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Which is the best country to study abroad?

USA, Canada, UK, Singapore etc are some of the best countries that consistently rank high in most education rankings. They offer quality education, research experience, competitive internships & innovative courses. Getting a degree from these places will definitely help you achieve your dream of a global career.

Which are the best scholarships to study abroad?

There are many course-based, institution-specific scholarships available for international students. The most popular amongst Indian students are: Rhodes Scholarship, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Fulbright Fellowships, Chevening Scholarships, Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship, Australia Awards Scholarships etc. For more information on the eligibility criteria of these scholarships, you can connect with a Leap counsellor in 2 minutes.

What are some of the top courses for studying abroad?

The most popular courses according to the latest rankings are Business Management, Engineering, Agriculture Sciences, Medicine & Psychology. These courses have high employability and compensation structures. Therefore, a career in these fields can help one settle abroad.

Am I eligible to study abroad even with low scores?

Most universities have multiple admission criteria, while high exam scores are desirable, they do not limit your application. Finding the right universities according to your scores and interest is the first step in your study abroad journey. Leap Scholar's experienced counsellors can help shortlist universities based on your profile.

How can Leap Scholar help in my study abroad journey?

Leap Scholar assists you at every step of the way to achieve a successful global career. From college & university shortlisting, SOP editing services, offering collateral-free student loans and visa processing, Leap Scholar aims to empower global education dreams of Indian students.