsAverage Yearly Salary
Corporate LawyersINR 75L to INR 2Cr
Patent AttorneyINR 1Cr to INR 2.5Cr
JudgesINR 50L to INR 1Cr
Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

Courses After 12th From Arts with High Salary in Fashion Designing

Are you naturally inclined to fashion? Do you love visualising and creating fashion and clothing items? Do you appreciate the colours and designs when browsing fashion magazines, apparel, and other similar items? If so, there’s a fashion design course for you!

The United States stands out as an excellent location to launch your career as a fashion designer. Its expanding fashion sector offers ample opportunities to advance your career. Countries like the UK, New Zealand and Australia are also excellent destinations for rewarding fashion designer jobs.

Wondering what are the courses after 12th from arts in fashion design that can help you secure high-salary jobs? Read on!

  1. Fashion Design and Merchandising

First on the list of high-salary courses after 12th from arts in fashion design and merchandising. This course helps you grasp how the fashion industry works. It covers everything from producing raw materials for clothing and accessories to running retail stores that sell fashion items to the general public.

  1. Fashion Marketing and Management

This course will help you expand your knowledge of essential aspects of the fashion sector, such as retailing, advertising, purchasing, online commerce, and creating new products. Pursuing this course will prepare you to enter the world of fashion immediately.

  1. Fashion Journalism 

This course combines journalism skills with an understanding of fashion principles. By studying the course, you will develop essential skills, including reporting on fashion shows, conducting studio photoshoots, creating podcasts, and sharing stories on social media.

Here are some notable alumni from The New School – Parsons who could serve as inspiration for you!

  • Yogita Agrawal: Design Entrepreneur
  • Sean Baker: Designer in Government
  • Tracy Reese: Fashion Designer

Top Universities for Fashion Designing 

Aspiring to study at one of the world’s top fashion colleges? If so, it’s essential to explore the top fashion schools. 

Enrolling in a renowned university or college allows you to gain comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of the fashion industry, including broad technical skills and an understanding of contemporary issues such as sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution in today’s fashion landscape. 

For instance, the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, one of the best fashion schools in the US, offers more than 48 undergraduate degree programs. Students have ample opportunities to choose a path that will set them up for success, regardless of their chosen career fields.

Explore the top universities offering popular undergraduate programs.

UniversityUndergraduate Programs
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYFashion DesignFashion Business Management
Parsons School of Design, The New SchoolFashion Design
London College of FashionFashion JewelleryCordwainers Footwear

Did you know that the Parsons School of Design at the New School has secured the 3rd position in the QS Ranking 2024 for art and design subjects?

Career Opportunities

Now that you’ve reached this section, you’re most likely considering a career in the fashion industry. Well, it’s crucial to understand the salary scale and job opportunities available after completing the course.

In 2023, fashion designers earned a median pay of INR 65L. In 2024, the revenue in the Apparel market in the United States amounted to US$358.70bn, with women’s apparel representing the most significant segment at US$191.40 billion. All these statistics suggest substantial growth in the US fashion design market. 

Now, let’s look at the popular job prospects with the average yearly salary. 

Job ProspectsAverage Yearly Salary
Fashion DesignerINR 30L to INR 80L
Fashion Brand ManagerINR 40L to INR 1.1Cr
Art DirectorINR 40L to INR 1.1Cr

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

Career Option After 12th From Arts in Media/Journalism

Do you possess strong written and spoken communication skills and a passion for television or media-related job roles? If so, a career in journalism and mass communication must be the pick for you. 

There are ample opportunities to explore media and journalism courses, ranging from working in media companies and newspapers to advertising houses, writing scripts, and making films. 

Did you know: According to the QS World Rankings 2024, the University of Amsterdam is the top university globally for studying communication and media studies. Located in the vibrant and innovative cultural centre of Amsterdam and guided by an international team of renowned researchers, studying at the university will provide ample opportunities for academic enrichment. 

Read on to discover high-salary courses after 12th from arts in media. 

List of Top High Salary Courses after 12th Arts
  1. Public Relations

Studying public relations will help you gain professional expertise and hands-on skills in client management and media communication. Job options directly related to the degree may include roles such as public affairs consultant, public relations officer, event manager and marketing executive. Job roles in public relations often require strong communication, an areas where women often excel, making it one of the high-salary courses after 12th from arts for girls. 

  1. Advertising

A course in advertising and marketing will equip you with the skills necessary to conduct market research, analyse data, and formulate strategies to assist businesses in reaching their objectives.

  1. Electronic Media

Students will learn about various aspects of electronic communication, including digital media production, broadcasting techniques, media law and ethics, and media management. Working in TV, radio, or online is a hands-on experience where students apply what they learn in theoretical courses directly into practice.

