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Student Life in Canada: Montreal vs Brampton

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College marks the start of professional life. Getting an education in Canada is one of the greater advantages from which most Indian students benefit. But choosing the right college in the Great North is also important. Not only do you have to consider fee structures and course catalogues, but you also have to contemplate the prospects. You need to consider job prospects, neighbourhood, student life in Canada, weather, costs and every other major factor that influences the quality of living.

The most popular choice among Indians and other Asian citizens seems to be Brampton and some prefer Montreal. Let us consider the different factors you need to take into account of when planning your future.

Factors to consider while choosing colleges in Brampton:

While Brampton is mostly populated by Indians of different subcultures, Pakistanis, Filipinos, and other Asian ethnicities, it does not allow the experience of much of Canadian culture. The cost of living in Brampton is comparatively higher than Montreal, but if you wish to find people of your own community, rather than mingle with the locals, then Brampton is definitely a good choice. It has an upstanding education system and job opportunities. Additionally Brampton has a number of restaurants with Asian cuisine to make you feel at home. English is a necessity, of course, but Punjabi, Gujarati, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi are also quite prevalent.

Canada is known for its snow thus it is called the Great North. But you can expect snow in Brampton for only 2 months. The general weather is cloudy. The summers are a little warm that will remind you of your home country, but the winters will surprise you with dry winds and cold. Still it comes as close to living in India as it possibly can.

Renting a house in Brampton can cost a little more with a minimum of CAD 1700 for a 3-bedroom apartment. It can be easily shared with housemates, of course, as per your choice of living. Utilities and other expenses can amount from CAD 65 to CAD 300 per month. Additionally, groceries and other miscellaneous expenses could amount to CAD 800 on average per month. All in all it is a little more expensive compared to — but you get a strong sense of Indian culture all around to make you feel at home.

Now let us check how is student life in Canada, Montreal.

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Student Life in Canada: Montreal vs Brampton

Factors to consider while choosing colleges in Montreal:

Montreal on the other hand is almost a completely different experience. It is one of the major cities of the Great North. It is extremely cosmopolitan and very friendly to immigrants.  Something a lot of people look forward to when moving to a foreign country is experiencing a different culture. Montreal offers this opportunity abundantly for someone looking to live in a cosmopolitan environment. Native Quebecers are a friendly community who welcome different ethos into their society.

The cost of living in Montreal is much less than in the other major cities in Canada, such as Toronto or Vancouver. College fees can be a little high for foreign students as compared to  Canadian nationals, but with financial support, that becomes a lot easier to afford. If you are willing to compromise on the travel time, then an apartment is easily available at the cost of CAD 500 that a group of individuals can share. These are easily accessible by buses while a little far from the metro stations. Accommodations near the metro can be a little more expensive. Students prefer living in shared accommodations to cut down the cost of living. Montreal provides free water, so those utility costs are saved. The cost of electricity and hi-speed Wi-Fi sums up to CAD 60 per person when shared among 2 to 3 people, which can be affordable to students on a tight budget. Furthermore, groceries and miscellaneous costs can be accommodated within  CAD 500. It is safe to assume that student life in Canada (Montreal), can be managed well on a budget.

The weather in Montreal can be a little colder, with temperatures dropping to almost -37 degrees Celsius. If you are excited about the snow and prefer cold weather, Montreal can be a welcome change for an Indian immigrant. People in Montreal mostly speak French and English, and they are also a welcoming community. Communication can be a little tricky, so a basic knowledge of English can make your daily life easier..

Montreal is a preferable choice for those looking to expand their cultural horizons for a more fulfilling study abroad experience as one of the leading cities, the colleges there have diverse fields of study.

How to choose between life in Brampton and Montreal?

In conclusion, if you are looking to study abroad to get a degree from a renowned college while still staying close to your ethnic roots and culture, then Brampton is a  suitable option. You will find yourself much closer to home with your culture shock cushioned. Ethnic foods are abundantly available, and your home community will surround you.

However, if you are looking for a  well-rounded experience abroad to live among the local population and learn about their culture, Montreal may be a more suitable option. You will get first-hand knowledge of the local traditions that could possibly aid you in finding a job in an international company. The cost of living is low, and if you so choose, you can work part-time to gain more experience.

It is very important to choose a place that will make you feel more comfortable as you have to live there for a minimum course period till you complete your degree. It is pivotal to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision so you can make the most of your time and experience of studying abroad.

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