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Luxury Nurse Salary in UK per Month 2023: Overview, Scope & Benefits

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The average nurse salary in UK per month is 4,541 GBP which is calculated to be around 54,500 GBP per year. Further, the salaries of a working nurse can range from 28,300 GBP to 83,300 GBP per year. This average salary per year includes various benefits like housing, transport and other allowances. Moreover, registered nurse salaries can vary based on numerous factors like working experience, banding level, gender, skills, educational qualification and location.

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per month: Banding

The work experience and salary of registered nurses can also be affected by different bandings. These bandings are achieved after completing the specified works in each band for a few years. The table below lists the various salaries a registered nurse earns across different bandings and work experience:

BandYears of ExperienceSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
10 to 1 years and above£1,689£20,270
20 to 6 years and above£1,689 to £1,776£20,270 to £21,318
30 to 6 years and above£1,810 to £1,931£21,730 to £23,177
40 to 6 years and above£1,995 to £2,190£23,949 to £26,282
50 to 7 years and above£2,254 to £2,744£27,055 to £32,934
60 to 8 years and above£2,808 to £3,382£33,706 to £40,588
70 to 8 years and above£3,471 to £3,972£41,659 to £47,672
8a0 to 5 years and above£4,043 to £4,551£48,526 to £54,619
8b0 to 5 years and above£4,680 to £5,438£56,164 to £65,262
8c0 to 5 years and above£5,588 to £6,439£67,064 to £77,274
8d0 to 5 years and above£6,632 to £7,648£79,592 to £91,787
90 to 5 years and above£7,927 to £9,122£95,135 to £109,475

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per month: Educational Qualification

Based on educational qualification, the salary of a nurse also may vary in the UK. This means that a person designated in the same position but with different educational qualifications will cater to a varied salary listed in the table below.

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Luxury Nurse Salary in UK per Month 2023: Overview, Scope & Benefits
Educational QualificationSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
Bachelor’s Degree£3,783£45,400
Master’s Degree£5,250£63,000

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per month: Gender

Though gender cannot be considered a factor affecting a nurse salary in UK per month, a male nurse earns 4% less than female nurses on average. The table below throws more light on this fact:

GenderSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per Month: Work Experience

In any field, work experience plays a great effect on an individual’s salary. The same is valid for working nurses as their work experience increases, their salary also increases.

nurse salary in uk per month

This fact is represented in the table below for better understanding:

Work Experience (in Years)Salary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
0 to 2 years£2,683£32,200
2 to 5 years£3,600£43,200
5 to 10 years£4,675£56,100
10 to 15 years£5,658£67,900
15 to 20 years£6,191£74,300
20 years and above£6,508£78,100

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per month: Skills

Nursing skill is a huge factor that affects the salary of a licensed medical nurse. Check out the table below to understand how the salary of a nurse salary in UK per month varies with different skills.

SkillsSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
Medicine and Surgery£2,158£25,903
Elder Care£2,314£27,770
Acute Care£2,206£26,480
Critical Care£2,257£27,084

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per month: Location

Job location also affects a nurse salary in UK per month as not all institutions provide the same salary depending on various allowance and subsidies. 

The table below substantiates how location affects a nurse’s salary:

LocationSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
Holywell, Clwyd£6,093£73,125
Shetland Islands£5,927£71,125
North East England£5,850£70,200
Isle of Man£5,705£68,467
Washington, Tyne And Wear£5,687£68,250

Registered Nurse Salary in UK per Month: Designation 

Not every designation has the same salary structure. Similarly, nurses have different salaries at different designated levels. This statistic is represented in the table below, which will bring better clarity to this fact.

DesignationSalary (in GBP) per MonthSalary (in GBP) per Year
Staff Nurse£2,250£27,000
Registered Nurse£2,583£31,000
Dental Nurse£2,083£25,000
Veterinary Nurse£1,833£22,000
Mental Health Nurse£2,750£33,000
Operating Room Registered Nurse£2,600£31,200
Nurse Practitioner£2,750£33,000

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Benefits enjoyed by a National Health Service (NHS) Nurse

The benefits enjoyed by a nurse registered with National Health Service (NHS) are as follows –

  • Increase in pay grade, between 30 per cent to 60 per cent in case of working in night shifts, weekends and national and bank holidays.
  • The pension scheme of the NHS provides comprehensive and generous support to all sectors in the UK.
  • Enjoys 27 holidays in a year along with bank holidays.
  • Free access to health, occupational and counselling support.
  • Full pay for six months on sick leave and half pay for six months on the same.
  • Enjoys maternity and paternity leave even if it goes above minimum statutory leave.
  • Access to varied and vast training and professional development courses and funding from the institution appointed them.
nurse salary in uk per month

The nurse salary in UK per month has increased by leaps and bounds since 2001. The average starting salary of nursing individuals in 2001 was approximately 15,445 GBP per year, which has increased to 25,655 GBP in 2021.

Furthermore, nurses in the UK are likely to get an average increment of 10% every 17 months, unlike the overall 9% average national increment calculated by combining employees from other professional backgrounds. The frequent changes will continue with all the exceptions, and individuals have to develop their nursing skills accordingly to climb up the ladder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nurses Salary in UK per month?

A nurse in the UK can earn 4,541 GBP every month on average.

How much are nurses paid in the UK per hour?

On average, a nurse in the UK can earn up to 17 GBP per hour.

What are some ways registered nurses (RNs) can earn more money?

As a Registered Nurse (RN), there are several ways to raise your compensation. Employer switch: Take into account a career change to a different company that will pay more for your skills. Education Level: This position may be able to earn more money and be promoted if they obtain advanced degrees. Experience in management: If you are an RN who supervises less experienced RNs, your chances of earning more money are increased by this experience.

What is an RN’s (Registered Nurse) role?

Treating and caring for patients is a Register Nurse’s main duty. Registered nurses facilitate the speedy recovery of patients through various treatment methods and procedures. They offer advice and emotional support to them and their families, educating them on medication use, healthy habits and preventive measures.

What qualities distinguish a competent registered nurse?

Registered nurses must possess various traits, one of which is a dedication to patient advocacy.
Good nurses try their best to speed up patients’ recoveries.
Additionally, they must have extraordinary attention to detail, which is necessary for tracking patients’ vital signs and therapy responses.

To whom does a registered nurse report?

A Registered Nurse has the authority to manage a wide range of experts, including Nurses and Nurse Assistants.
A registered nurse may get reports from medical assistants, nursing students, porters, and other junior employees.

What are the education & training requirements for the Registered Nurse (RN) role?

A registered nurse with an adult nursing degree from a Nursing & Midwife Council-approved programme is eligible for work. If the degree has a nursing component, some businesses will additionally consider applicants with a background in psychology, social work, life sciences, and related fields.

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