Here is what a student studying NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Class of 2019 at New York University has to say:

“SPI offered me an unmatched entry point to an industry that for so long seemed to be a fortress. Within six weeks I became equipped with a wealth of knowledge and industry connections that have allowed me to deftly navigate positions ranging from publicity and marketing to editorial and even sales. The high-intensity days at SPI prepare you for the fast pace of the industry while also exposing you to the collaborative nature of publishing.” – Imani Seymour.

Top Universities for Media and Journalism Courses

Did you know: that New York is known as the media capital of the world? It is renowned for its top-ranking journalism schools, such as the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University(NYU). It is also home to some of the most important literary journals – The New York Times, Vogue, The New Yorker, Time, and Rolling Stone.

What’s more, London dominates the media sector in the UK as the world’s largest broadcaster, BBC, is headquartered in London. Furthermore, Los Angeles, the creative capital of the world, is home to many digital, advertising, and design agencies. No wonder these locations provide excellent opportunities for Indian students to study and build their careers.

The general minimum eligibility requirements to study media courses include an aggregate of 70% or above score in higher secondary education from a recognised board or university, along with an English Proficiency test score. 

English Proficiency TestScore Requirements
IELTS6.5 in IELTS, with no individual IELTS band score less than 6.0

Please note: The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the country and the university.

Let’s explore the top universities offering high-salary courses after 12th from arts in media and journalism. 

UniversityWorldwide Rank by Subject (QS 2024)Undergraduate Programs
University of Amsterdam1Media and Culture
Media and Information
University of Southern California3Media Arts and Practice
Film and Television Production
New York University9Digital Communications and Media
Film and New Media

Career Opportunities

In May 2023, the median annual salary for media and communication workers in the US, including public relations specialists, news analysts, and writers and authors, was INR 55L. This figure exceeded the median annual salary for all occupations – INR 40L. On the other hand, the average yearly salary in India for media and communication professionals is INR 3.5L. 

Let’s explore the popular job prospects in media and journalism at the best international universities with the average yearly salary. 

Job ProspectsAverage Yearly Salary
Writers and AuthorsINR 50L to INR 1Cr
Public Relation SpecialistsINR 45L to INR 60L
Film and Video EditorsINR 30L to INR 80L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

High Salary Courses After 12th From Arts to Get a Government Job Easily

In today’s job market, government job opportunities for art graduates have seen a significant rise across various sectors. Some of the popular government job positions after completing 12th in Arts include roles in the National Defense Academy (NDA), Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), SSC Multi Tasking Staff (MTS), Indian Coast Guard, and Forest Guard. 

Here are a few high-salary courses after 12th from arts that can help you secure a government job easily. 

  1. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Teaching is both a noble profession and one of the highest-paid careers in the world. You can explore B.Ed programs from esteemed institutions like Harvard University and University College London for comprehensive training and opportunities for professional growth.

  1. Fine Art

Did you know that the Ruskin School of Art – Department of Fine Art at the University of Oxford was placed as a leading art school in the UK in 2023 by The Complete University Guide?

The University of Oxford offers a comprehensive 36-month-long full-time BFA program. It teaches and prepares students to be artists or engage in activities related to creating art. The curriculum specifically focuses on each student’s abilities and creativity.

Popular 1-Year Diploma Courses After 12th From Arts

Did you know that in the US, approximately 160 universities offer a diverse range of around 400 1-year diploma courses after high school and graduation?

These 1-year diploma courses act as a fast-track route for international students. They are cheaper and less time-consuming than regular degrees. Well, the increasing demand for diplomas is not just limited to the US, as countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland also offer exceptional diploma programs.

While the best diploma courses can vary depending on individual interests, career goals, and the credibility of specific institutions, here are some of the best 1-year diploma courses for international students. Tag along.

List of Top High Salary Courses after 12th Arts
  1. Diploma in Graphic Design

This diploma program focuses on teaching design principles and software skills. It is ideal for anyone who wants to pursue careers as a graphic designer, web designer, UI/UX designer, brand identity developer, or digital illustrator.

  1. Diploma in Media Management

The diploma in media management is designed for individuals aspiring to pursue careers as content strategists, digital media planners, or social media managers. The course offers them the ideal foundation required to excel in these fields.

  1. Diploma in Communication Design

If creativity runs in your blood, a diploma in communication design might be perfect for you. The course will teach you to create innovative designs and work with graphics. 

  1. Diploma in Fine Arts

A diploma in fine art provides education in various disciplines, namely drawing, dancing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Some renowned career options are visual artists, art directors, art therapists, and animators. 

  1. Diploma in VFX

This diploma provides students with extensive training in the techniques and technologies used to create special effects for film, television, and digital media. After completing the course, students can pursue job roles such as VFX artist, animator, texture artist, and stimulation artist.

While pursuing higher studies abroad requires investing time, money, and hope, the good news is that the scope of earnings after you’ve passed a diploma course is high. 

Here’s an overview of potential jobs along with their average annual salaries after completing the high-salary courses after 12th from arts. 

