GMAT Canada Cutoff For MBA Colleges: Average GMAT Scores in Canada

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Many aspirants want to explore Canadian universities further and see their eligibility criteria for applying for their well-reputed business course. Although almost all requirements for applying to these top business schools vary in nature, a few factors remain constant. Appearing for a GMAT test and then providing proof of good score reports is a must for applying to all top tier business schools in Canada.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is an assessment aimed at gauging the test taker’s skills in various areas like – reasoning, analytical writing, problem-solving, and so on. Before the application deadlines approach, the applicant must ensure that they provide their respective dream colleges with their GMAT exam scores. It is required by the admissions committee to consider students’ MBA applications for the admissions process.

Appearing for the GMAT exam requires time and effort from the prospective MBA students to get the minimum score and get into their choice of top MBA colleges in Canada. Apart from getting the minimum required GMAT score (on average around 650 and above) for the MBA program, the students may also be required to give proof of English language proficiency. The top b-schools also set a minimum IELTS band score requirement for the application to be accepted.

List of Universities and Minimum GMAT Score Required

Below, we have put down a complete list of the top business schools in Canada and their average GMAT score requirement from their applicants. However, please note that simply producing the required minimum GMAT score is not enough to guarantee admission to these top business schools in Canada. Some universities may even require proof of prior work experience before accepting the student to their programs.

GMAT Canada Cutoff For MBA Colleges: Average GMAT Scores in Canada

University of Toronto

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is a well-reputed business school with a QS World Ranking of 38 for business. The usually required minimum GMAT score is 670 to proceed with the application process to their programs.

The business school has an average tuition fee of $131,120 for international applicants applying to the MBA program. This program is offered in the form of a full-time, part-time, executive, and a dual degree option.

Queen’s University

The Smith School of Business, which is a part of Queen’s University, is a well-renowned b-school in Canada and the entire world. It holds a QS World Ranking between 151-200 in the field of business. To apply to this exceptional business school, all applicants must ensure that they have a GMAT score of 654 and above.

This school is situated in Kingston and provides various modules, including a full-time MBA program, part-time course, dual-degree course, and an Executive MBA for working professionals. The tuition fee for international applicants is around $102,100.

McGill University

Under McGill University is the Desautels Faculty of Management that ranks 60th in the QS Business Schools World Ranking. It offers its MBA programs in various modes, including full-time track, part-time degree, executive MBA, and the dual degree course path. The minimum GMAT score required for this business school is near 675.

McGill University has an unparalleled name globally when it comes to imparting quality education to all its students. The average tuition fee for international applicants to the MBA program is around $99,500.

Western University

The Western University of Canada has successfully established its Ivey Business School as a go-to for many international students. Students here are aspiring to become top-class business professionals by completing their MBA studies. This university holds the 74th global ranking in QS World Rankings of top business schools

The MBA program here is offered as a full time, dual degree and an executive course that students can take up based on their preferences and eligibility. The minimum score required to apply to the school is 680, and the average tuition fee is $120,500.

University of British Columbia

The Sauder School of Business is a part of the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver in the British Columbia province in Canada. This business school is one of the best in the entire world with a QS World Ranking of 45. It is often applauded for its innovative methods of grooming young business professionals.

The minimum GMAT score required for admission is 650. It has an average tuition fee of $90,057 for international applicants. The MBA program offered by the Sauder School of Business can also be taken up as a full time, part-time or dual degree course depending on the preferences of the applicant.

York University

Schulich School of Business is a business school operating under the York University in Toronto, Ontario province of Canada. York is a QS World Ranking holder in the list of top business schools and stands at the 114th position. The university is known for providing its students with a multitude of opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

The average GMAT score required is 660, and the tuition fee for international MBA students at the Schulich School of Business is around $106,900. Furthermore, this MBA program can be taken up as a part-time, full time, executive and dual degree course.

Concordia University

John Molson School of Business, developed by Concordia University, is a top choice among many international students due to its quality education at relatively cheaper tuition costs averaging around $41,500. The school is present in Montreal and is offers a full time, part-time, and an executive MBA.

To get into the business school, the students must have a minimum GMAT score of 640.

HEC Montreal

The HEC Montreal school of business is a world-class b-school promising a brighter future for all its students by imparting top-notch business knowledge. It provides them with a plethora of opportunities to gain work experience and learn practical skills.

The minimum GMAT score required for the MBA program is 625. It has an average tuition fee of $54,000 for its international applicants. The MBA program here is offered as a full time, part-time, and executive course, fit for all students as well as working professionals.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the best universities in the Alberta province. The Alberta School of Business ranks 121st in the QS World Rankings List for 2021 in the business field. The minimum GMAT requirement for applying to the school is 650.

It has an average tuition fee of $60,000. The MBA program is offered in executive, full-time, part-time, and dual degree modules.

A good GMAT exam score is a must for all international students aiming to study in any of the top business schools in Canada. However, getting a minimum GMAT score is not enough and students must also read up all the other eligibility requirements as well. For more information around related content, check Leap Scholar!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which one is better: self-study or instructor-led course for GMAT Canada?

Either of the options can be fitting for different students. If the student is confident enough in leading a preparation at home by themselves, they should go ahead with it and stay consistent! However, if the student feels that they are weaker in some sections of the test, then they can seek professional help.

2.What are the benefits of using a GMAT Canada test prep?

GMAT Canada test prep can help you catapult your scores by giving you a clear idea about the kind of questions one can expect in the exam and can also help you gain some quick tips and tricks to attempt questions faster!

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