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Students in Canada who want to work as public or corporate accountants, auditor fraud examiners, IT auditors, etc., enrol in the Masters in Accounting (MAcc) programme. A MAcc degree in Canada typically costs 42,300 USD annually, all considered. The full-time Master of Accounting programme in Canada lasts two years and is broken up into three terms. The majority of the MAcc curriculum in Canada focuses on subjects including taxation, banking, insurance, accounting, and financial strategies. In Canada, an entry-level accountant makes an average of 46,300 USD annually. Except for one Canadian university, four Canadian universities admit international students and grant annual scholarships ranging from 2,300 to 3,800 USD. It is anticipated that admissions will increase by more than 2% in the forthcoming admission sessions due to the rising demand for students with a MAcc degree from Canadian multinational corporations. The Labour Force Survey (2017) indicates that because of the high demand in Canada right now, it is anticipated that unemployment in the accounting industry will decrease by 1.1 per cent annually. The number of jobs available and the level of job satisfaction for those employed in this industry increased by 10% in Canada's post-MAcc scope. Students pursuing a Masters in Accounting can refine their problem-solving, critical analysis, communication, and other accounting tactics. For students with a MAcc degree alone, there are about 1,800 positions open in Toronto, Canada. For international students enrolling in MAcc programmes in Canadian universities, the total cost of attendance is around 43,000 USD for one academic year. Additionally, one-time fees are included in this price but are not necessary for the second year of study. Want to study MS in the best colleges abroad? Here is the list of top universities to pursue an MS in Accounting in Canada?






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Fairleigh Dickinson University , Hackensack, Canada

MS in Accounting (Florham)


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