Best City to Live in Canada in 2024: Top 8

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Canada has long been the number one choice for Indians who wish to settle abroad as it provides better job opportunities. As a first-world country, Canadian citizens enjoy a greater quality of life, great healthcare facilities, world-class education, and a robust economy.

With a diverse and multicultural population, Canada offers a range of prospects and amenities to suit the needs of families, professionals, and everyone in between.

Wondering what’s the best city to live in Canada? Here’s a good list based on factors like average cost of living, average salary, and safety.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada should be at the top of your list if you’re considering moving abroad. It consistently ranks among the best countries for international students, offering an exceptional quality of life and some of the best cities to live in Canada.

If you’re wondering why Canada is a great choice for higher education, here are the top 7 reasons you should consider:

Outstanding Higher Education System and Scholarships 

Canada’s higher education system is renowned globally, making it a prime destination for students seeking quality education. With a strong academic history and high graduate employability, studying here sets you up for success.

A degree from a Canadian university holds immense value and is equivalent to those from the US, Australia, and Europe. Plus, various scholarships and bursaries are available to support your studies.

Here is a list of the best universities in Canada in 2024:

Best City to Live in Canada Universities
VancouverUniversity of British Columbia (UBC)
TorontoUniversity of Toronto (UofT)
OttawaCarleton University
CalgaryUniversity of Calgary
EdmontonUniversity of Alberta
MontrealMcGill University
Quebec CityLaval University
OakvilleSheridan College

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Campus Life 

Canadian universities are vibrant and dynamic, hosting numerous events and festivities throughout the year. These events not only enhance your social life but also encourage cultural engagement.

Extracurricular activities, free Wi-Fi, and access to resources like newspapers and magazines enrich your learning experience.

Employment Opportunities 

Graduates from Canadian universities are well-equipped for successful careers. You can work part-time on and off-campus to support yourself. Technical fields offer abundant job prospects, ensuring a strong future for international students.

Research Focus

Canada is a hub for research and development, making it an excellent choice for research scholars. The government encourages research in various fields, offering scholarships and even covering research costs for exceptional ideas.

Stunning Environment 

Canada’s natural beauty and safety make it a wonderful place to live. Its diverse population creates a rich cultural tapestry, and breathtaking landscapes, like the Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls, provide endless exploration opportunities.

Safety and Care 

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most peaceful countries globally. Universities prioritize student safety, offering services like shuttles and security escorts. The government also ensures student well-being, from healthcare to overall security.

Smooth Immigration Process 

Canada provides easy work permits, allowing you to work part-time during your studies and for two years after graduation. You can even apply for permanent residency after a year, thanks to the supportive immigration policies.

Best City To Live in Canada: List of Top 8 Cities

Whether you’re planning to study in the country or moving there for work, Canada is ready to welcome you.

The factors that make a city’s best depend on individual taste. If you want to stay close to your community, cities like Toronto have the most Indian population, so you’ll always feel at home.

If employment is your major concern, consider Vancouver and Edmonton. These cities are home to multinational companies and offer many employment opportunities.

If you wish to stay close to nature and explore Canada’s scenic beauty, Oakville and Montreal may be the perfect place for you!

This list consists of a mix of these factors! Now that you’re more convinced than ever to study or live in the Land of Maple Syrup, here is a list of the best cities to live and work in Canada for Indians!

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Oakville, one of the best cities to live in Canada, is a stunning suburban small town situated in the province of Ontario, arguably one of the best cities to live in Canada in terms of employment opportunities and city life in general.

Oakville’s residents enjoy nature’s beautiful creations in their most natural forms. The town is situated on the banks of Lake Ontario and is just an hour’s drive away from one of the most magnificent sights in the world—Niagara Falls!

Oakville is also close to Toronto, and thus, you can easily access the job market in Toronto without having to worry about covering the costs of living.

Many pharmaceutical giants and other life sciences companies specialising in geriatric care and many manufacturing companies are based in Oakville. These companies can provide excellent job opportunities, making Oakville one of the best cities in Canada.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~32L
Cost of Living~27L


Quebec City is one of the best cities to live in Canada and is ranked 19th in the QS world rankings for the best cities in the world. Bishop’s University is one of the best universities in this city, located in one of the best states to live in Canada.

Quebec is one of the top choices for many international students moving to Canada because it provides great study and job opportunities and affordable living costs.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~33.5L
Cost of Living~23L
best city to live in canada
Fact: Quebec City is one of the best cities to live in Canada and is ranked number 19th in the QS world rankings for the best cities in the world.


Calgary is ranked the 7th best city in the world and is regarded as the energy capital of Canada. It is part of the Alberta province and is well known for its efforts to revolutionise the world’s fossil fuel consumption.

Many good universities here, like the University of Calgary, are renowned for providing all its students with quality education and great placements.

Calgary, which is one of the best city to live in Canada, is also famous for its fun-centred lifestyle and the great cultural extravaganza of the ‘Calgary Stampede’. The Banff National Park, located in the rocky mountains near Calgary, is also a great attraction of this beautiful place, making it one of the best cities to live in Canada for immigrants.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~38.5L
Cost of Living~17.5L


For a good reason, Montreal has been awarded the rank of the 9th best city in the world. It is Canada’s exotic French heart and arguably the entire North American region.

Montreal is one of Canada’s biggest cities, covered with old buildings and unique architecture. Montreal can transport you instantly to a quaint French town in Europe.

