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University Ranking

In terms of Northumbria University's ranking, the university has been listed between 901 and 1000 on the ARWU Shanghai Ranking from 2019. The QS World University ranked the university in the 651–700 range for 2023, up from the 701–750 range for 2022. Times Higher Education has ranked the university between 501 and 600 for 2023. While Times Higher Education (THE) accords equal weight to Teaching, Research, and Citations at 30% each, QS places the greatest emphasis on Academic Reputation (40%) followed by the Faculty/Student Ratio and Citations per Faculty at 20% each. See: Admissions to Northumbria University

The Guardian gave the university a score of 46, which is much lower than its previous ranking of 41 for 2021. The university has been ranked 708 for 2022 according to US News and World Report. According to US News, the university is one of the top 100 universities in the UK. In addition to other rating factors, the US News & World Report bases their rankings on the number of publications cited, global research reputation, and regional research reputation (12.5% each).

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities RankingsNA901-1000901-1000801-900NA
QS - World University Ranking751-800701-750701-750651-700701-750
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking501-600401-500351-400351-400401-500
The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK)5556505249
The Guardian - University Rankings4847472741
US News & World Report - Global Universities723669669660668
Course Ranking

Let's talk about the Northumbria University Course Rankings. According to Times Higher Education, the business programme at the university is ranked between 401 and 500 for 2023 for studying PG Business and Economics. In the UK, The Complete University Guide ranked the university at 59 for business and management studies and 42 for accounting and finance. For 2023, The Guardian has ranked the university at number 48 for those interested in Accounting and Finance.

For four years, from 2018 to 2022, the university has been ranked between 251 and 300 for pursuing postgraduate engineering and technology programs. Regarding Engineering & Technology, Times Higher Education has the university ranked 201-250 for 2022. These rankings represent a significant improvement over the preceding ones. Northumbria was ranked seventh by The Guardian for civil engineering in 2023. These ranks have also improved from past generations.

Ranking for Business Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and EconomicsNA301-400301-400501-600401-500
The Complete University Guide - Accounting & Finance Ranking5245394249
The Complete University Guide - Business & Management Studies (UK)5150605957
The Guardian - Accounting & Finance Rankings5967373352
The Guardian - Business, Management & Marketing7672845884
Ranking for Engineering Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - Architecture & Built Environment Rankings151-200NANANANA
QS - Engineering and Technology NANANA451-500NA
QS - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering RankingsNA401-450401-450351-400NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Engineering 251-300251-300251-300251-300201-250
The Complete University Guide - Architecture Rankings1922241935
The Complete University Guide - Civil Engineering Ranking 2633282535
The Complete University Guide - Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2927362838
The Complete University Guide - Mechanical Engineering Ranking 3338393135
The Guardian - Civil Engineering 2631172121
The Guardian - Electronic & Electrical Engineering 132122825
The Guardian - Guardian Architecture Rankings301591329
The Guardian - Mechanical Engineering 4939544047
Ranking for Computers Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computer Science NA301-400251-300251-300301-400
The Complete University Guide - Computer Science 6974728063
Ranking for Science Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) - Life Sciences Rankings401-500401-500501-600501-600501-600
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Psychology RankingsNA401-500401-500401-500301-400
The Complete University Guide - Biological Sciences Rankings5351414067
The Complete University Guide - Physics & Astronomy Rankings3035444438
The Complete University Guide - Psychology Rankings5144484139
The Guardian - Guardian Physics Rankings1811312628
Ranking for Humanities Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Sociology RankingNANANA151-200NA
QS - QS - Art & Design Rankings101-150151-200151-200201-220NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Arts & Humanities Rankings301-400301-400301-400401-500401-500
The Complete University Guide - Art & Design Rankings1824292916
The Complete University Guide - Communication & Media Studies Rankings2821161910
The Complete University Guide - Sociology Rankings4546394035
The Guardian - Guardian Art Rankings4056562432
The Guardian - Guardian Journalism, Publishing and PR Rankings2810101620
The Guardian - Guardian Media & Film Studies Rankings4547494542
The Guardian - Guardian Politics Rankings6155373353
The Guardian - Guardian Sociology Rankings4844433331
Ranking for Medicine Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS - QS - Medicine RankingsNANA451-500501-550NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - Clinical and Health Rankings401-500201-250251-300251-300301-400
The Complete University Guide - Nursing Rankings1719161113
Ranking for Law Courses
Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Law Ranking151-200151-200201-300201-300NA
QS - QS - Law Rankings251-300NA251-300251-300NA
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Law RankingsNA151-175151-175151-175101-125
The Complete University Guide - Law Rankings5357565042
The Guardian - Guardian Law Rankings2556352037


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Northumbria University
What is Northumbria University known for?

Northumbria University is best known for its focus on business studies and research.

How to enrol in courses at Northumbria University?

To enrol in any course at Northumbria University, you will need to check the application form and fill it out correctly. Forms must be submitted with all corresponding documents before the stipulated deadline, along with admission fees. Following your acceptance, you will need to complete the required formalities.

How to change courses at Northumbria University?

A Student Success Team at the University is available to help you with assistance and advice on changing your course. They will talk you through the financial implications and other factors involved.

Is Northumbria University good for international students?

Northumbria University has many international students who graduate every year. The college also has specially dedicated scholarships for overseas students to help them avail financial assistance.

What are the application deadlines for applying to Northumbria University?

The Fall deadline for admissions is 15th September, while the Spring deadline is 15th January. However, several courses have multiple rounds of admissions and individual deadlines that must also be checked.

What is the minimum GPA to get into Northumbria University?

The minimum GPA varies with different courses. However, most graduate and postgraduate programs require a minimum of 55%.

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