Speaking TOEFL Section 2023 Simplified: Latest Guide with Structure & Tips!

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The speaking TOEFL section is the third part of the English language proficiency test, which universities worldwide use to assess non-native English speaker’s ability to communicate effectively in English. The speaking section lasts 17 minutes and consists of four questions; each question has four parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The first question, an independent speaking question, requires you to give your personal opinion on a given topic. The remaining three questions are called “integrated” questions and include listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Further, becoming familiar with the types of questions on a particular test and learning how to answer them can significantly improve one’s score.

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What is the Purpose of the Speaking TOEFL Section

The purposes of the speaking section in TOEFL are as follows –

  • Processing of Information – It involves gathering, synthesising and summarising the information.
  • Formation of Viewpoints – One should grow the ability to provide their own opinion against provided information.
  • Delivery – As a speaker, one should speak fluently and with confidence
  • Use of Language – In response, one should demonstrate effective grammatical and vocabulary usage.
  • Topic Development – The reactions should be appropriately sustained, sufficient, and well-developed.

To achieve a high score, one must have clear progressive ideas, and proper knowledge of the format is necessary.

What is the Structure of the TOEFL IBT Speaking Section?

The format of the TOEFL Speaking task is displayed in the table below.

The pictures on the screen can help test takers understand and interpret the context of the speech. Further, Screen/Test details are as follows –

  • Enables the test takers to see and hear every question.
  • Test-takers are allowed to take notes during the exam. After the test, notes are collected and shredded.

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Speaking TOEFL Section 2023 Simplified: Latest Guide with Structure & Tips!

What is the Questionnaire Format of the Speaking TOEFL Test?

The tables below display a breakdown of the question format of the TOEFL speaking task by style and content. 

Independent Tasks

The below table represents the format of the TOFEL Speaking independent task.

[table id=269 /]

Integrated Reading and Listening Tasks

The table below displays the integrated reading and listening task of the TOEFL Speaking section.

[table id=270 /]

Integrated Listening and Speaking Tasks

The table below provides details about the format of integrated listening and speaking tasks under the Speaking section of TOEFL.

[table id=271 /]

Types of Questions in Speaking TOEFL Section

The question format of the speaking section is as follows –

Questions 1 & 2 – The first two questions on the TOEFL speaking section ask you to discuss a familiar topic, such as:

  • Do you think it’s better to study alone or in groups when preparing for an exam? Use reasons and details in your explanation.
  • While there are some open-ended questions as well, what is your idea of the perfect house? Use reasons and details in your explanation.
  • An individual will be provided 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to give a response.

Question 3: This question begins the integrated section of the exam. The question will involve reading a short passage (45 seconds) followed by a conversation that is related to the topic of the reading. A man and woman will be talking about a university-related topic mentioned in the reading.

  • One speaker will have a strong opinion about the given topic. You are expected to give reasons for this opinion and any supporting details. For this question, a preparation time of 30 seconds and 60 seconds for response is allotted.

Note – One’s personal opinion is not required for such a question.

Question 4: This question is similar to Question 3 of the Speaking section of the TOEFL. However, in this question type, a passage for reading (45 seconds) on an academic topic will be given, and then a lecture regarding the same topic will be played.

  • This question often feels more difficult because the material is much denser. Further, science-related topics are often hard to summarise in a short period of time. 
  • One must summarise the lecture while focusing on a particular process or emphasis on the question.

Question 5: Question #5 includes a longer conversation than Question #3 and requires that you summarise the important information. 

  • This question type gives you 20 seconds to prepare your response and 60 seconds to speak. 
  • It will be a bit more difficult than Question 3 because it requires one’s opinion in response. 

Note – This question only consists of listening and speaking but without any reading portion.

Question 6: Question #6 is often challenging, as it often involves listening to a dense lecture and then summarising it.

  • Students often have trouble following lecture material when they have only 20 seconds to prepare and then 60 seconds to respond.
  • An effective response for Question #6 will focus on the main ideas, avoiding lengthy explanations of intimidating vocabulary.

Tips and Tricks to Score High in TOEFL Speaking Section

Some valuable tips and tricks that can help an individual to score higher in the speaking section are as follows –

  • Take down notes: It is essential to jot down keywords or phrases that will help one stay focused on the topic’s main idea during the speaking tasks. Then, during preparation time, one can review their notes and prepare for a response.  
  • Answer the questions fully: One must be clear and specific when expressing his or her ideas. Further, he or she should ensure that each idea is connected to the next to create a complete thought.
  • Prioritise good speech delivery: Good speech is crucial for good communication. A confident and clear delivery, with grammar that is natural and not stilted or memorised, will make one sound more like a native speaker.
  • Using correct pronunciation: One can improve pronunciation by making a list of 10 difficult words and saying them aloud. Also, practice using these words in 5 different sentences, which further helps in improving vocabulary as well. 
  • Manage time wisely: One should practice answering questions within a specific time frame. It will help to know the time needed for each question and answer in the actual test.
  • Take numerous practice tests: To improve a score, one should practice various mock tests, sample papers and solve last year’s question papers.
speaking toefl


To succeed in the speaking TOEFL section, one needs to learn about each question type and practice. Further, they also need to work on grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation because well-constructed sentences and clear speech result in a high score. This all points in one direction that practice is the only key to success.

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