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Indian Masters Degree Equivalent in Canada: The Ultimate Guide

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Canada is one of the highly preferred countries by Indian students for their further studies. This blog will answer a lot of the questions that you may have in your mind about studying and enrolling on colleges/universities and accommodation in Canada. It will also help you know what your Indian Masters Degree Equivalent In Canada. You can also get expert counselling for the immigration process from here.

Canada offers various favourable conditions like advanced quality education, affordable education, and a work permit post completion of studies. Some students prefer to migrate to Canada for their graduation, while some migrate for PG courses or after receiving an Indian Masters degree for work purposes. However, the process of immigration can prove to be a hassle without proper guidance. 

Indian masters degree equivalent in Canada

Canadian & Indian Education System

The Postgraduate (PG) Diploma programs accept the 10+2+3 system of India. But for Masters, mostly all universities require 10+2+4. For Masters in some selected programs, a few universities may consider the 10+2+3 system on a case-to-case basis.

Canada has two parallel education systems, meaning colleges and universities are separate entities. Colleges offer programs of PG Diploma, whereas universities offer Masters programs. Some universities may offer PG Diploma programs for selected courses.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada through a PR, the foremost thing you have to do is get the ECA for Canada by getting your credentials evaluated. For receiving ECA and assessing your credentials, you need to choose an agency that would do it for you. ECA is not required for Canadian credentials.

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Indian Masters Degree Equivalent in Canada: The Ultimate Guide

Process of Immigration to Canada

Check if you are eligible for Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. If yes, get your ECA done as you will need it before submitting it to the Express Entry pool. If you’re eligible under the Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class, you don’t need an ECA to submit to the pool. But if you want to claim any Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for your education, you may need one.

World Education Services is the most recommended organisation to get your ECA as they have the most efficient processing time. If you are a doctor, the Medical Council of Canada must evaluate your primary medical diploma. If you are a pharmacist and need your practice licence, you need to get your ECA from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.

No matter whichever organisation you choose to get your ECA from, the evaluation process will begin only after they have received the required documents from you or your school/institute. The documents include official transcripts (mark sheets) and usually a copy of your diploma or degree. 

Study in Canada after Graduation

Pursuing a master’s in Canada can prove to be a beneficial decision as it will not only enhance your technical skills but also give an upper hand to your CV by giving it an edge over others. As an Indian undergrad degree student, you should choose an institution that prepares you for the real world by emphasising practical knowledge and providing hands-on experience.

Choose the subjects from your undergrad program that interest you. Narrow it down and search for possible programs you want to opt for and universities that offer the program. Applying to Canadian universities and colleges would require you to take language/aptitude tests. So, it is also important to consider your academic score while simultaneously deciding what to study. The planning of immigration starts right from your high school itself.

Here is a list of all the popular PG Diploma courses and the top Universities for Master’s/Diploma programs in Canada. This may guide you to choose a career path and the university you may want to study at. 

Popular PG Diploma Courses In Canada

Here is a list of all the popular PG Diploma courses available in Canada. The duration of these programs is around 2-3 years.

There are various programs offered by universities in Canada. Bachelor’s programs in Canada range from Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) to Bachelor of Arts (BA). Similarly, Master’s programs in Canada range from Master Of Science (MS), Master of Business Administration (MBA), to Master of Arts (MA).

List of Universities for PG Diploma/Master’s Program

Some of the Universities that offer some PG Diploma and Master’s Programs are:

  • University of Toronto
  • Trent University
  • University DU Quebec
  • Westford University College
  • McMaster University
  • Royal Roads University
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Carleton University 

Credentials Required for the Immigration Process 

Choose the highest-level degree, diploma or certificate (combinations work too) so that it will award you the most points.

So, you will be awarded more points for an ECA report showing that you have a Canadian equivalent of a master’s degree than for the one showing you have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

But in case you have multiple degrees or diplomas, you will receive more points than a single bachelor’s degree (if the highest one is at least at a bachelor’s level). Meaning, you hold

  • a bachelor’s degree and a diploma
  • two bachelor’s degree

English Language Tests accepted by Canadian Institutions

IELTS is the most preferred English proficiency test and is accepted by almost all the institutions in Canada. The same is advised by Student Direct Stream (SDS), as it is a faster way for Indian students to attain a Canadian visa.

Globally, Canadian institutions are open to accepting other English proficiency tests as well. But, what value does your degree from Indian Universities hold in Canadian Institutions?

Degree Equivalency: An Informal Comparison 

If you have completed your master’s and plan to gain international work experience, then it is always good to know what your Indian master’s degree equivalent in Canada is. It will also help you know if you meet the criteria for a job role and to convince the employer during the interview.

Indian masters degree equivalent in Canada

Please do remember that there is no formal “degree equivalency” at an international level. Due to differently structured and varied curriculums, it can be a hassle for foreign immigrants to have their education assessed and recognised. It is basically done by a few recognised assessment services to assess and review your education and check if it’s deemed comparable to Canadian standards. Some employers will just take your word for it, and maybe your qualification is not as important for your position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Master’s degree from India recognised in Canada?

It depends on the degree you have and from which university you have received it.

What are the accommodation options available in Canada? 

Indian students can opt for on-campus residence facilities and can also look for off-campus accommodation. Most Canadian universities offer townhouses or dormitories for students from other countries.

Can I secure a job in Canada with an Indian Master’s degree?

International students can stay back for at least three years and find jobs in Canada owing to the post-study work permit for Canada.

Is an Indian MBA considered a master’s degree in Canada?

Any Indian Master’s degree is considered a master’s degree if the Indian university is UGC recognised and falls in the list of WES.

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