Top Reasons to Study MSc in Management in UK in 2023

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What is MSc in Management?

The Master of Science in Management or MSc in Management in UK is a postgraduate course in management and business, which provides a fast track to understanding business for those without previous experience. It covers all critical elements of management – innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, organisational change and human resources. 

A full-time MSc in Management is of one-year duration and covers fascinating areas such as organisational theory, behaviour and practice, marketing, and accounting and finance. One of the important aspects of this course is that it costs nearly one-third of a two-year MBA. 

Although this is a relatively new course compared to the time-tested MBA, its popularity is rising worldwide. Many top business schools are now offering a Master’s in Management program. Most MSc Management programs do not mandate a GMAT score for application and admission. An MSc in Management on your CV will help you stand out from the rest before employers.

Why Study MSc in Management in UK?

The MSc in Management is mainly for students with relatively low or no work experience in business and who wish to enhance their theoretical knowledge. The main focus of the curriculum is on building analytical and technical skills rather than leadership and managerial skills. Students can also do a dissertation in the final year of their studies and make a small contribution to the body of knowledge.

Students who wish to pursue a PhD later should go for an MSc, but that doesn’t mean that students who want to work in corporate should not study MSc in Management. Students can get great insights into the business world and management disciplines such as marketing, finance, strategy, banking, entrepreneurship and more.

Top Universities: Most business schools in the UK are considered the best in the world based on their employability, return on investment and alumni outcomes by ranking organisations such as QS and Financial Times (FT). An MSc in Management from any of the top institutions in the UK will help you reap lifelong benefits. Those with triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS are highly sought after by international students. 

Top MSc in Management programs in UK

SchoolQS RankingsFT Rankings
London Business School37
Imperial College Business School1423
Warwick Business School2227
City, University of London50
University of Edinburgh Business School3469

Learnings: While many business schools in Asia and Europe offer affordable, one-year MBAs, more students preferring to opt for the one-year MSc in Management programs. Whether or not you have a management and business background, the MSc Management degree will develop your broad knowledge of contemporary management through a detailed exploration of the theory and practice of key areas. This postgraduate course will help you deliver best practices in the workplace, whether private, public or third sector, and enable you to motivate, inspire and manage effectively.

Job Opportunities: An MSc in Management in the UK will help you launch your career with top multinational corporations, and your earning potential will be huge. You will be able to build an enviable network that will help you throughout your career. 

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MSc in Management in UK: Careers & Salaries

Today, the UK job market is more competitive than ever, and candidates aren’t just looking for the top salary. Coming out of universities, graduates want to find a job that’s accessible, with an excellent base salary, and one where high job satisfaction is guaranteed.

The MSc in Management program is tailored to your professional needs, and the skills you leave with open up plentiful opportunities in a job market where finance, organisational development, IT, and entrepreneurship are highly valued. As per Glassdoor, the average salary for MSc in Management is £56,064 per year in the London area. Let’s take a closer look at management professionals’ salaries in the UK:

RoleAverage salaries/year *
Retail management£17,000 – £23,000
HR management£18,000 – £23,000
Marketing Manager£25,000 – £40,000
Supply Chain Manager£32,766
*Average salaries based on information available on popular international job sites

MBA vs Master’s in Management: Which is Better?

The MBA and Master’s in Management are postgraduate degrees in business and management that professionals pursue to advance their careers. An MBA program focuses on broader business leadership and managerial skills, while a master’s in management focuses on specific management areas, such as finance or marketing.

The MBA is a globally recognised postgraduate management degree. In contrast, the Master’s in Management program is still primarily a European phenomenon, although it is now becoming popular worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the two programs:

Master’s in ManagementMBA
FocusFoundational business knowledgeAdvanced business knowledge
ExperienceSuitable for those with a bachelor’s degree or with a few years of professional experience For those with several years of business experience
Duration1-year2 years
Average Salary$55,000* (USD)$115,000* (USD)
Job profileEntry-level management Mid/High-level management
Core areasMarketing, strategic business management, leadership, process management, global business, communicating with data, and financeLeadership and management, managerial economics, business analysis, value chain management, financial management
Tuition costModerateHigh
*Demand of Graduate Management Talent: 2021 Hiring Projections and Salary Trends

MSc in Management in UK: Admissions

Most universities in the UK require a First or Upper Second class honours degree (2:1, with 60% average) from a UK university or the overseas equivalent. When assessing your academic record, universities consider your grade average, position in class and the standing of the institution where you studied your qualification. The tuition fee for MSc in Management in the UK ranges from £20,000-£36,600.

