MS in Microbiology in Canada

The Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (MSc) programme give graduate students training in clinical microbiology and infectious disease management, as well as chances for joint research in the molecular aetiology of contagious illness and immunobiology of infection, as well as microbial resistance, epidemiology, and the molecular mechanisms of antibiotic action. Immune cells, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites are part of the microbiology and immunology discipline. Students can research the ecology, evolution, and habitats of microbes, the illnesses they cause, the microbiome and how it affects our health, immunity, and disease, and the microbes themselves and the diseases they cause. In addition to generating new drug combinations and microbial engineering for industrial processing and environmental remediation, students are also studying how our immune systems may best protect us against cancer and infection and creating new immunotherapies and anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals to treat inflammation and autoimmune illnesses. All of these efforts are directed toward combating the problem of antibiotic resistance. Our students graduate with substantial critical thinking, inventiveness, and practical communication training. Our projects cover population and systems biology and ecology, organism behaviour and function, cell connections, and molecular mechanisms. Our program's degrees help students advance in various professions in business, academia, industry, and non-profit organisations. Graduates of the microbiology programme can pursue various careers, including biological scientists, laboratory technicians, researchers, forensic scientists, microbiologists, and advisors. However, opportunities for advisors, consultants, administrators, and laboratory directors will become available with a master's degree in microbiology.







University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

PhD in Microbiology and Immunology


36 Months

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