Top Scholarships For Indians To Study Abroad After 10th: Types & Process

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  • Study In Abroad After 10th With Scholarship means you will get to explore several good opportunities for building a great career and a good life in a foreign land
  • Countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and others offer high-quality experiential education that trains students to become valuable assets to the society or organisation they work
  • You can check out other university and private scholarships, including Smooth Movers, Commonwealth, Tata, and Fulbright scholarships

Many students want to study abroad after completing their 10th standard in India due to the vast number of opportunities. Going abroad after the 10th is one of the best ways to leverage the potential of studying in developed countries because the student is able to build the right study base from an early stage. Added to this, if you get a chance to study abroad after the 10th with a scholarship, that will be the best thing to happen for you. However, getting there with a scholarship is easier said than done. While getting the right score is essential, you also need to follow the due process.

Here, we will explore the Study In Abroad After the 10th With Scholarship types and processes.

Best Countries to Study In Abroad After 10th With Scholarship

One of the key questions about studying abroad is the destination. While there are 195 countries globally, not all are good for studying. You need to choose from a handful of countries providing high-quality education that attracts students from across the globe for bachelors and higher studies.

Here are some countries that you must consider for studying abroad;


It won’t be wrong to say that the USA has a near-perfect education system that allows students to build industry-relevant skills backed by high-quality education. Due to this, the students coming here for studies will get to explore several career opportunities. The curriculum for every subject is customised to ensure the best learning and practical experience provided with great facilities.

Guide To Study In USA For Indian Students


The second best study destination, Canada, is no less than the USA regarding the quality of education. More importantly, Canada is better than the USA in terms of the country’s environment for international students. Canada’s education system is valued globally, and it houses some of the best universities in the world.

Best Cities To Study In Canada

United Kingdom

The UK is another popular study destination offering a great quality of education that can help broaden your career prospects. The institutions here have a unique study system that trains your mind and thought process to become better in your chosen field of study. Moreover, for higher education, world-class degree courses ensure that you get good job opportunities after completing your studies. 


Australia has much more to offer apart from a great educational system. Many international students, including those from India, have chosen Australia to complete their education after the 10th due to its laid-back environment and high standard of living. Furthermore, Australia is closer to India than other countries on the list, making it a favourable destination.

Now that we know the four best countries to study abroad let’s find out the scholarships offered by different institutions and organisations for Indian students wanting to study here.

List of Top Scholarships to Study Abroad After 10th

Here are some of the Study In Abroad After 10th With Scholarship to choose from to ease the financial burden:

National Overseas Scholarship

Provided by: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, India

Run by the Indian government, this scholarship is the first one you should apply for studying abroad. The target group for this scholarship comprises scheduled castes, denotified tribes, semi-nomadic tribes, landless agriculturists, and traditional artisans. 100 students can benefit from this reward, which promises $15,400 as a maintenance allowance and includes other expenses. These include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Contingency allowance
  • Poll fee
  • Visa fees
  • Local travel expenses
  • Equipment allowance
  • Air tickets for economy class
  • Medical insurance premium

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 31st March.

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship

Provided by: United States-India Educational Foundation

To study abroad after the 10th with a scholarship from this organisation, you must choose the USA as your destination. Indian high school students with impressive academic records. The fields covered under this reward are

  • Arts and culture (including museum studies)
  • Environmental science
  • International affairs
  • Public health
  • Women studies
  • International legal studies
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Journalism & Mass communication
  • Public administration

This is one of the few fully-funded scholarships, which means it will cover the tuition fees, living expenses, J-1 visa support, accident and sickness, and round-trip ticket expenses from the US to India.

Smooth Movers International Scholarships

Provided By: Smooth Movers

Smooth Movers is a private organisation in Australia working as removalists. They offer a $1000 scholarship award to students from India and other countries. The purpose is to help bright students get ahead in their education to learn and contribute their knowledge to society. Every year, one student receives this reward. For this, they have to submit a 900-word essay and a 2-minute video explaining the future of housing.

The deadline for submitting the essay and video is 30th November, and the award will be given on 31st December.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Provided By: British Council

The British Council awards the Commonwealth Scholarship to students of the Commonwealth nations who want to study in the UK. Every year, 800 students get this opportunity to receive assistance for studying in different streams and subjects. The scholarships provided here include:

  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Medical Scholarships (MBBS)
  • Commonwealth Professional Scholarships

The students selected for this award will receive tuition fees, air ticket expenses, and living allowance. However, students receiving this scholarship must prove that they cannot afford to study in the UK due to financial constraints.

Tata Scholarship for Cornell University

Provided by: Tata Education and Development Trust

The Tata scholarships are meant for underprivileged students of Indian descent wanting to study undergraduate courses at Cornell. Students wanting to get this scholarship must show excellence in their academic record, and they will be rewarded with grants. In total, the Tata foundation has set up a grant of $25 million at the university. The student must have got admission to Cornell University and needs to pass the eligibility for a need-based grant.

Scholarships by Council on International Educational Exchange

Provided by: CIEE

The CIEE offers scholarships to students wanting to study in some of the world’s best locations. These scholarships are offered based on merit and need. They are also offered based on their term for each semester, quarter, and summer. The total sum of the award varies with the course and university the applicant has chosen. This scholarship will cover tuition fees, round-trip airfare, and a fixed stipend for one semester or a full study year.

Future of Change India Scholarship 

Provided by: University of New South Wales

This scholarship award is funded by the university and provided to undergraduate and postgraduate students from different disciplines. To avail of this scholarship, the student must have passed class 10 and be a permanent resident of India. It is awarded for certain academic excellence accomplished by the student, who must have been accepted into UNSW. In total, accepted students receive financial aid of $10,000 for the duration of the program. In addition, students getting into the engineering program should receive an additional $10,000.

DLD Executive

Provided by: Berlin School of Creative Leadership

The DLD Executive scholarship is meant for MBA students who want to study this course and applies to students in leadership positions. It provides scholarships to students interested in streams like advertising, media, marketing, design, journalism, and gaming. The students will receive €23,000 as tuition fees (for the winner) and €10,000 for the three finalists. The students must attend the course in Germany in the English language and demonstrate academic excellence.


These are the best study abroad after the 10th, with scholarship awards you must check before applying to any institution. Countries like the USA, France, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand welcome students of different nationalities, including Indians.

While there is a huge scope for studying in these countries, it can also cost a lot of money. For this purpose, you can get financial help by applying for scholarships from universities, governments, national and international organisations, and other institutions. Make sure to check these out and their deadlines as you are applying to higher education institutions.

To know more, connect with the country’s top study-abroad experts at LeapScholar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What documents are required to apply for a visa in countries abroad?

While different countries have set personalised requirements for the student visa application process, they have some common components. This includes an acceptance letter from the university abroad you have applied to, a visa form, proof of financial support, tuition fees, and round trip air tickets. You must also submit your English language proficiency test scores for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

2. Do I also get financial support for living in a country abroad?

Not all scholarships provide financial support for living and other expenses, but some do. In the list of scholarships you see above, a few scholarships provide support for living expenses, commute, and insurance. But the majority of the scholarships provide support for tuition fees, fully or partially.  

3. Can I also study for free in a country abroad?

It is not possible to study for free, but there are a few Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) where any student, irrespective of their nationality, does not have to pay any sort of tuition fees. But there are other expenses that you need to sponsor yourself. These are accommodation, food, entertainment, transport, etc.

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