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Since its establishment in 1974, Deakin University has been known for its unique curriculum. It offers hands-on, industry-relevant courses. Its diverse range of over 70 bachelor's programs provides essential knowledge, and its 60+ graduate programs are designed to advance your professional skills.

It is worth noticing that Deakin University has been ranked #1 globally for sports science and #5 for education. 


Deakin University offers about 150+ undergraduate and graduate courses, namely:



The University's admission process involves submitting an application online, providing academic transcripts, and any additional required documentation. After applying, applicants can expect an admission decision within a few weeks. 


Once accepted, students can proceed with enrollment and course registration.

Deakin University's tuition fees vary depending on the program level.


  • For undergraduate programs, students can expect to incur costs ranging from approximately INR 18L (AUD 33,000) to INR 23L (AUD 43,000) per year. 
  • Postgraduate programs typically range from INR 21L (AUD 39,800) to INR 23L (AUD 43,600annually.


Deakin University acknowledges that academic achievement is a valuable indicator of success. However, their admissions process takes a holistic approach, extending beyond grades to consider each applicant's full potential.




















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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Deakin University
Q: What is the Deakin University acceptance rate?

A: Deakin University's acceptance rate is around 75%, indicating that a significant portion of applicants are offered admission. This figure reflects the university's commitment to providing opportunities for many qualified candidates to pursue their academic aspirations at Deakin.

Q: What is the Deakin University PTE requirement?

A: Deakin University usually mandates that prospective undergraduate students achieve a minimum PTE (Pearson Test of English) score of 42. At the same time, postgraduate applicants are typically required to attain a score of 65 as part of the university's English language proficiency standards.

Q: What are the Deakin University eligibility criteria for postgraduate students?

A: The eligibility criteria for postgraduate students at Deakin University include holding a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent (65% above), meeting specific academic requirements, and providing evidence of English language proficiency (6-6.5). Some programs may have additional requirements like work experience, auditions, writing samples, etc.

Q: What are the Deakin University MBA requirements for Indian students?

A: Indian students applying for the Deakin University MBA program must meet specific academic criteria, provide evidence of English language proficiency through tests like IELTS (6.5) or PTE, and submit relevant work experience (2-3) and 2 references as part of the application process.

Q: What is the Deakin University’s application fee?

A: Deakin University’s application fee is approximately AUD 55 (3K). This fee is non-refundable and must be paid when applying. It covers the administrative costs associated with processing the application. The application fee is the same for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Q: What are the intakes at Deakin University?

A: Deakin University offers three intakes, known as trimesters, providing flexibility for students to commence their studies throughout the year. The trimesters are known as Trimester 1 (beginning in March), Trimester 2 (starting in July), and Trimester 3 (commencing in November). This structure allows students to choose the intake that best aligns with their academic and personal timelines, offering multiple opportunities to start their educational journey at Deakin University.

Q: What is the Deakin University admissions Email?

A: For inquiries related to Deakin University admissions, you can email the admissions team at study@deakin.edu.au. This email address serves as the primary point of contact for prospective students seeking information about the application process, entry requirements, and other admission-related queries. The admissions team is readily available to provide assistance and guidance throughout the application journey.

Q: What is the Deakin University’s IELTS requirement?

A: The minimum IELTS score required for admission to Deakin University may vary by program. Generally, a minimum overall band score of 6.5 with no individual band score below 6.0 is a common requirement for many programs.

Q: Does Deakin University have an easy admissions process?

A: The Deakin University admissions process for international students is straightforward. While it requires careful attention to detail and adherence to specific requirements, the university provides clear guidance and support to help international applicants navigate the process. With adequate preparation and understanding of the application procedures, international students can effectively manage the admissions process, making it a manageable experience.

Q: Are LOR and SOP for Deakin University admissions?

A: Deakin University requires two letters of recommendation (LOR) and one statement of purpose (SOP) as part of the admissions process. The LOR should ideally be from academic or professional referees who can attest to the applicant's abilities, character, and suitability for the chosen program. The SOP offers applicants the opportunity to articulate their academic background, career goals, and reasons for choosing Deakin University.

Q: How can we apply for admission to Deakin University?

A: Prospective students can apply through StudyLink Connect, the university's online application platform. This streamlined process facilitates the application for various programs and ensures a smooth applicant transition. Additionally, StudyLink Connect offers comprehensive support and guidance throughout the admission process, making it convenient for students to apply to Deakin University.

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