The city offers plenty of employment opportunities and the great outdoors to all its residents. It also has many great universities worth exploring for international students. Real estate costs are not as high as in other parts of the country, making it immigrant—and international student-friendly. Apart from apartment costs, other expenses such as food and entertainment aren’t relatively high either.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~32L
Cost of Living~20L


Ottawa is the cosmopolitan capital of Canada and one of the best cities to live in, including the quality of education it provides to residents. The city has many businesses, ranging from life sciences, aerospace, and clean technology firms to digital media and other software-related fields.

The city also has a very high GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, ranked 80th worldwide. Ottawa also generates many jobs that intelligent and prized immigrants can fill every year.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~35L
Cost of Living~18.5L


Edmonton is lovingly known as the ‘City of Festivals’ because of the many city-sanctioned events and other outdoor activities it hosts annually. One of the best cities to live in Canada, Edmonton is also the provincial capital of Alberta and is home to the University of Alberta, which has been ranked 59th globally.

Edmonton easily makes it to the list of best cities to live and work in Canada for Indians! There are plenty of excellent job opportunities for every immigrant and international student.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~38L
Cost of Living~20L

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Vancouver is one of the largest cities in the province of British Columbia in Canada. It is widely known worldwide for its great nightlife and stellar job and study-abroad opportunities. 

This city is also home to many great educational institutions that can catapult the careers of international students excelling in their academics, adding it to the list of best cities to live in Canada.

Many technology-based companies in Canada and globally have set up a base in Vancouver and are opening up several job opportunities to people willing to settle down in Vancouver.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~34L
Cost of Living~16L


Lastly, Toronto is Canada’s hustling and bustling city, the most popular choice for thousands of international students and immigrants. It is one of the best cities to live in and also the best city to study in, as it houses many of the best universities in the world and offers plenty of employment opportunities.

Although living in this city of Canada involves a high cost of living, primarily due to the significant costs of real estate, there is also a very strong network of public transport. This can be easily availed of and is accessible and affordable for all residents.

Toronto is worth exploring for settling down when you move to Canada because of the many resources, facilities, and opportunities this big, busy, booming city offers.

Parameter (Annual)Cost (INR)
Average Salary~33.5L
Cost of Living~24L

Wrapping Up

Canada is the land of dreams for many people, be it working professionals and students who want to work in great places and have a better life in a progressive environment. 

Some of the best cities in Canada have something for everyone, from the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver and the sophisticated energy of Toronto to the historic magic of Quebec City. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, career prospects, or a sense of community, Canada has a city that can offer what you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Which is the most affordable place to live in Canada?

    A. Canada offers several provinces a good quality of life and ample academic and employment opportunities, making them the most affordable places to live in. Provinces like Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are notable for their affordability while providing a high standard of living.

  • Q. Which province is best for finding jobs in Canada?

    A. The provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario stand out as the best places to find job opportunities in Canada. These provinces consistently have the highest job vacancies across various sectors, making them attractive destinations for job seekers.

  • Q. Which is the best city to live in Canada?

    A. Numerous reports have consistently ranked Toronto as one of the best cities to live in Canada. Following in Toronto’s footsteps are other cities like Montreal and Calgary that also offer excellent quality of life, job prospects, and cultural amenities.

  • Q. Which Canadian city has the lowest cost of living?

    A. Cities like Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Regina are among the more affordable options for international students and residents in terms of cost of living in Canada. These cities provide a balanced combination of reasonable expenses (affordable cost of living) and a good quality of life.

  • Q. Which Canadian city is the best for international students?

    A. Toronto is a top choice for international students due to its concentration of prestigious universities, abundant academic opportunities and amazing future prospects. The city’s diverse culture and robust job market make it an attractive destination for those pursuing higher education in Canada.

  • Q. Which Canadian cities are ideal for students?

    A. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Quebec are some of the best cities to live in Canada for international students. These cities have consistently earned recognition as some of the best student cities in the world by the QS Ranking in the past year.

  • Q. Which Canadian city has the most Indian students?

    A. Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver have substantial Indian student populations. Toronto, in particular, is a popular choice among Indian students due to its job opportunities and diverse community. Ottawa’s reputation for safety also makes it an attractive option, while Calgary’s growth in sectors like tourism, health services, and energy attracts many students.

  • Q. What are the few desirable places to live and work in Canada?

    A. Cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, and Oakville offer desirable living and working conditions in Canada. Toronto’s demand for professionals like school teachers and licensed nurses, Edmonton’s serene environment and job opportunities, Montreal’s cultural richness, and Oakville’s quality of life make these places highly sought-after.

  • Q. Which province is best in Canada for jobs?

    A. British Columbia Oakville, one of the best cities to live in Canada, is a stunning suburban small town situated in the province of Ontario, arguably one of the best cities to live in Canada in terms of employment opportunities and city life in general. experienced the most significant employment growth among Canadian provinces in 2021, with a notable increase of 6.6%. This growth indicates that British Columbia offers promising job opportunities.

  • Q. Is Vancouver better than Toronto?

    A. Both Vancouver and Toronto are major Canadian cities, each with its unique advantages. While both cities have a relatively high cost of living, Vancouver tends to have slightly lower expenses. If you appreciate nature and outdoor activities, Vancouver’s scenic surroundings might make it a preferable choice.

  • Q. Which sector jobs are in demand in Canada?

    A. Several industries in Canada are actively seeking skilled individuals:
    -Health care and social assistance
    -Accommodation and food services
    -Retail trade

  • Q. Is it good to move to Canada in 2024?

    A. Moving to Canada is a positive choice not only in 2024 but beyond. Some of the best cities to live in Canada offer a high quality of life, ample job opportunities, a diverse and welcoming society, and various benefits for residents. Canada will likely remain an attractive and promising destination for years.

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