Job RolesAverage Annual Salary in the USAverage Annual Salary in the UK
Graphic DesignerINR 40L to INR 1CrINR 30L to INR 60L
Creative DirectorINR 1Cr to INR 1.5CrINR 90L to INR 1.1Cr
UI/UX DesignerINR 70L to INR 1CrINR 40L to INR 60L
Social Media ManagersINR 40L to INR 70LINR 30L to INR 50L
Web DesignerINR 60L to INR 90LINR 30L to INR 55L

Please note: These figures are average and can change based on location and experience.

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Earning a degree in the arts field abroad can open up international career opportunities and broaden your horizons. There are several high-salary courses after 12th from arts education, including graphic design, digital marketing, content creation, and media strategist. 

While the application process or adjusting to a new environment can seem daunting, with our personalised guidance, you can navigate the application process with confidence, identify popular scholarship opportunities, and smoothly transition to your new academic environment. Whether fine arts, media studies, design, or creative writing, LeapScholar is here to support you on this exciting journey toward a fulfilling career in the arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Which are the most popular career options after 12th from arts with a high salary?

    A. The course you choose after the 12th serves as the gateway to a pool of opportunities. Hence, you should carefully select your course, considering factors such as salary and growth. Some of the best high-salary courses after 12th from arts for a rewarding future are: 

    Corporate Lawyer: INR 75L to INR 2Cr
    Fashion Designer: INR 30L to INR 80L
    UI/UX Designer: INR 70L to INR 1Cr

  • Q. Which course is best after the 12th from the arts?

    A. Choosing the ideal career path after completing your 12th grade in the Arts stream can be equally exciting and daunting. Some popular courses that offer promising career prospects are graphic design, animation, digital marketing, and film or media studies. You must consider your interests and career goals to determine the best fit for you.

  • Q. Is there any scope in art?

    A. Absolutely! There are plenty of opportunities in the art stream for people with passion and creativity. You can work in areas such as graphic design and animation or even in fields like advertising, public relations, and marketing. Moreover, there are numerous job opportunities in fields like dance, art therapy, and teaching art. 

  • Q. How can you earn money after 12th from arts?

    A. A. After completing your art course, you can earn money by choosing job roles that align with your skills and interests. If you have excellent writing skills, you can pursue careers as a content writer or copywriter. Additionally, you can explore opportunities in fields such as photography, public relations, and graphic design. Here is an overview of what salary you can expect in the following top job roles:

    Social Media Managers: INR 40L to INR 70L
    Creative Writers: INR 60L to INR 65L
    Graphic Designer: INR 60L to INR 80L
    Creative Director: INR 1Cr to INR 1.5Cr

  • Q. Is arts good for the future?

    A. Yes, the arts stream offers promising opportunities to students for the future. The top universities in the US, UK, and Australia equip students with valuable skills such as creativity, communication, and problem-solving, which are highly required for pursuing diverse career paths in fields such as humanities, social sciences, media, and communication. 

  • Q. Is it possible to pursue BCA after the 12th from the arts?

    A. It is possible to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after completing 12th from arts. However, some universities may have specific eligibility criteria for admission to BCA programs. Hence, it is recommended that you research and verify the admission requirements of the institution you’re interested in attending. 

  • Q. What is the full form for BA?

    A. The complete BA form is Bachelor of Arts. It is an undergraduate degree program that typically involves 3 to 4 years of study. It includes a broad range of subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, providing students with a well-rounded education. 

  • Q. Which government job is best for art students?

    A. Art students have access to numerous government job opportunities. Here’s a list of some of the top options:

    Civil Servant
    IBPS Clerk
    CISF Jobs
    Government Teacher Jobs

  • Q. Which are the popular diploma courses after 12th grade in arts? 

    A. While the popular diploma courses after 12th grade in arts vary depending on individual interests and career goals, here are some of the most popular diploma courses in arts:

    Diploma in Graphic Design
    Diploma in Fashion Designing
    Diploma in Digital Marketing
    Diploma in Photography
    Diploma in Interior Design

  • Q. Which art stream job is best for girls?

    A. While every job role in the art stream is equally suitable for both boys and girls, here are a few high-salary courses after 12th from arts for girls as per their interests and skills:

    Graphic Designer
    Content Writer
    Event Planner
    Fashion Designer

  • Q. What is the best course after 12 arts with a high salary in 2024?

    A. The best and high-salary courses after 12th from arts are the one that aligns with your interests and skills and offers excellent job prospects. Some of the best courses that provide a promising future are: 

    Fashion Journalism
    Creative Writing
    Public Relations

  • Q. Does art make a promising career?

    A. Certainly! Art offers numerous career opportunities that are not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling. While there are many misconceptions about arts as a professional path, you’d be surprised to know that research from the World Economic Forum highlights that soft skills such as creativity and diversity will be essential for future jobs. 


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