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Reasons to Study in Canada – University System & Teaching Style in Canada

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Over the past few years, Canada has emerged as a popular study destination. Furthermore, many acclaimed Canadian Universities are even present in international rankings, such as QS and The Times Higher Education. In addition, Canada witnessed a 44% increase in its permits, as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada reports. Below is a detailed overview of the reasons to study in Canada, and the effectiveness of the university system’s teaching style and characteristics.  

Reasons to Study in Canada 

Many international students choose Canada for study due to various reasons that are underlined below: 

Affordable Tuition Fee 

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Reasons to Study in Canada - University System & Teaching Style in Canada

Canada’s tuition fees are affordable compared to the UK and USA. Besides, many consider it a return on investment due to the employment opportunities that students are provided with after completing their degrees.

A plethora of Research Opportunities 

Canada is well-known due to its focus on research. The Government of Canada supports these research activities and has flourished. 

Financial Support 

One of the top reasons to study in Canada is the financial support it provides students. Multiple scholarships and part-time employment are offered to international students. 

Accessibility to Visa and Extending Stay Options 

Candidates can quickly apply for a visa and the processing does not take much time if provided with the essential documents. Moreover, spouses can also accompany on dependent visas. Besides, individuals do not need to apply for a separate work permit, although they must fulfil the post-study work permit criteria. 

High-quality Education 

One of the reasons for studying in Canada is its quality of education that is recognized globally. 


Canada has welcomed more than 15 million immigrants in the past century. As a result, it is a multicultural nation and is known for its diversity. 

Job Market 

There are many employment opportunities for candidates due to its well-functioning economy. IT, animation, and petroleum are more powerful industries that contribute to the economy. 

Why the Canadian Teaching Style is Effective 

The top reasons to study in Canada are its effective teaching style. Let’s look at the teaching style and how it benefits students. 

Both lectures and tutorials take place at Canadian Universities. These lectures generally contain around 30 students. Hence, students can solve their queries in the classroom and approach their professors if required later. Furthermore, individuals can choose to study either in English or in French. Many institutions offer both these languages. 

Characteristics of the University System 

Canada has both public and private education, which is one of the 10 reasons to study in Canada. The Federal Government supervises it, and hence, its quality remains consistent. It offers three-degree programs: Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Doctorate. In addition, there are diploma and vocational courses as well. 

In addition, individuals are provided with the option of pursuing education in their third semester. There are three intakes, and candidates can choose from any depending on their visa application process and admissions. 

Hence, Canada is a viable option for higher education. The reasons to study in Canada have been highlighted for easier understanding above. Moreover, its universities are recognized on a global scale. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the IELTS score accepted in Canadian Universities? 

A score of at least 6.5 in IELTS is necessary to apply to Canadian Universities. 

2. What documents are required to study in Canada after the 12th? 

The documents mentioned below will be handy while applying for courses in Canada after the 12th:

a. Class 10th and 12th transcripts 
b. Passport 
c. English proficiency test scores 
d. Resume 
e. Letter of Recommendation 
f. Statement of Purpose 

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