Best Public Universities in U.S. 2023: Updated list

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Public Universities in the US are regulated by the State and funded through the tax and subsidies collected from their citizens. As a result, the tuition fees are affordable, and often its residents are able to pay it at a discounted price. Candidates who aspire to move to the USA can learn more about the speciality of public institutes, employment opportunities, visa requirements etc. and top public universities in the US through this blog.

Why Study in a Public Institution? 

Public Universities in the USA have earned a reputation due to the number of majors and low tuition fees. These institutions tend to have larger campuses, and employ reputed faculty. Furthermore, these institutions are known for the ample internship and job opportunities, student bodies, research-oriented curriculum and quality of education.The table below illustrates the cost of tuition in public universities and private universities. 

Fees Public University (In-State) Public University (Outside the State) Private University 
Tuition $ 9,970 $ 25, 620 $ 34, 470 
Accommodation $ 10, 800 $ 10, 800 $ 12, 210 

As per 2018 U.S. News College Rankings, 40 of the top leading colleges in the U.S. are public entities. This fact substantiates the claim that the State Universities in the U.S. have high academic excellence. In addition, its student organizations are diverse and multicultural. Moreover, one can invest themselves in extra-curricular activities and add these to their resume. Moreover, research has revealed that the employment rate of State Universities in the USA has increased by 0.7% on an overage between 2017 and 2022. 

Top Public Universities in the USA

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Best Public Universities in U.S. 2023: Updated list

Underlined below is a list of the best public Universities in the USA

University of California-Berkeley 

The acceptance rate of the best public University in the USA is 17%, highlighting its competitiveness. It also offers scholarships and grants for its students. Furthermore, its faculty have been awarded Nobel Prizes in disciplines ranging from Physics to Literature. Moreover, recent data has revealed that this University has attained the 1st position in Forbes Magazine of America’s leading colleges. Majors such as Economics, Cellular Biology, and Computer Science are offered here. With this rank, UC Berkeley has rewritten history as it has successfully beaten the leading private universities such as Yale and Princeton. This can be attuned to its affordable fees, quality of academics and tradition of driving technological and social change. Furthermore, this is the reason why more than 28,180 students have enrolled for undergraduate courses, and after graduation, one can earn an average salary of up to $ 46 000. 

Baruch College 

CollegeNET has ranked Baruch College as ‘Number 1 on its Annual Social Mobility Index’. The college has been awarded this position as it has successfully placed its students in high-paying jobs and has enrolled students from low-income backgrounds. It is also famous for its student body and the legacy that it beholds. 

University of Washington- Seattle 

This University has been ranked as the 10th best Global University by the Princeton Review. In addition, the Best Colleges and National Universities in 2019 ranked it in the 59th position. The University of Washington is also regarded as a Public Ivy as it offers a similar experience to its students in terms of education. Furthermore, it offers courses in Medicine, Engineering, Business, law and Social Work/ However, it holds a reputation for its Medical Centre and is one of the oldest educational institutions. 

University of Florida 

The students of the University of Florida tend to score an average of 3.4 GPA. This shows that the University strives for perfection, which can be measured by its global impact. The University has a research-oriented curriculum, and it is through this it wishes to create an impact. 

Binghamton University 

Forbes, in 2016, had ranked Binghamton University as the 8th best public University in the USA and had ranked in the 15th position in the country. Its faculty are the leading scholars in their respective fields. It was designed after Oxford University and offered specialized learning experiences for its students. It has different schools offering several courses. Furthermore, its School of Management ranks in the 28th position on a global scale. The Department of History, Psychology and Public Administration are the most well-known. 

University of Virginia 

The University was founded in 1819 and has ranked in the 25th position among the 22 Best Colleges in National Universities. Its undergraduate programs include the Darden Graduate School of Business, Curry School of Education, McIntire School of Commerce, School of Architecture, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Law and School of Medicine. Furthermore, the University has been awarded for its research programs. 

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 

The acceptance rate of the University of Michigan is 26%. This top public University in the USA was established in 1817. It offers more than 280 degree programs, and approximately 31 046 students have enrolled. Moreover, the Ross School of Business, College of Engineering and Medical School are the most well know. It is one of the reasons why this University has ranked in the 23rd position by Best Colleges 2022. 

University of North Carolina 

The University was founded in 1789, and its acceptance rate is 23%. It is believed to be the first public institution established in the country. More than 19 395 students have enrolled here. Its students should score a GPA of 4.39 with an SAT score of 1470. Moreover, faculty members of the School of Medicine, College of Arts & Sciences and Eshelman School of Pharmacy have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It is also received a grant from the Career Accelerator Program to fund more summer internships for its students. 

University of California- Los Angeles 

The University of California- Los Angeles’s acceptance rate is 14%. It is one of the highest-ranked universities globally and is known for its School of Theatre, Film and School of Dentistry. In addition, it offers more than 130 Undergraduate programs for its students. According to the U.S. News and World Report, 2021, it has ranked as the number one public university. But, on the other hand, as per the Times Higher Education, 2020, it has ranked in the 9th position globally. 


These are the leading public universities in the USA and are reputed for their quality of academics and research. Hence, with preparation and perseverance, an individual can qualify for the University and fulfil their dream of moving to the USA. 

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