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A work placement will undoubtedly boost your self-assurance. The job environment provides you with opportunities that a classroom cannot. Practising a task on a work placement offers you the confidence boost you need to take on a real job.


Course Placements


To graduate from UAB, all students must complete at least two writing courses and one math course. All new students are expected to complete placement examinations in English and Math to determine their knowledge of a topic and which courses will provide them with the highest chance of success.

You may be qualified for certain testing accommodations if you have registered with Disability Support Services.


English Course Placement


Students who did not receive a C or above in English Composition (EH 101) must complete the English Placement Survey and Writing Sample. EH 101 (English Composition I) will be offered to international students who meet the following requirements:


  • TOEFL Writing: sub-score of 23
  • TOEFL Essentials Writing: sub-score of 7.0
  • IELTS Writing: sub-score of 6.0


English Composition for Second Language Writers (EH 108) will be assigned to international students who meet the following requirements:


  • TOEFL Writing: sub-score of 16-22
  • TOEFL Essentials Writing sub-score of 6.5 – 6.9
  • IELTS Writing sub-score of 5.5 – 5.9



Math Course Placement


Students who want to register for a math course at UAB must complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment if they have no math credit or no math credit above the remedial level (MPA).


  • Before enrolling in the MPA, students must first be accepted into the university.
  • The MPA is supplied to the student at no cost.
  • Students who have no math credit, no math credit above remedial level, or who do not want to take the Math Placement Assessment must enrol in MA 094 (Basic Mathematics) or MA 098 (Applied Mathematics) (Basic Algebra).
  • Students who are awaiting alternative credit score reports (AP, CLEP, AICE, DSST, and so on) should take the MPA and enrol in the highest math course in which they placed. Students can modify their registration once their scores have been received. As quickly as feasible, alternative credit score reports should be given to UAB.


Note: Keep in mind that if you don't, you won't be able to complete the Math Placement Assessment and are placed in remedial math, your enrollment for scientific courses will be delayed/affected, as will your completion of any science-dependent major.



World Language Course Placement


You do not need to take a world language placement test if you have never taken a global language course. You'll start with a world language 101 courses.


If you want to take a world language placement test, you should:


  • You studied a world language in high school for one or more years (within the last two years)
  • You want to take French, Spanish, German, and Chinese classes.


Internship Placements


The phrases 'placement' and 'internship' relate to a more structured period of full-time job experience prior to starting a career. The experience is typically gained at a company where a person is interested in working and occurs during or shortly after an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme.


  • Internship placements are made months in advance of the internship start date. Fall interns are advised of their positions in August, whereas spring interns are told in December
  • By contacting officials, principals, or teachers, student teachers are not allowed to organise or influence their internship placement. The School of Education is the sole source of placements
  • The grade level placement for the internship should be based on prior grade-level field experiences to meet Alabama State Department of Education criteria (e.g., if most field hours were completed within lower grades of a certification program, it is desirable that the internship placement is in an upper-grade level)
  • Partnership agreements, the availability of qualified instructors, the availability of grade levels, and the willingness of school administrators and personnel to accommodate student teachers all factor into the selection of placement sites. All of the postings are within 50 miles of the University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Secondary student teachers will not be assigned to the high school where they graduated for at least 5 years after graduation (i.e., after a five-year grace period)
  • Student instructors are not assigned to schools where their relatives work or where their children attend
  • If there are any exceptional circumstances regarding their placement site, student teachers should contact the Office of Clinical Experiences as soon as possible after submitting their Student Teaching Application. Before semester placements may be acquired, the Office of Clinical Experiences must be alerted
  • Changes in address and name must be submitted as soon as feasible to the Office of Clinical Experiences



















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Everything you need to know about University of Alabama at Birmingham
Where is University of Alabama at Birmingham located?
University of Alabama at Birmingham is located in Birmingham, USA
How much does it cost to study in University of Alabama at Birmingham?
The average first year cost to study in University of Alabama at Birmingham is INR 2729925
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University of Alabama at Birmingham has an acceptance rate of 12.5%
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