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Luxembourg has a strong and resilient economy, boasting one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world. Although it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is the largest financial hub globally and the second largest globally. If you’re considering Luxembourg as your career destination, we’ve got the inside scoop on career opportunities in Luxembourg. According to Glassdoor, the average salary in Luxembourg is €54,586 or 49,84,356 INR. You should know the basics of English, French, German or Luxembourgish to work in Luxembourg.

Work in Luxembourg for foreigners in 2023 is an opportunity to increase the budget significantly and enjoy the stunning nature, architectural structures and other local attractions. The country has a stable and dynamic economy with various industrial, agricultural and financial sectors.

Top Career Opportunities in Luxembourg

CareerAverage Annual Salary
Magistrate Judge1,56,84,219
Bank Manager1,12,39,446
Senior product manager86,12,183
Software engineer65,73,983
Financial analyst63,79,706
IT project manager61,22,014
Legal counsel57,88,247
Source: Glassdoor, World salaries

Top companies hiring in Luxembourg

CompanyAverage Annual Salary
J.P. Morgan73,76,865
RBC Investor services54,92,209
Source: glassdoor

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Your Gateway to Career Opportunities in Luxembourg

Working culture in Luxembourg

The work culture in Luxembourg is generally hierarchical, and decision-making is often rational. Things taken very seriously in Luxembourg are punctuality and deadlines in social and professional life. Everyone in the company is assigned their work, and detailing the work is kept in mind. The working style in Luxembourg is often called the Franco-German mix.

Cost of living in Luxembourg

According to Numbeo, Luxembourg’s cost of living index is 67.8, and the estimated monthly cost for a single person is ₹ 85,739, which doesn’t include the rent. All the public transport means like train, bus and tram are free of cost for everyone.

ParticularsApprox Cost in INR
TransportPublic transport- free
Taxi 1 hour- 2,990
Taxi 1 km- 273
Accommodation 1 bedroom rent in the city centre- 1,50,498
1 bedroom rent outside the city- 1,16,864
Source: Numbeo

Salary based on years of Experience

Years of ExperiencePercentage of growth in salary
2 to 535% more than in the junior position
10 and more20% is an increase in the average salary 
15 and more15% increase in average salary 
Source: World Salaries

Salary based on Education Level

Education level Percentage of growth in salary
Certificate or Diploma’sapproximately 17% more than those who have completed high school level education
Bachelor’sapproximately 25% more than those who have completed a certificate or diploma
Master’sapproximately 30% higher than those who have completed bachelors
Source: World Salaries

Annual Pay raise by level of experience

The trend followed in Luxembourg for annual raises is by experience level-more the experience higher pay rise. The reasons they pay the experienced employees are-

  • It is easier and cost-effective
  • less time-consuming to retain employees by experience than to hire
Employee levelPercentage of raise in annual pay
Junior level3% – 5%
Mid-level6% – 9%
Senior level10% – 15%
Top Management15% – 20%
Source: World Salaries

How to find a job in Luxembourg?

  1. Online Portals
  2. Networking– You can use sites like Linkedln to network with employees in top companies in Luxembourg. It might help you in getting a referral to the company.
  3. Language Skill– One of the most important requirements to work in Luxembourg. You should have basic knowledge of German, Luxembourgish or french.
  4. Recruitment Agencies
  5. Visa requirements– you should have a work permit visa to work in Luxembourg. Usually, If you study in Luxembourg, you get an extension of 12 months to work in Luxembourg.
  6. Preparing Cover letter
  7. Building Resume
  8. Applying directly to companies website

To work in Luxembourg, completing your higher education in Luxembourg is advisable. If you opt to study in Luxembourg, your chances of getting into a top company increase, and you can get good career opportunities.

Top Universities to study in Luxembourg

Here are some top universities mentioned below to study in Luxembourg

UniversityDegreeAverage Tuition Fee
Sacred Heart University, Jack Welch College of Business and Technology
Luxembourg School of BusinessMasters21,83,117
The European Business UniversityBachelors
University of LuxembourgBachelors
Miami University Dolibois European CenterMasters15,13,652
LUNEX UniversityBachelors
54,569 (per month)
BBI Luxembourg International Business InstituteBachelors
Masters- 11,77,789
Business Science InstituteDoctorate25,01,097


Luxembourg is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the European Union. The average annual salary in Luxembourg is 43,85,560 INR, and the average monthly salary in Luxembourg is 3,65,433. Choosing the right program can help you achieve career growth and exciting job prospects while pursuing your professional development goals. LeapScholar can help you identify the popular careers in Luxembourg and guide you throughout the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What jobs are in demand in Luxembourg?

A. According to World Salaries, the most in-demand professions in Luxembourg are finance, IT, restaurant service and hospitality, legal consulting, healthcare, construction.

Q. What is the average salary in Luxembourg?

A. The average salary annually in Luxembourg is 43,85,560 INR, and the average salary per month is 3,65,433 INR. The salary can vary based on location, type of job, type of sector and more.

Q. Is it difficult to get a job in Luxembourg?

A. It is not very difficult to get a job in Luxembourg. You should apply for jobs through online portals, agencies and more before three months. You should also keep in mind that apart from applying for a job, you also should start preparing for the language skill tests like IELTS to fulfill the requirement to work in luxembourg.

Q. Can I work 2 jobs in Luxembourg?

A. The legal working time in Luxembourg is 40 hours a week. You can work 2 jobs in Luxembourg, but if you exceed the legal working hours, you must notify the Inspectorate of Labour and Mines by mail.

Q. Is there paid overtime in Luxembourg

A. Yes, the employer is supposed to cover all overtime hours. Moreover, on weekends it is paid double. The Ministry of Labour shall supervise the process, meaning no employer may require you to work on weekends. The Ministry and the employee’s approval must be obtained in writing for overwork.

Q. Is it common for companies to provide training or educational support for employees?

A. Many companies in Luxembourg curate courses for employees to learn. This helps the employee to learn skills in leadership or on subject matter. This is compulsory for them to attend, regardless of whether they want to.

Q. Are there any visa or work permit requirements for non-EU citizens seeking jobs in Luxembourg?

A. Yes, to work in Luxembourg, you must have a work permit visa. You will need to apply for a short-stay Schengen visa. Later, you can multiple times apply for the same visa.

Q. What are the trends for job opportunities in Luxembourg in the coming years?

A. The trends for job opportunities in Luxembourg in the coming years will be in the following sectors-
1. Finance and Banking
2. IT
3. Sustainable and Green Economy
4. Healthcare.

Q. Do companies in Luxembourg commonly offer relocation assistance or support for international hires?

A. Yes, relocation aid or support for international workers is offered by several companies in Luxembourg. The level of support can depend upon the company’s policy, the position in question and the candidate’s specific needs.

Q. What are the leading platforms for finding job opportunities in Luxembourg?

A. The main sources through which you can find job opportunities in Luxembourg are-
1. Online Portals
2. Applying directly from the website
3. Networking websites

Q. Does experience affect the salary in Luxembourg?

A. Yes, experience is one of the criteria for an annual pay rise in Luxembourg. Many companies try to retain the employee who has more experience in the field.

Q. What universities can I attend if I want to study in Luxembourg?

A. The universities that you can study in Luxembourg are-
1. Luxembourg School of Business
2. Miami University Dolibois European Center
3. Sacred Heart University, Jack Welch College of Business and Technology
4. The European Business University
5. LUNEX University

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