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Scope Of Hotel Management In Canada 2022- Guide To Career

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The Scope Of Hotel Management In Canada has seen a massive surge over the years. One gets an outstanding career opportunity with a 117,000 CAD package annually as a fresher. Canada’s top hotel management colleges have the advanced educational infrastructure in the world. Most important Canada’s economic growth has inspired several investors to tap into the region’s market potential.

Canada has been the new job capital with a commitment of more than 10,000 jobs by the government for the year 2022 through Canada Summer Jobs, which began in January. Apart from that, the total expenditure on tourism in Canada has been more than 100 billion CAD, providing a massive boost to the hotel management sector. 

With more people visiting the country, the demand for hospitality professionals has been increasing. This is primarily why a hospitality management professional can attract 58,000 CAD annually in Canada. So, there is no denying that there is a massive scope of hotel management in Canada. 

scope of hotel management in canada

Scope of Hotel Management in Canada

The hotel management industry is growing rapidly in Canada due to higher international exposure. For example, the Canadian hospitality industry could sustain the pandemic situation due to an influx of 67,1662 tourists in 2021. 

Not just in the tourism industry, but the demand for international professionals in Canada is also increasing, making it the right place to start your career in the hospitality sector. However, you will need the right education in the field of hospitality and hotel management to cope with the industry’s demands. 

From advanced diplomas to master’s degrees, there are several programs of short and long duration that you can choose to advance your career prospects. With the right hotel management course in Canada, you can earn an average of 55,000-60,000 CAD per year. 

Top Universities & Colleges to Study Hotel Management in Canada

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Scope Of Hotel Management In Canada 2022- Guide To Career

Some of the best colleges and universities that provide hotel management courses in Canada are

Universities/ CollegesCoursesPlace
Imperial Hotel Management CollegeAdvanced Diploma in International Hotel ManagementVancouver
Selkirk CollegePost-Graduate Diploma in Business & Tourism ManagementBritish Columbia
Seneca CollegeCertificate in Hospitality Management & Restaurant ManagementOntario
George Brown CollegeGraduation in Hospitality & Tourism ManagementToronto
Ryerson UniversityBachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism ManagementToronto
Royal Roads UniversityBachelor of Arts in International Hotel ManagementVictoria
Algonquin CollegeDiploma in Hotel & Restaurant Operations ManagementOntario

There are several aspects to studying abrad, whether in Canada, New Zealand, or Australia. Finding a good hotel management course in Canada and completing it takes more than just applying for admissions. You need to plan financial costs like accommodation costs, tuition fees, and other study costs.

Another important aspect of a hotel management course in Canada is its international recognition. Apart from exploring job opportunities in the hotel management sector of Canada, you can apply for jobs across the United States, the United Kingdom, and several other countries worldwide. 

Let’s now look at the job opportunities you can explore in Canada in the hotel management field.

Job Opportunities in Canada for Hotel Management 

When it comes to securing a career-defining job opportunity, you need to know about key positions that attract the best salaries in the market.

For example, if you get a job as a housekeeping director at any reputed hotel in Canada, you can earn up to 94,773 CAD per year. 

Similarly, there are several other key positions for which you can be eligible by completing specific courses and fulfilling their eligibility criteria. Some of these positions for which you can prepare are described below—

Hotel Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or a hotel management course, you can be eligible for the position of hotel manager. This can attract a salary of up to 135325 CAD per year. As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for all the key activities of managing the guest experience, rooms, itineraries, and others. 

Event Manager

A bachelor’s degree in event management or an advanced diploma can help an applicant with the event manager’s job. This role involves the management of different events, including music concerts, weddings, corporate meetings, conferences, and more. An event manager can earn up to 99691 CAD per year.

Restaurant Manager

Any applicant with a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant operations management or a diploma in restaurant operations management can be eligible for such a position. As a restaurant manager, you will be responsible for the management of all the key activities like food-handling processes, hiring restaurant staff, and others. An event manager attracts a salary of up to 67392 CAD per year. 

Food & Beverage Director

With a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or a degree in business administration in beverage management, you can be eligible for a food and beverage director position. You will be responsible for the management of inventory, catering, food processing, and other activities across environments like airports, casinos, hotels, etc. A food and beverage director can attract a salary of up to 91647 CAD per year.

Executive Chef

A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts will help you find a footing in the restaurant markets with an executive chef position. You will be responsible for the management of kitchen staff and maintaining food quality. An executive chef can attract salaries up to 85792 CAD per year. 

Apart from these positions, there are several other key job opportunities you can explore in Canada. If you are an applicant from India or any other country, you will need excellent professional skills apart from the minimum qualification to enhance your career. 

Hotel Manager Pay Scale in Canada

Based on Experience

The higher your experience in the Hotel Management industry the higher is your salary. 

ExperienceAverage Salary (In CAD)
Less than 2 Yrs117,000
2-5 Yrs157,000
5-10 Yrs232,000
10-15 Yrs282,000
15- 20 Yrs308,000
More than 20 Yrs333,000

Based on Education 

After pursuing a master’s in Hotel Management in Canada one earns more than 31% compared to a bachelor’s degree holder. 

Education LevelAverage Salary (In CAD)
High School144,000
Diploma Course169,000
Bachelor’s Degree245,000
Mater’s Degree322,000

Gender Pay Differentiations

On average, the male employee earns 5% more in Canada. 

GenderAverage Salary (In CAD)

Requirements to Study Hotel Management in Canada

The most prominent skill that you will need to work on is communication skills. An excellent English proficiency can ensure better communication across the organisation while you manage different aspects of hotel or restaurant operations. 

English proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS can help you gauge your language proficiency; these scores may be needed for the application to certain courses, too. Apart from the language proficiency, you need to have operational knowledge to manage all the key business activities for a restaurant or hotel. 

Knowledge of restaurant management software can be an added advantage if you are looking to build a career as a restaurant manager. Similarly, for a hotel manager, organization skills and leadership abilities with interpersonal skills become vital. 

In the end, it’s not just about your academics but your management skills and aptitude for the hospitality sector and its key activities that will make a difference. 

scope of hotel management in canada


The scope of hotel management in Canada is on the rise as the hospitality sector will see a massive boost in the years to come. With more tourists coming to experience the rich culture, amazing food, and the blissful natural environment of Canada, the hospitality industry will see massive growth. 

So, if you are looking for a successful global career in the hospitality and hotel management industry, Canadian colleges can be your best option. Visit Leap Scholar for more information on Visa application, studying in Canada and IELTS Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best college for postgraduate courses in hospitality management?

Ans. The best colleges for postgraduate certificate courses in hotel management are Centennial College, and Seneca College.

How much is the cost of studying hotel management in Canada?

Ans. Apart from the tuition fees, there are several other costs like visa application fees, IELTS fees, health insurance, TOEFL fees, airfare, etc. The total cost of studying in Canada can be between 26,000 and 60,000 CAD per year. 

How can I continue working in Canada after graduation? 

Ans. You will need a work permit to stay in Canada after completing your hotel management graduate program. There are two types of work permits: open and employer-specific.

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