Study Master in Health Administration in Canada – Eligibility, Fees & Process

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Master in Health Administration is a two-year program offered to students who wish to be employed in the industry of healthcare management. Healthcare professionals are in high demand today due to the current scenario. This blog will outline a master’s in health administration in Canada, eligibility criteria and application process. Keep reading to know more! 

Top Universities Offering Master in Health Administration

Many universities offer a Master in Health Administration in Canada. The table below illustrates the colleges and universities offering this course: 

University Fees in CAD Degree 
University of Toronto 68,700MHSc in Health Administration – 2 years 
McGill University 54,500 International Masters for Health Leadership – 15 months
University of Montreal 26,100MSc (Health Services Administration) 1-year
University of British Columbia 49,649Masters in Health Administration – 2 years
University of Ottawa 13,786Masters in Health Administration – 15 months
Dalhousie University 56,458Masters in Health Administration – 2 years 
Ryerson University 23,077Masters in Health Administration – 16 months 

One can also choose to pursue MBA in Health Administration as well. The table illustrates the universities providing MBA in this discipline: 

University Fees in CAD Degree 
University of Alberta 57,909MBA (Public Sector and Healthcare Management)- 2 years
Queen’s University1,25,847MBA MSc in Healthcare Quality – 16 months 
York University1,04,08MBA (Health Industry Management)
University of Toronto 113,775Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and Life Science – 1.5 years 
McMaster University 79,472MBA (Health Services Management)- 2 years

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Study Master in Health Administration in Canada - Eligibility, Fees & Process

Difference between MHA and MBA 

It is essential to understand the difference between a Master’s in Health Administration and MBA in Health Administration. The latter will provide an overview of the general practices, whereas the former will equip one with healthcare industry knowledge, although this will be more theoretical.  Masters in Health Administration will include human resources, health care delivery, health policies, finance, ethics, and business management. Its fees will be approximately 84,000 CAD per year. On the other hand, an MBA will include marketing, management, accounting, finance, economics, strategy, technology, and information systems. Its fees will be approximately 90,000 CAD to 113,000 CAD annually. However, one should choose the degree based on employment opportunities, skills and curriculum. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria? 

For MHA or MBA, one needs to meet the eligibility criteria set by the universities. First, candidates must have completed 16 years of education, and a four-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is considered. However, they must have obtained an excellent academic score during their bachelor’s. In addition, one needs to demonstrate English proficiency. Therefore, one needs to appear for exams such as IELTS or PTE. Underlined below are the eligibility criteria of the universities: 

University Percentage\ GPA\ Grade English proficiency requirements Additional requirements 
University of Toronto77%-79%TOEFL iBT:100, IELTS: 7Minimum three year work experience 
University of Ottawa 70% or BTOEFL PBT: 600, IBT:100, IELTS: 7.0Minimum three year work experience
University of Montreal3.2 on a 4.3 scale or 77-79% or B+ gradeTFI-605 and candidates must have French proficiency Candidates with work experience will be preferred 
University of British Columbia8/10 or 65%TOEFL iBT:100, IELTS: 7Same as above. In addition, GRE scores will be taken into consideration 
Ryerson University GPA: 73-76% or B or 3/4.3TOEFL iBT: 93, IELTS: 7Minimum two years of work experience 
University of Alberta GPA: 3.0/4.0, or B, or 60%, or first class TOEFL: pBT:600, IELTS: 7GMAT or GRE is necessary 
Dalhousie University GPA: 3.3 or B+TOEFL: iBT:92, IELTS: 7Candidates must have appeared for GMAT 
McMaster University CGPA- 3.3TOEFL iBT:100, IELTS: 7Candidates must have either appeared for GRE or GMAT. Furthermore, they must have work experience 
Queen’s University Candidates in their Bachelors must have obtained an average of 76- 79% with an average of 80-84% in the 3rd and 4th year TOEFL: iBT:100 PBT:600, IELTS: 7Candidates must have scored 600 on GMAT 
York University TOEFL iBT:100, IELTS: 7Candidates must have appeared for GMAT and should have a minimum of 2-year work experience

While applying, candidates must have the following documents handy. They are: 

  1. Academic transcripts 
  2. Statement of Purpose 
  3. English proficiency scores 
  4. CV 
  5. GRE or GMAT scores 
  6. Proof to demonstrate financial standing 

How to Apply for MHA and MBA? 

After one has finalised the course, one can apply following the below-mentioned steps below: 

Step 1– Visit the university’s official website and select the course. 

Step 2– Fill out the form with the necessary information. 

Step 3– Attach all the documents that the university lists. 

Step 4– Pay the fee as asked. 

Step 5– Appear for the interview on the said date. 

Step 6– Once candidates receive the conditional offer letter, they must pay the deposit fee to the university. However, the deposit fee is non-refundable. 

Scholarships for MHA 

Universities also provide scholarships for their students, which are done to ease students’ financial burden. The university-specific scholarships are explained below for easier understanding: 

University Scholarship Awards 
University of Toronto Harold Livergant Award2,000 CAD
University of Alberta MBA Entrance AwardsUp to 15,000 CAD
University of Ottawa 
  1. Ran Sapsford MHA scholarship
  2. Michael Lalonde MHA scholarship
  3. John A. King admission Scholarship
Minimum 2,000 CAD Minimum 2,000 CAD Up to 4,000 CAD
University of British Columbia 
  1. W.J Lyle Memorial Scholarship
  2. R.E. McDermit Memorial Prize
1,450 CAD is offered in the second year  600 CAD is given for the best paper 
University of MontrealExcellence Scholarship program for international studentsCandidates are offered this scholarship for undertaking research activities 
McMaster University The Noble Pursuit: MBA Leadership Scholarship in HSM1,000 CAD is awarded every year 

Job Prospects 

Pursuing a Master’s in Health Administration opens many doors for an individual. Moreover, this industry has gained an impetus in recent times. Underlined below is a table that illustrates the job role and salary after completion of master’s in health administration in Canada

Job Role Salary 
Administrative Coordinator81,000
Operations Manager 107,000
Healthcare Consultant 85,000
Clinical Operations Manager 82,000
Senior Procurement Manager102,000
Government Program Manager98,000
Director of Medical Records120,000 CAD – 150,000 CAD
Practice Administrator85,000 CAD – 90,000 CAD
Directory of Laboratory85,000 CAD – 120,000 CAD
Assistant Hospital Administrator80,000 CAD – 105,000 CAD

Candidates, after pursuing a master’s in health administration in Canada, can choose from several career options. However, they must check the eligibility parameters of the universities before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the eligibility criteria to pursue a master’s in Health Administration?

Candidates must obtain a minimum of 65% in their undergraduate. Moreover, those candidates with two to three years of work experience will be preferred.

2. What is the minimum IELTS score required?

One must score a minimum of 7.0 to be eligible for Masters in Health Administration.

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