The basic requirements for the application are:

  • A First or Upper Second class honours degree
  • IELTS/TOEFL score

There are two intakes for the MSc in Management program in the UK in January and September. The application process is quite rigorous, and it is advised to prepare for it at least a year before the deadline. The general documents required for application are

  • Academic transcripts, including certificates and mark sheets from high school and college (bachelor’s). 
  • GMAT test score (if required)
  • English language proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) test score
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • A valid passport and other national identification proofs
  • Visa
  • Proof of funding  
  • An updated resume with proof of work experience 
  • Recent photographs

Universities may ask for additional documents or proofs during the application process or before admission. There may be country-specific requirements as well for international students. 

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“I chose to pursue my master’s in International Management in UK because Imperial College, London is one of the top 10 universities in the world and my program is also one of the best. I had an undergraduate degree (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from NIT Trichy and was working as a business analyst in a bank in India, when I decided to study further as I was looking to change my career. Studying abroad gives more exposure than an IIM. My course is also just a year long, unlike the two years needed for an MBA. Studying in the UK also has several upsides such as the two-year post-study work visa.”

Abimanyu Prasath Babu, Imperial College, London

MSc in International Management, 2022-2023

“I wanted to help my father in his business so I thought having a business and management background would be helpful. I studied commerce in school and then I studied BBA Business/Managerial Economics from the National University of Singapore. I decided to pursue my Master’s in Management degree in the UK because I wanted to understand Western ideas. I love change and meeting new people, so I thought moving to another continent and also getting a good quality education would be ideal.”

Sanya Singla, University College London

MSc in Management, 2021-2022

Business Development at LSL Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of an MSc in Management from the UK?

    Graduating with an MSc in Management from the UK opens up many opportunities, not just in the UK but in other European countries as well. Along with access to the latest academic developments in management, those with a master’s degree in management also easily find job opportunities back home in India. The two-year post-study work visa allows you to stay back and job search in the UK. London, one of Europe’s financial capitals, offers many well-paying opportunities for management and business professionals.

  • What are some of the specialisations I can choose for my MSc in Management in UK?

    Some of the specialisations offered by universities in the UK for MSc in Management courses include marketing, international business, global management, project management, financial management and sports management.

  • What kind of job opportunities are available for management graduates in the UK?

    Management graduates in the UK can find work in industries as diverse as chemicals, utilities, fashion, health, grocery and construction. All of these industries require functional managers with a clear understanding of systems, efficiency and operational issues. After postgraduation students who are interested in pursuing research can enroll in PhD programs in management in universities in the UK or elsewhere.

  • Is MSc in Management in UK same as MBA?

    MSc in Management in UK is a one-year postgraduate course, whereas MBA is a two-year course. MSc in Management is more suited for students with less work experience who want to develop their understanding of business and management. MBA programs require candidates to have several years of work experience and are more effective for professionals looking to advance their careers.

  • Is MSc in Management in UK worth it?

    An MSc in Management in UK has several advantages. It doesn’t require you to have years of work experience for admission. MSc in Management students acquire leadership and managerial skills through internship opportunities or practical experiences. After completing their degree students can pursue professional careers as managers or go into research.

  • What are some of the best MSc in Management courses in UK?

    Imperial College Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, Warwick Business School, Cranfield School of Management and Durham University Business School have some of the best MSc in Management courses in the UK.

  • Which tests scores are required to study MSc in Management in UK?

    Test score requirements for admission in MSc in Management courses vary as per universities. You will need your undergraduate degree certificates and IELTS test score. Most universities do not ask for GMAT test scores for admission.

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