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TOEFL Fee Waiver for International Students: Guidelines & Eligibility

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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an English proficiency test that helps individuals fulfil their study, work, and immigration purposes in English speaking countries. To take the TOEFL test, applicants have to pay a fee which can range from $ 140 – $ 185 depending on the test taking location and type of test taken. 

Individuals who are willing to reduce the cost of taking the TOEFL test can obtain a TOEFL fee waiver. This blog discusses in detail various aspects related to TOEFL fee waivers and the availability of various financial assistance.    

TOEFL fee waiver

TOEFL Fee Waiver : Overview

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the TOEFL test conducting authority, has introduced two types of financial assistance to help TOEFL test takers. These are as follows:

1. TOEFL Fee Reduction Services

The TOEFL Fee Waiver Reduction Service is crafted to help a high school senior in the United States who is in need of financial assistance and applying to colleges or universities which demand TOEFL scores.   

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TOEFL Fee Waiver for International Students: Guidelines & Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Individuals must be non-native speakers of the English language who are college-bound and have financial needs.
  • They must be in their senior year.
  • Individuals must have attended high school in the United States.
  • They must be a member of a family that receives public assistance.
  • Individuals must have secured admission to a program for the economic disadvantages, e.g., Upward Bound.
  • They must reside in a federally subsidized public housing project.

Note: Foreign exchange students cannot apply for TOEFL fee reduction vouchers. Therefore, individuals who are looking for information on the TOEFL exam fee waiver for international students can get a definite answer from this statement.The authority that grants fee reduction determines the applicant’s financial need on the basis of total annual family income. These are as follows:

Number of DependentsFamily Income
1$ 23,606
2$ 31,894
3$ 40,182
4$ 48,470
5$ 56,758
6$ 65,046

Students who are willing to receive fee reduction vouchers must follow the below-mentioned procedures:

  • Procedures Students Must Follow

Students have to provide evidence of eligibility to the counsellor. Depending on the registration mode, students have to complete certain actions.  

  • Registration – Online Medium

Students who have completed the registration process online must do the things mentioned below:

  • They must navigate to the TOEFL registration system and open an account.
  • Next, students must opt for a check or postal money order for 50% of the current regular test fee, which is payable to ETS-TOEFL iBT.
  • After that, they must write their name on the front part of the check or postal money order.
  • At last, they have to hand over the check or postal money order to the respective counsellor. 

Note: Students who have opted for online registration will receive a fee reduction voucher number in their ETS account. Therefore, having an account for obtaining the fee reduction is necessary for students.

  • Registration – By Phone or Mail

Students who have to perform their registration must do the things mentioned below:

  • Applicants must obtain a profile from a counsellor.
  • They must complete the Student Profile Form.
  • Next, students must opt for a check or postal money order for 50% of the current regular test fee, which is payable to ETS-TOEFL or to ETS-TOEFL iBT for paper administrations.
  • After that, students must write their names on the front part of the check or postal money order.
  • At last, they have to give the check or postal money order and Student Profile form to the respective counsellor.

Note: Students who have completed their registration via mail or phone will receive a voucher number in their email. 

Important Things to Remember before Applying for TOEFL Fee Waiver Reduction Services

Before individuals opt for the fee reduction services of TOEFL, they should keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Application for the TOEFL Fee Reduction Services will remain open throughout the year till the availability of vouchers.
  • When students secure fee reduction facilities, they can take the TOEFL test without any hassle and send their scores up to 4 institutions for free, which they have selected before taking the test. 
  • Students who are willing to take the TOEFL iBT test can select, add and delete score recipients online before 10 pm (local time) the previous night. Remember, students cannot change score recipient, meaning institution, on the test day.
  • Students have to take care of other fees, including rescheduling and additional score reports.
  • They cannot transfer their vouchers to other candidates.

2. TOEFL iBT Voucher Services

To aid students in managing TOEFL test taking costs, ETS has arranged vouchers. Vouchers are unique numerical code that allows students to utilise as payment during registration.   

Highlights of TOEFL Fee Waiver iBT Voucher Service

  • This Voucher Service is available to aid institutions and agencies that are willing to pay TOEFL iBT test fees or offer local registration services for applicants or students. 
  • Institutions usually purchase these vouchers and provide students so that they can sit in the TOEFL test for free. 
  • There is no fee charged for this service. Institutions have to pay only for the student’s fees. 
  • When ETS receive a completed request form as well as payment, they send these vouchers to the designated addresses within 3 weeks.  
  • TOEFL vouchers have a validity period of up to 12 months from the date of issuance.
  • Institutions or agencies distribute these vouchers to candidates.
  • Students can use these vouchers while making payments for TOEFL registration. 

Individuals, who are wondering if there is any TOEFL exam fee waiver in India, must know that there is no fee reduction for the TOEFL test in India.Therefore, due to the unavailability of the TOEFL fee waiver in India, students have to manage the cost on their own. The following section presents the TOEFL test fee details, including registration cost, score sending and related things.

ParticularsTOEFL Exam CostTOEFL Fees in INR
RegistrationDepends on test taking location. Hence, it can vary.Depends on test taking location. Hence, it can vary.
TOEFL Home EditionDepends on test taking location. Hence, it can vary.Depends on test taking location. Hence, it can vary.
Late fee TOEFL registration$40INR 2,955.20
TOEFL cancel refund$20INR 1,477.60
Speaking or Writing Section score review$80INR 5,910.41
TOEFL reschedule fee$60INR 4,432.81
Additional score reports (per institution or agency)$20 eachINR 1,477.60
Returned payment$30INR 2,297.38
Speaking and Writing Section score review$160INR 11,820.82

TOEFL test is not only essential to secure admission in different top tier United States schools but also to assess eligibility for scholarships or other financial aids. 

TOEFL fee waiver

Here, if students can obtain a TOEFL fee waiver, it will undoubtedly benefit students. However, even if students do not qualify for the programs or services mentioned above, they can opt for various scholarships to take off the burden of TOEFL test taking costs. For this, they have to contact a counsellor who will help them in paying the costs related to this exam.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students receive more than 1 TOEFL fee reduction voucher in their senior year?

No, students cannot receive more than 1 TOEFL fee reduction voucher in their senior year. Students who are willing to apply to colleges and universities that demand TOEFL scores can only obtain 1 fee reduction voucher and use it in their senior year. Students who are currently in the 11th grade cannot apply for fee reduction vouchers. 

What is the validity of TOEFL Fee Reduction Vouchers?

TOEFL Fee Reduction vouchers come with a validity of 1 year from the date of issuance. Students must complete the registration process before this date. Here, students must know that they cannot receive any refund for unused fee reduction vouchers. In addition, students will not receive any refund even if they cannot sit for the test due to reasons like unacceptable identification.  

Is the TOEFL Voucher Service available everywhere?

The TOEFL Voucher Service is available everywhere the TOEFL test is conducted. However, students of the People’s Republic of China cannot obtain TOEFL Voucher Service. To ensure such facilities, students must check with the official website of the institution to which they are applying.

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