MS in Business analytics in Australia

One can learn top-notch techniques and skills for in-depth data use and analysis by pursuing a master's degree in business analytics. It is a degree programme focusing on managing facts to make judgments effectively and includes statistical and quantitative research and modelling for explanation and prediction. Typically taught as accelerated master's degrees, MS-BA programmes can last as little as nine months. They train students to be pioneers in data-driven analysis, strategic decision-making, and corporate process improvement. Recent news reports indicate that data analysts with business knowledge are in high demand in Australia. Their numbers are so low that their salary is almost three times Australia's average salary. As a result, Masters in Business Analytics and related programmes are growing in popularity in that country. In fact, according to the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia's (IAPA) most recent Skills and Income Survey, social media data scientists in Australia make an average salary of $190,000 per year. This demonstrates the broad range of employment possibilities open to Australian graduates of analytics and data science studies. Regarding potential income, a career in business analytics is an intelligent choice. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual pay for market research analysts was $65,810 in 2020. The highest-paying professions were publishing ($79,040) and business and industry ($77,110). Here is the list of the top universities to pursue an MS in Business Analytics in Australia.



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