MS in Architectural Engineering

MS in Architectural Engineering is a postgraduate program designed to help international students develop their understanding of the subject and build promising careers as skilled professionals. Students pursuing this course can find opportunities in the best companies.

Around 2 colleges and universities offer MS in Architectural Engineering in USA, UK and Canada. Some of the top institutions offering this program are University of Bath, The University of Sheffield . The average cost of studying MS in Architectural Engineering is $14400.0 in UK, $92448.0 in USA . To reduce their tuition and living expenses, international students can also apply for fully-funded scholarships and grants. Some of the top scholarships available for aspirants are merit scholarship, india scholarship, tata scholarship

The criteria to enrol in the MS in Architectural Engineering program varies per university and country-specific rules and regulations. The essential requirement is a bachelor’s degree with a good GPA from a recognised university in a relevant subject. To pursue a MS in Architectural Engineering the USA, UK and Canada, international students will need an English-language proficiency score such as IELTS or TOEFL and entrance exams specified by the university such as GMAT or GRE. International students must also submit letters of recommendation, work experience letters, statements of purpose, school or college score transcripts, valid passports and visas.


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Frequently asked questions

Can a student work abroad after completing a MS in Architectural Engineering
Yes, international students can work after graduation once the country grants them post-study work visas. Please check country-specific requirements on immigration websites or speak to a Leap counsellor today for answers to all your queries.
Which are the top-ranked institutions for MS in Architectural Engineering
Some of the top universities for MS in Architectural Engineering are University of Bath, The University of Sheffield