Masters in Clinical Psychology in the UK: Universities & Course Details

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Clinical Psychology is a subject that focuses on understanding, predicting, and treating disorders and disabilities. The subject is gaining popularity among young minds, and many are searching for Clinical Psychology masters UK. This program aims to enrich students with detailed understanding, observation, and assessment of mental and behavioural indicators in psychopathology.

Master’s in Clinical Psychology Overview

DurationOne year
Degree TypeMSc/ MRes
EligibilityUG approved by BPS
Exams RequiredIELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE 
Fees17,831.54 USD (13,500 GBP)- 32,228.86 USD (24,400 GBP)
Expected Salary in this Field39625.65 USD (30,000 GBP)

Top Universities offering Master’s in Clinical Psychology

Name of the UniversityCourse
University of Birmingham MRes Clinical Psychology
The University of ManchesterMSc in Clinical Health and Psychology
University of Edinburgh MRes Clinical Psychology
University of SussexMSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
Newcastle UniversityMSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
University of HertfordshireMRes Clinical Psychology
University of StrathclydeMSc Clinical Health Psychology 
Swansea UniversityMSc Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
University of ReadingMSc Theory and Practice of Clinical Psychology
University of Central LancashireMSc Applied Clinical Psychology
Anglia Ruskin University MSc Foundation in Clinical Research
University of SouthamptonMSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
University of Bath MSc Applied Clinical Psychology
University of PlymouthMSc Clinical Psychology

Students with a science background are opting for this field of study mainly because of the following reason-

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Masters in Clinical Psychology in the UK: Universities & Course Details
Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across the UK
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Book a free counselling session and find universities where you can get an Admission!

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  • The subject is offered by some of the top-notch universities in the UK.
  • Most Universities have placement opportunities for students to gain real-life experience.
  • With the rise in mental health awareness, the demand for clinical help has also increased. Thus, creating more need for Professionals in this field.

Cost of studying for Master’s in Clinical Psychology 

If you are planning to pursue a Clinical Psychology masters UK, plan your budget according to pre-arrival and post-arrival.This will help you distribute your expenditure in a more organised way. 

Pre-Arrival Cost:

Type of ExpensesCost
Application fees66.04 – 132.09 USD (50-100 GBP)
IELTS fees211.34 USD (160 GBP)
TOEFL fees198.13 USD (150 GBP)
Health Insurance396.26 USD (300 GBP) per year
Visa Application fees396.26 – 462.30 USD (300-350 GBP)
Flight fare660.43 – 726.47 USD (500-550 GBP)

Post-Arrival Cost:

Types of ExpensesCost
Rent594.38 USD (450 GBP)
Food264.17 USD (200 GBP)
Internet 52.83 USD (40 GBP)
Clothing99.06 USD (75 GBP)
Laundry33.02 USD (25 GBP)
Transportation59.44 USD (45 GBP)
Miscellaneous33.02 USD (25 GBP)

The major expenditure that students need to plan is the tuition fee. Those who feel the need for financial aid can check for scholarships and grants.This table will help you check the tuition fees of the best Universities that offer Master in Clinical Psychology in the UK.

Name of the UniversityTuition Fees (Per Year)
University of Southampton 32,228.86 USD (24,400 GBP)
University of Reading32,228.86 USD (24,000 GBP)
The University of Manchester31,700.52 USD (24,000 GBP)
University of Edinburgh 31,700.52 USD (24,000 GBP)
Newcastle University30,908.01 USD (23,400 GBP)
University of Bath 30,379.66 USD (23,000 GBP)
University of Sussex29,719.24 USD (22,500 GBP)
University of Birmingham26,747.31 USD (20,250 GBP)
University of Strathclyde25,030.20 USD (18,950 GBP)
Swansea University23,841.43 USD (18,050 GBP)
University of Plymouth19,548.65 USD (14,800 GBP)
Anglia Ruskin University 19,152.40 USD (14,500 GBP)
University of Central Lancashire17,831.54 USD (13,500 GBP)
University of Hertfordshire17,831.54 USD (13,500 GBP)

Eligibility criteria for studying Clinical Psychology Masters UK

Name of the UniversityUG Academic RequirementsIELTS ScoreTOEFL Score
University of Birmingham First-class scores (50-60%)6.588
The University of ManchesterUpper second-class honour (50-60%) 7100
University of Edinburgh 2:1 honour (50-60%)7100
University of Sussex50-65%6.5100
Newcastle University58- 65%7100
University of Hertfordshire2:1 honour (50-60%)6.588
University of StrathclydeFirst or upper second class (50-60%)7100
Swansea University2:1 honour (50-60%)6.588
University of Reading50-60%7100
University of Central LancashireUG degree recognised by BPS6.588
Anglia Ruskin University 2:1 honour (50-60%)7100
University of Southampton2:1 honour (50-60%)7100
University of Bath First-class in UG (60% or more)6.590
University of Plymouth2:1 honour or higher (50-60%)6.588

Career Opportunities in Clinical Psychology in the UK

After completing the Clinical Psychology course, students can opt for internships or avail of placement opportunities. For an independent practising clinical psychologist, one must complete a minimum of 3 years of a doctorate in the same subject. This degree is approved by the Health Care Professional Council. Before working as an individual professionals, students must work as assistants. They can also work under a practising psychologist.Some students also prefer to choose to study for Doctorate degrees in this subject.

Jobs after completing Clinical Psychology Masters in UK

Career OpportunitiesPay Scale 
Assistant Psychologist26,417.10 – 29,058.81 USD (20,000- 22,000 GBP) per year
Clinical Psychologist Trainee 39,625.65 – 40,286.08 USD (30,000- 30,500 GBP) per year
Experienced Clinical Psychologist 52,834.20 – 66,042.75 USD (40,000- 50,000 GBP) per year
Consultant Psychologist88,497.28 – 105,668.40 USD (67,000- 80,000 GBP) per year

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How competitive is Clinical Psychology in the UK?

Every year around, thousands of applicants pursue this subject. The competition has increased with the demand for clinical assistance for mental health.

2. What are the other requirements for applying for a Master’s in Clinical Psychology in the UK?

Students need to submit their certificates, mark sheets, and a bunch of other documents. Like, such as CV, a personal statement including experiences and scores of IELTS and TOEFL.

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