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Top 10 Colleges For Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Canada: Eligibility & Process

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Having a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is a dream of millions of students globally. Obtaining it from one of the reputed colleges in Australia, the UK, the USA, Germany, or Canada is a plus and is considered one of the most sought-after courses.

Canada, primarily, is known for having a plethora of colleges and top schools for technical courses for mechanical engineering like British Columbia, Waterloo, Toronto, etc.

Recently, the Canadian government increased the limit of international diploma applicants to 2,80,000 every annum and is spending big on its tertiary education sector. Every year, there are over 3000 individuals who complete their Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Canada.

masters in mechanical engineering in canada

This article lists the reasons for pursuing top programs in Canada and a list of colleges specializing in Mechanical Engineering.

Top Universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an intricate subject that requires high technical efficiency to be successful. So it is imperative for the students pursuing it to be careful while filtering the best universities to apply to, be it within their country or abroad.

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Top 10 Colleges For Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Canada: Eligibility & Process

As for Canada, it houses several options for applicants looking to pursue a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Here is a list of colleges for mechanical engineering in Canada:

University of Toronto (U of T)

  • Total fees for the first year – 44 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 92; IELTS – 7

One of the top 100 universities globally, the University of Toronto is located in downtown Toronto. Students interested in studying mechanical engineering will have to apply for BASc (Bachelor of Applied Science). The University of Toronto is all about flexibility and allows specific mentoring to ensure every student’s needs are fulfilled with equal aplomb.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

  • Total fees for the first year
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 93; IELTS – 6.5

Located in Vancouver, western Canada, the University of British Columbia is one of the top 20 public universities in the world. Students looking to apply to UBC must complete a year of the general engineering program (available at the University of British Columbia).

The University of British Columbia has a program called MECH 2, a four-year course for mechanical engineering aspirants, allowing students to take four consecutive courses in a year instead of six or seven every term.

University of Alberta (U of A)

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 14.8 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 93; IELTS – 6.5

Located in Edmonton, the western province of Alberta, the University of Alberta is one of the top five Canadian universities offering over 200 and 500 programs to undergraduate and graduate students, respectively.

The University of Alberta is also one of the best options for students looking to study master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Canada. It offers a world of research and extracurricular opportunities to the applicants focusing on robotics, automation, biomechanics, F-1 racing, and more.

University of Waterloo (UWaterloo)

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 38.3 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 80; IELTS – 6.5

Located in Waterloo, eastern Ontario, the University of Waterloo is a public research university. It is the top place for experiential learning and employer-student connections. Its MASc (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering) course is designed to offer a diverse experience and cater to all types of students.

It offers specialization in –

  • Automation and Controls
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Solid-body Mechanics and Mechanical Design
  • Materials Engineering and Processing

It also has a thesis option for its applicants and has a stringent process for selection owing to limited seats.

University of Ottawa

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 15.1 lakh
  • Eligibility – IELTS – 6.5

The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university globally, with support for both the official Canadian languages. Located in the Ottawa region of Canada, it currently houses over 42,000 students. It offers the OCIMAE (Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) for mechanical engineering aspirants that seek to combine the research strengths of two departments –

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and
  • Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University

It offers MASc, MEng, and PhD to its mechanical engineering students, and its research areas revolve around the following –

  • Thermal and fluid engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Solid mechanics and design
  • Aeronautical and space engineering
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Controls and robotics

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University of Calgary (UCalgary)

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 14.2 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 86; IELTS – 6.5

Located in Calgary, Alberta, the University of Calgary is one of the top schools in Canada, offering a diverse range of courses to its students. Students looking to study mechanical engineering must enter the Schulich School of Engineering and must go through a common first-year program consisting of ten different courses for foundation building.

masters in mechanical engineering in canada

Western University

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 11.1 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 86; IELTS – 6

Founded in 1878, The Western University of London, Ontario, is a public research university in London, Ontario. It focuses on life science, human environment and social trends, culture, and public policy and economic activity.

The university offers a thesis-based Graduate Research Program leading to MESc (Masters of Engineering Science) and has a program length of 6 terms.

Here are the fields of research offered –

  • Automation Technologies and Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Thermofluids
  • Materials and Solid Mechanics
  • Micro and NanoSystems

McGill University

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 24.6 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 86; IELTS – 6.5

Undertaking a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University opens a world of avenues for students and researchers globally. The university is known for its world-class academic faculty and has been able to churn out quality mechanical engineers every year.

McMaster University

  • Total fees for the first year – INR 12 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 88; IELTS – 6.5

McMaster University offers two-year courses in MASc in mechanical engineering. The top college in Canada focuses primarily on research, and it also requires students to defend a thesis.

Its areas of speciality expand to the following categories –

  • Manufacturing
  • Biomechanics
  • Mechanics and Design
  • Thermofluids

Queen’s University at Kingston

  • Total fees for first-year – INR 11.4 lakh
  • Eligibility – TOEFL – 88; IELTS – 7

Applying for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University opens a world of diverse opportunities across fundamental and applied research in almost all the areas covered by the subject.

There are four primary topics covered by its academics and research –

  • Energy and Fluid Systems
  • Materials Engineering
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Dynamic Systems

Eligibility Criteria for Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Canada

Students applying for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Canada are required to fulfil the following criteria –

  • A 4-year graduate degree in any engineering program with a total academic career of at least 16 years. A minimum GPA of 3.0, with students with an engineering bachelor’s degree being preferred over those from other streams as they possess fundamental knowledge.
  • They must possess a valid VISA for the course’s period, along with ancillary activities parts of it, such as research, fellowships, and internships.
  • They must appear for the GRE and secure the cutoff marks listed by the university in Canada they want to study.
  • A good score in any of the internally-acclaimed English exams, such as TOEFL and IELTS. The weightage of the score may vary depending on the universities you apply to.
  • They can have letters of recommendation to strengthen further their chances of securing a place.
  • If they want to apply for part-time jobs or internships in the country, they will require the requisite permit from the Canadian authorities.


There is a range of considerations to be made while applying for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Canada. It includes understanding the best options for courses you seek, the tuition fees involved, and the salary you can get once you graduate from it.

Given the plethora of factors involved, you require an expert to guide you through the best options available. At Leap Scholar, we have expert student mentors to gauge the latest trends and suggest to you the best Masters In Mechanical Engineering In Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canada the right place to pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

Yes. Canada is one of the best options to choose for people looking to pursue Master’s in Mechanical Engineering abroad.

Is there a demand for mechanical engineers in Canada?

As per “Canadian Association of Professional Engineers,” the demand for mechanical engineers is growing rapidly, and there is a shortage of people willing to fit in the positions available.

Do you need to give GRE for applying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

Yes. Most top schools in Canada demand applicants to have a GRE before applying for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Which Canadian university is the best for pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

Canada is home to a plethora of world-class universities, and you can choose either of the above-listed ten options for pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineering.

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