Best Canadian Colleges to Target for May 2022 Intake

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The QS World University Rankings 2021, assessed each university on different methodology which includes academic reputation, research impact, employer reputation, highest quality, most innovative and more. With the global pandemic slowly becoming the new normal, students from across the world are once again resuming their plans of studying abroad. Many Indian students have started applying to colleges in Canada to pursue graduate and postgraduate courses. Here are some best Canadian colleges that are now accepting applications for courses starting May 2021. Take a look at the list, there are options for everybody!.

Top 10 Universities in Canada for 2022

Canada Rank

Global rank




University of Toronto



McGill University



University of British Columbia



Universite de Montreal



University of Alberta



McMaster University



University of Waterloo



Western University



Queen’s University



University of Calgary

This is the list of colleges in Canada for May 2021 Intake for you all to consider. 

Other Best Universities in Canada:

These top 10 Canadian universities are the other best Canadian colleges to target for May 2021. 

Algonquin College

Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across Canada

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Best Canadian Colleges to Target for May 2022 Intake
Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across Canada
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Book a free counselling session and find universities where you can get an Admission!

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Considered to be a very good college for native as well as foreign students, Algonquin College located in Ottawa is a very good institute to target for a May 2021 admission. There are a number of courses that begin in May 2021, both for the graduate as well as the postgraduate students.


College and Courses

Algonquin College is recognized by the Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada. This makes the courses and degrees from the college very valuable and much sought-after. Some of the courses offered are:

Computer Engineering Technology
Degree in General Arts and Science
Media Design
Program Information for Architectural Technology

Student Life

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and a very good city to live in. The cost of living is relatively higher, but students easily find shared accommodations which become easier to afford. Student jobs are also rampantly available, making it easier for students to afford their fees and bills.

Benefits on offer

Algonquin College has a huge campus that offers many recreational opportunities, apart from offering an excellent education facility. The college is known for organizing outdoor sports, cultural events and art festivals, which make it a very rewarding overall experience for students.

Northern College

One of the best Canadian colleges offering admission in May 2021 is Ontario’s Northern College. It has a wide range of courses to choose from. 

College and Courses

While most colleges are offering a limited number of courses in May 2021, Northern College is one of the few colleges that have a large list of courses to choose from. They include:

Diploma in Business and Marketing
Diploma in General Arts and Science
Diploma in Pre-Health Sciences
Postgraduate Program in Healthcare Management

Student Life

There are student accommodations available inside the campus of Northern College. The campus is very large. It is a very popular college among foreign students so the cultural experience and diversity of the student body is always very rich on campus.

Benefits on offer

The college has an excellent placement cell. In-house career counselling options are also available and these factors make it easier for the students to find employment once their courses are completed.

Vancouver Community College

You could also apply to the Vancouver Community College if you wish to enroll for a May 2021 course in Canada. Vancouver Community College is one of the oldest and best Canadian colleges as it offers top-quality education at some of the lowest costs. It is also relatively easy to get into, so even if you’re worried about your GPA being low, you could apply to this college.

College and Courses

VCC is a college that offers good education even if you are on a tight budget. The college was established in 1965 and ever since has helped many students to achieve their dreams by offering a wide range of courses. If you want to join this college in May 2021, here are some courses that may appeal to you:

Automotive Service Technology- 2-year full-time Diploma course
Digital Designing- 2-year full-time Diploma course
Baking and Pastry Arts – 1-year Certificate course

Student Life

The college offers many scholarships to the deserving students, so you can apply for one and get the financial aid you need. The college is also known as a sporting and musical hub. Students enjoy participating in various sporting and cultural events throughout the year while receiving the highest quality of education from a very good faculty.

Benefits on offer

As a very well-reputed college, the placement cell of Vancouver Community College is very active. Students who graduate from here find it easy to get a good job at the earliest.

These are some of the best May Intake colleges in Canada for 2021. Start the application process and get ready for the exams you need to clear. If you have any doubts regarding the colleges, grades, visa requirements, etc. speak to a Leap Counsellor for free and have your questions answered in a satisfactory manner.

Why Study in Canada?

  1. Canada has worked its way up as one of the most desirable countries for international students.
  2. More than 8 Canadian universities are listed among the Top 100 World rankings 2020 list.
  3. The cost of studying in Canada is comparatively lower than US and averages around US$23,300 per annum depending on your course of study.
  4. Canada is a highly interesting location on the map of employment possibilities. It ranks 5th globally on providing employment opportunities. The average first salary earned by university graduates in Canada is around $36,895.
  5. Canada is like a safe haven for Indians. Getting a work permit and substantially easier to get permanent residency is easy. Also, studying in Canada provides better costs and immigration policies. 
Part-Time Jobs For Indians in Canada

You may find yourself in need of more money to keep up with the necessities, and part-time jobs are the best option for people who are reluctant to ask their parents for money. These are the best options for students to work part-time in Canada: Translator, Dog Walker, Tutor, Writer or content editor etc.

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